trek multitrack 700 review

Trek Multitrack 700 Review: How Good Is It?

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It's now spring, the weather is fantastic, and it feels so appealing that you think of going out biking for a few hours. What do you pick for this venture: a lightweight, versatile and flexible bike or a rugged, heavy, and stable one? The Multi-Track 700 from Trek offers both.

Yes, if you are looking for a hybrid or multi-purpose bike that will help you go down any path without problems – then the Multitrack 700 is the one you need.

It combines characteristics of both a city bike for touring and a mountain bike for off-road adventures. But yes, this type of bike has a few drawbacks, yet not something that could make you overlook its great features.

If you are someone who likes an all-around bike that is also comfortable and highly reliable – then you need to take a look further into this article and find out more!

trek multitrack 700


  • Excellent for Road & Off-Road Biking
  • Performance-Oriented Design
  • Excellent Frame
  • Fits Experts & Beginners


  • Uncomfortable Shifter
  • Slightly Unreliable Brakes

Advantages of the Trek Multitrack 700

Excellent for Road & Off-Road Biking

Why does the MuliTrack 700 offer such as a versatile performance? Easy – its construction and components are modestly top-notch.

Only with the Matrix Multitrack 700 tires at 35C, you will receive a highly reliable performance and with the perfect thickness for both in the road and off-road adventures. However, note that with the Bontrager 550 rims, the bike will feel a little unstable on rocky tracks, yet good enough for experienced bikers who can easily weigh the bike as needed.

With the crankset, derailleurs, and shifters Shimano & SRAM MRX accordingly, you also get superb versatility. A 7-speed availability on top of a very comfortable Bontrager Boulevard saddle, the bike is also capable of delivering excellent comfort throughout long and tricky rides with the opportunity to change the tracking & speed accordingly.

What’s even better, it feels rugged yet very versatile. The Trek ATB Cro-Moly frame offers the perfect build for the bike to get the best from a touring and an off-road bike. At only 31lbs, it can efficiently deliver an outstanding performance on any track.

Performance-Oriented Design

As a hybrid bike, it’s not made for beauty but performance. It is shorter than most touring bikes and larger than most mountain bikes. It has a straight handlebar and lets the rider be comfortable while using, whether it is climbing a steep hill or going down a fast track.

But don’t expect it to go as fast as a road bike, or to climb hills as easily as a mountain one. If you want something specific, go for a bike that offers particular quality performance. The Trek Multi-Track 700 is there to help those who like both off-road and on-road adventures to enjoy it – without being perfect for any in particular.

Excellent Frame

The frame of the Multitrack 700 is an ATB Cro-Moly, like most hybrid bikes out there. The primary purpose of using this type of frame is to provide superior comfort without having to sacrifice any quality of construction.

And of course, with great suspension and comfortable saddle, the bike will offer users any type of usage. This means that you can go anywhere without having to worry about your back, glutes, legs, or any other portion of your body that could hurt. Especially during long-distance rides.

Fits Experts & Beginners

The fit is easily the most critical part of a bicycle, and the Multitrack 700 does not lack any. Even though it is a mostly subjective factor, this bike has a fit-in-all shape that everyone loves.

This adds superior comfort while providing the necessary handling factor for experts to get the best out of it. And no doubt, it will prove excellent for any beginner to get a grasp of how it feels to do mountaineering and little on-road biking without problems.

Disadvantages of the Trek Multitrack 700

Uncomfortable Shifter

For hybrid bikes like the Trek Multitrack 700, it is almost impossible to find downsides.Again, here is where the bike does have a few drawbacks.

It is not bad, unstable or unreliable – yet it is not the best regarding performance and ease of use. Yes, it is fully comfortable compared to other hybrid bikes, but it lacks the handling factor most experts long for, and the necessary ease of use that beginners need to get the best out of it.

With the SRAM MRX shifter, changing speeds is a lovely thing. However, the crankset Shimano 200Gs may oppose in doing fast and comfortable changes. This is utterly annoying for the experienced biker and sometimes a headache for the beginner.

Slightly Unreliable Brakes

The brakes are not the most reliable in unstable soil. Especially when going down a hill or fast track, the brakes may not provide the necessary pressure on the rims. For this type of bike which is supposed to allow users go in a wide variety of roads – the brakes may not provide the necessary reliability.

But despite that, it is a well-rounded performance for a hybrid bike. It is pretty versatile and thanks to the many speeds (despite its sometimes opposing crankset) you can use it effectively anywhere without having to worry.

And of course, it offers enough maneuvering if you are not thinking of going down a hill at all times. Especially when it comes to brakes, you should be aware it is not a full mountain bike.

Trek Multitrack 700 – Full Specs

  • Brand: Trek
  • Model: MultiTrack 700
  • Sizes: 15’’, 17’’ 19’’ 21’’ 23’’
  • Year: 1991
  • Frame Material/Construction: Trek ATB Cro-Moly
  • Fork: Trek Hi-Tensile MultiTrack
  • Weight: 31lbs
  • Headset: Trek Micro-Adjust Black 1" semi-cartridge bearing
  • Brakes: Bontrager Approved
  • Handlebar: Steel Low-Rise 600mm
  • Stem: TIG Welded Quill
  • Seatpost: Alloy – Adjustable Suspension
  • Saddle: Bontrager Boulevard
  • Hubset: Shimano 36h
  • Rims: Bontrager 550 Alloy Rims
  • Tires: Bontrager H4
  • Pedals: HTi Nilon ATB
  • Derailleurs: Shimano 200GS
  • Shifters: SRAM MRX, 7-speed Twist
  • Crankset: Shimano 200GS 48/38/28 Bio-Pace Superglide Chainrings
  • Cassette: 7-Speed

Is The Trek Multitrack 700 Good Enough?

Depending on what you are expecting to get from the MultiTrack 700, it could be the perfect bike for your needs.

When you go for the MultiTrack 700, it means that you need a bike both for the city and touring activities as well as some off-road and slightly rugged performance. This means you are neither looking for the fastest or smoothest bike, nor for the most reliable in mountain & dirt situations. Instead, you want something in-between.

If this description fits your requirements, very likely the Trek MultiTrack 700 will be the perfect bike for you.

Is it good enough? As long as you use it according to how it was built – yes!It totally is!

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Oak - November 2, 2019

O!der vintage Trek Multitracks from the 90s are awesome. Although I wouldn’t pass up a Trek 700 at a great price, look for the 730s and if you are lucky, a 750 in your size.

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