Schwinn Men’s Sanctuary 7-Speed Cruiser Bicycle: A Good One?

There’s no denying that cruiser bikes are awesome.

But not all of them are worth your money, and some don’t even deserve a penny (ok, that might be an exaggeration).

So, how do you find the right bike for you?

Well, I might be a bit of help here.

To help you out here I have reviewed one of the best cruiser cycles out there; Schwinn men's sanctuary 7-speed cruiser bicycle.

Once you have read my honest review, it’s up to you to decide whether the bike is worth the money.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Schwinn Men's Sanctuary 7-Speed Cruiser Bicycle Review

Schwinn Bicycle Company doesn’t require an introduction. Anyone who is familiar with cruiser cycles knows the name very well since they have been in this business for more than a hundred years. Granted, their popularity experienced a few slumps from time to time, but their product quality was never questioned.

It has a very attractive appearance and will certainly draw compliments from friends and family. Not only looks, but it excels in other areas also. Similar to the mountain bikes its wheels measure 26" x 2.125", which will ensure a smooth ride. While the book says the weight capacity is 220 lbs, it can actually support about 300 pounds.

Put your mind to rest regarding assembling the bike, as it comes partially assembled and the rest of the parts are incredibly easy to put together. To describe the seat, I’d use the word ‘firm.’ That said it isn’t uncomfortable in any way and more than able to support you throughout the entire ride.

I really like that it’s a 7-speed bike as it will provide you with a wide range of biking options. As a result, you can try different terrains while going on a leisure ride with your friends. Last but not least, the brakes are also really good and one of the best in this price range.


If look were the only aspect that mattered, then I would have finished the review right here and say, “Buy the bike right now!” But it isn’t, so I will move on and talk about other important aspects as well.

The curved steel frame looks really nice. But will it last? Definitely. The bike is extremely well-built and able to carry 300-lbs individuals without bowing the frame.

As to the handlebar, it gives you a retro feel as it is similar to the cruisers from the 50s and 60s. There’s no need for you to bend down to hold the handlebar as you can easily do it from an upright position.

If you look closely, you’ll notice a dent on the front fender. Don’t worry; it isn’t a defect, rather it’s supposed to be there as the brakes go over it.


If you purchase this bike with realistic expectations, you are bound to be amazed by its performance.

Realistic expectations are important because it’s no racing bike and won’t be super fast.

What it offers is a smooth ride with minimum effort.

Because it’s very easy to paddle, you won’t feel tired even after a long ride.


Wide tires like the mountain bikes. But they aren’t knobby.

They are built ruggedly and won’t get punctured easily.

It’s really nice that it comes with chain guard so as to prevent the cloth from getting trapped in the chain.


What distinguishes this one from other cruise bikers is that it features 7-speed rear derailleur. Consequently, your options aren’t just limited to leisurely rides around the neighborhood or biking at the beach. In fact, you can use this one as a means of transport for office or to take on small hills.

To make the derailleur switch easily accessible, it is placed on the right side of the handlebar. In order to switch gears, you have to turn the grips lightly clockwise/counter-clockwise.


If you are looking for a plush seat which is very soft, then you are in for a disappoint.

This one features a firm seat. But it isn’t certainly uncomfortable.

The firmness of the seat shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as the seat will break in within a couple of weeks.


I have read a lot of reviews of this bike. And most of them have a common thing; all the components come unscathed. That’s really nice as returning defected parts for replacements can be troublesome.

To ensure that the components arrive intact at your doorstep they strap all the loose parts to the main body.

Now, as most of the parts come pre-assembled, you won’t find it very hard to put the bike together.

Two things that you need to keep in mind while setting the whole thing up:

Make sure you attach the chrome rod to the seat before making height adjustments. Otherwise, it could cause problems.

The other thing that deserves your attention is the adjustment of the brakes which are located on the handlebar. You’ll need a Matric Hex screwdriver to adjust them properly. It will take a lot of strength to loosen the screw up.

Overall, it shouldn’t take you very long to assemble the bike with the right tools.

If you come across any problems, look up the manual guide which contains instructions for you.


While commuting around the town or navigating traffic, you need brakes that are powerful and work quickly.

Fortunately, the V-brakes that the bike comes with fulfill both the criteria.

No rim brakes are as efficient and powerful as the V-brakes. They are extremely good at locking the tires.

Their reaction time is also remarkably quick.


  • Sleek design
  • Wide tires to ensure a smooth ride
  • Durable seat
  • V-brakes gives you more control over the bike
  • Assembly is a snap


  • The seat lacks softness
  • It would have been better if it had more weight capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the bike handle tall and heavy guys?

You can adjust the seat height if required. As far as weight is concerned, it can carry up to 300 lbs. In short, unless you weigh more than 300 pounds, you can ride this bike.

2. Does the bike feature a kickstand?

Yes, it comes with a kickstand which allows you to keep the bike upright without any support from other objects or a person.

3. Is it a coaster brake?

No, the bike doesn’t feature a coaster brake. Instead, it comes with V-brakes, which is very well-known among the bike riders. These brakes are one of the simplest brakes out there.

4. Could you tell me the number of spokes it has on the rear wheels?

The rear wheel contains as many as 36 spokes. These spokes are durable and likely to hold out for years.

5. Apart from the center bar, is there any other difference between this one and female cruisers?

There’s no difference between male and female cruisers other than the central bar.

Final Word

Now that you all about the Schwinn 7-speed cruiser bicycle, you are ready to make a decision for yourself.

But let me tell you that in my opinion, it’s a bike that deserves a chance.

Despite being packed with irresistible features, it comes at a very reasonable price. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better package than this one at this price point.

Hope my review was of some help to you or at least cleared something up. Let me know if you have any many further questions about the cruiser.

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