Sixthreezero Evryjourney Men’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle Review

What’s the best thing about cruiser bicycles?

I’m sure lots of answers have popped into your mind; value for money, durability, versatility, etc.

But if you were to ask me, I would say it’s the memories.

You don’t buy a cruiser for commuting to work or college. Instead, you purchase for it taking it on weekend rides. And weekend rides mean beautiful memories with family, friends, and occasional solo rides.

But those beautiful memories deserve a quality cruiser.

And the SixThreeZero EveryJourney Hybrid Cruiser is nothing but a quality bike.

Skeptic about how good it is?

It’s only natural that you are. Below I am going to share with you a detailed review of the bike. Once you have finished reading that, you can decide for yourself if the bike is worth it?

Let’s get started.

SixThreeZero EvryJourney Men's Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle Review

About 13 years ago SixThreeZero started their journey towards creating cruisers that will one day satisfy the need of bikers for a quality bike. Needless to say that they have done very well to achieve their goals. If they continue to churn out quality products such as this one, then they have a bright future ahead of them.

Regarding the bike, it rides like a dream regardless of whether it is being driven on flat ground or hilly areas. It is available in 4 speed-options so that each person can choose bikes as per their requirements. Both coaster and handbrakes brakes deserve appreciation as they have a very good response time.

I love how much space the bike affords you to extend your legs. As a result, you can be at ease while cruising around. It goes without saying that the bike looks amazing thanks to the matte black finish.

The saddle is very supportive and offers super comfort. Don’t waste your worries on its longevity as it can go on years without getting cracked. Putting together the cruiser won’t be very difficult though it may consume a good hour of your time.


Aging people that can’t lean forward anymore will be very happy with the bike. Its modern design allows you to ride the bike while maintaining an upright stance.

In addition, there’s a back rack which you can use for carrying groceries or other things.

It’s important that the bike affords enough space for the legs so that you don’t feel cramped. Thankfully this one provides ample room for you to extend your legs.

The matte black finish helps to give the bike a classic look. By featuring no designs or stickers, it makes the bike seem really cool.


Unlike most of its competitors, it offers 4-speed options to choose from.

The single-speed is very basic and meant to be used on flat grounds.

With the 3-speed model, you will be able to handle mild hills alongside the flat grounds but nothing more.

While the 7-speed version can take some on very challenging terrains, it still has some limitations.

But the 21-speed model is a very different thing. With 21 gears it’s extremely powerful and can easily handle rough terrains.

Know that the makers have done a really good job with all the gears as it feels incredibly easy to switch from one to another.


Unlike mountain bikes, it doesn’t have a narrow seat.

Rather it’s very wide so that you can sit comfortably.

As regards to the softness, I wouldn’t it call the softest seat available in the market, but it isn’t unpleasant either.

Weight Capacity

I find it amazing that this one is rated for 300 lbs.

That’s very impressive as most of the cruiser bikes have a weight capacity of 200-220 pounds.


The types of brake used in different models aren’t the same.

For example, the models which come with 7 and 21 gears feature front and rear handbrakes. In contrast, the three-gear version comes with front handbrake and rear coaster brake.


The makers didn’t resort to cutting corners to reduce production cost. That’s why top-notch components have been used to make the cruiser bike.

As a result, you can expect years of service from the beach cruiser.


Special attention has been given to the packaging, so the matte black finish remains intact. Hence, you can expect the bike to arrive without scratches or dents.

As you already know that this thing comes 80% assembled. You just need to install the tire, seat, handlebar, and the paddles. Once you are done with the installation, you can focus on adjusting the gears.

However, if you aren’t familiar with the tools, then you should get this thing to a workshop and have it assembled.


  • Looks fabulous
  • Available in 4-speed options
  • Components are of high quality
  • Performance of the brakes is impressive
  • Good weight capacity
  • Built solidly


  • The setup process takes about an hour
  • The seat could have been better

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the bike come with fenders?

It does, thankfully. That means you won’t have to invest in extra fenders.

2. What’s the weight capacity of the cruiser bike?

It’s rated for 300 lbs which is much more than an average beach cruiser. Nonetheless, up to 350 of pounds can be supported by the bike.

3. Does the cruiser include a back rack?

Yes, it does. You can use this to carry things that are a bit heavy.

4. Is the cruiser made in China?

Yes, you have guessed it right. The bike is made in China though the company is based in the USA. Nonetheless, being made in China doesn’t take away the fact that it has a well-constructed body.

5. Can it handle tall people?

Surely, it can. In fact, it has been designed to be a comfortable ride for tall guys. The bike can accommodate up to 6 '4” from 5 '4".

Final Word

Amazing quality, affordable price, and good looking.

Overall, it’s a very good package.

But I’d like to know your opinion now that you have read the entire review.

And if you any further queries, shoot them in the comments section.

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