trek navigator 2.0 review

Trek Navigator Review: Is It A Good Hybrid Bike?

The Trek Navigator is neither a mountain bike nor road bike. It is a Hybrid bike, which isalso known as a comfortable bike!

It is equipped with Alpha White Aluminum frame, which is lightweight and durable as well. This bike also comes with smooth-rolling tires for better comfort, stability, and control.

The Specification

First thing, first! Let’s try to know the specifications before moving forward. The frame size is 1.8.5” made out of Aluminum. It comes with 21-speed gears while the tires size is 26”x1.95” made by Bontrager.

The Rims/Wheels model is Bontrager 550.It has Promax V-Brakes, not the Disc brakes which might be disappointing to you!

The stem isAluminum-made, adjustable and back-friendly. Shimano makes the Derailleurs, but the brand name of the Rear Cassette and Crankset are unmarked. The regular color of the frame is Silver/Grey.

The brand name of a suspension fork, saddle, and shock-absorbing seat post are yet to known.

The Price

The price of a new bike is around USD 500. However, you may get a used bike at only USD 100 to USD 250 based on the condition of the bike.


  • Trek Navigator is a versatile, stylish, and lightweight bike. Therefore, you are likely to enjoy your ride!
  • It comes with the shock absorber seat post. Now, you will get more fun and less number of shocks while peddling.
  • The seat is also comfortable, which might be enough to bring a smile to your face.
  • The bike and the associated components are durable.
  • You can go both the on-road and limited off-road, flat packed dirt, with this bike.


  • Some claims that Trek Navigator is relatively heavy so you may need to put extra energy and time while peddling. However, some others say that it just an exaggeration.
  • You will need to buy a specialized,223242 chainring.
  • The frame size also relatively smaller as compared to the other bikes sold in the market.
  • The bike has no fenders or mudguards. Therefore, you might consider buying fenders otherwise you would get tons of muds in your bike and outfits during the rainy season.
  • The pedals seem to be cheap,yet you may replace those with quality ones.
  • The rear wheel spokes are weak hence you may need to replace those very often.
  • In the winter or snowy season, the Nexus hub might freeze up, which is worse than the derailleur does! In this situation, the bike would become a one-speed bike and would encounter difficulties when you aim to change the shifters.

The Review

This bike can go up on60-degree slopes in 2nd or 3rd gear easily. To climb at that slope,you need to keep the front wheel on the ground.So, pour the panniers with some stuff to give it a weight on the front toimprove your climbing experience.

With Trek Navigator, you can enjoy an averaged 24 kph or so on highways. The speed is quite acceptable, indeed.

The rear wheel spokes made by Bontrager AT550 may break soon. If you are riding your bike on rutted ice in the winter, you are likely to have a lifetime of a 1300 km.

Sorry to say, the original brake pads may not work in the winter on icy roads. No worries! Just get softer brake pads which would costs you less as compared to hard brake pads. They will work at all times even when the rims ice up.

The steering is way sensitive,and you may not ride hands-free. However,adding 20-25 pound to a front pannier rack would reduce the sensitivity making the bike much more stable.

The original tires are quite easy to pedal as long as they have an air pressure of 80 psi due to their very little tread.

You may encounter one minor issue is the paint of the frame is easily get damaged and chipped in spots even though you are careful not to ding the paint.

Final Verdict

Given the price point, this is an excellent deal. Trek has built one of the best heavy touring bikes ever!

The Trek Navigator almost removes pressure on the wrists, arm, hands, and shoulders.Moreover, the slightly more vertical riding position wouldeliminate the need to crane your neck and head upward seeing straight ahead.

Trek Navigator is one of the great bikes. Many riders out there who are extremely happy with Trek Navigator. So, we would recommend this bike for sure!

Who knows, Trek Navigator might be the most comfortable Bike you have ever owned!

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Beverly Cataleno - February 16, 2021

Hi I purchased a Used Trek Navigator, it’s great for me, but it had a water bottle holder with screw & the shop removed it bc the holder was broken on the bottom, I need to buy screws & bc the standard size doesn’t fit.
Can you please advise me what size & type of nuts/ bolts I should purchase. I’m totally confused.
Thank you

Beverly Cataleno - February 16, 2021

Can I replace/ upgrade the gears on my Navigator? What would you recommend?
Thank you

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