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Skateboarding vs BMX: An Unbiased Comparison

BMX and skateboarding have a lot in common – especially the danger factor. Something about risk seems to connect deeply with human beings at an intuitive level. The more danger we expose ourselves to, the more we enjoy what we are doing – if we are good at it.

As a result, many people have taken up BMX and skateboarding. With this high popularity of both sports, it is difficult to determine which one is better or which one a beginner should consider.

Factors that Influence Your Inclination:

I will base my comparison of skateboarding and BMX on the various factors that influence us to prefer one to the other. They are: Length of Trip

Length of Trip

If you are travelling a long distance, your BMX bike will be a better option. You can cycle for miles without tiring, but doing the same distance on your skateboard (if it’s not downhill) will cause you great fatigue.

But if you are just scooting somewhere near, you can do either of the two.


If the terrain in your area is not smooth and level, you cannot skateboard. Skateboarding requires a pavement. If yours is a rugged terrain, BMX is the better choice.

Also, extremely steep terrains are more suited for biking than skateboarding since the bikes come with brakes.


If you are looking for something easy to store, the skateboard is the clear winner. It is much smaller, lighter, and can fit almost anywhere. Your bike will require better arrangements.

You can easily take up your skateboard in hand and bring it into a building, even your workplace, but you will need to find a place to lock your bike – bringing it up the elevator would be too much of a hassle.


Many people make their decision by comparing the safety levels of the two sports. What one perceives as safer is determined by his level of skill – if you are more skilled at skateboarding, you are more likely to consider it as safer and hence prefer it to BMX.

Safety will also depend on the type of terrain you are operating in. If you are going down a steep hill, the skateboard is super risky, especially if your skill level is still low. Bikes have brakes, but skateboards do not.

On the other hand, skateboards are much safer when you are operating in flatter terrains since you can easily jump out of harm’s way – for instance, if you are about to have a head-on collision with a vehicle, person, post, and so forth.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to this simple, three-letter word: fun. You just have to choose the sport that gives you the greater enjoyment. Enjoyment is a relative value. It depends on factors such as:

  • Terrain – is your area more suited to skateboarding or BMX?
  • Culture – which of the two sports do people in your area consider cool?
  • Skill level – which of the two sports are you already good at?
  • Risk/skill factor – the greater the risk, the more enjoyable the sport, but only so long as your skill level is high enough to support the risks you take.

Intended Use

Why do you want to purchase a skateboard or BMX? If you are looking for something to have fun with, just consider the factors I have outlined under point number 5: enjoyment.

But if you are looking for something you can also use for semi-professional purposes or in professional environments, a bike might be a better fit. It’s difficult to be taken seriously with a skateboard under your arm.

But you can always lock up your bike outside the building, and walk into your workplace with confidence.

Cool Factor

Let’s face it: most of us take up skateboarding and BMX because they are cool. But which of the two is cooler? Coolness factor depends on risk (the riskier, the cooler) and culture (which sport people in your area consider to be cooler).


Many people take up skateboarding not because they consider it to be cooler or more enjoyable than BMX but because it is cheaper. Skateboard parts are rather cheap, and, therefore, boards do not require a lot of money to repair and maintain.

Bikes are more expensive than skateboards, and they require a higher and costlier level of maintenance. For instance, BMX parts can be rather expensive as well as hard to come by – you may need to look for some of the parts online.  And you may need to take it to a bicycle repair man to have it properly fixed.

Also, you will need to purchase safety gear for your BMX. These include: a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, and so forth. These are all extra costs. The skateboarding culture is more easygoing.

So if you have a tight budget, and you are looking for an inexpensive way to unwind, I would advise you take up skateboarding rather than BMX.


Skateboarding works best if you have a place to go to such as a skate park. And if no such facility is available, you will need a pavement.

BMX does not have such limitations. You can even bike through a forest, on dirt paths, and on potholed terrain. So if you are looking for something versatile, BMX is the best fit for you.


Bikes are heavy but skateboards are lightweight and portable. You can carry your skateboard under your arm with ease, and go where you please. But if you are riding a BMX, you have to deal with a whole set of logistics, and that can take the fun out of things.

For instance, you can walk around with your skateboard in a heavily crowded area, something you cannot do with your BMX.

Final Verdict:

It was not my wish to pick out which is the better sport. I believe that both sports are tremendously enjoyable and come with their own unique string of benefits. In this article, I have endeavored to demonstrate just that.

Because in the end, the decision lies with you. Consider these ten factors, and figure out which of the two sports (BMX and skateboarding) is the better fit for you.

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