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Road Rash – What to Do to Heal It as Fast as Possible?

There are a plethora of treatments out there in healing road rash.

However, most of them will take two weeks or more to heal you properly.

Herein, in this article, we aim to present you the quickest treatment ever! Taking so, you may expect to ride your bike again in one week time. And, with that said, this treatment is a premium one and will cost you slightly more!

Don't panic! If you don't mind paying an extra amount for the sake of a better and faster treatment, you are in the right place.

Without further ado, let's get started.

First Aid!

No matter how careful and cautious rider you are, may get stricken by a road rash at any moment! If this is the case, look nowhere, but treat yourself better.

First things, first! Once you get caught by a road rash, take the first aid before you reach to proper medication.

As a rider, you should always carry a bottle of water. This water not only can come in handy and really useful when you are thirsty but save your life! We are not kidding!

The aftermath of a road rash, take some water out of your bottle, try to scrub so on your wounded area to clean that place a bit. It will help you get rid of dirt and dust what might stick with your body during the accident.

The next step is to measure your injury! If it is severe, call an ambulance to help you out to reach your home!

If the wounds are within an acceptable limit and you can ride the bike again with or without the support of your friend, get back to your bike and finish you ride or return to your home.

Once you finish the ride, clean the wounded area up. Take a shower well to get off rest of the dirt and bacteria. It will also save you from a likely infection.

If any sand, dirt, splinters and the like are still there, take tweezers to remove these particles prudently.

Before that, sterilize the tweezers well with an antiseptic or isopropyl alcohol and a gauze or cotton ball. Once you remove the materials, rinse the wounded area with cold water.

You might need to contact a doctor if the debris is lodged so deep in your wounds and you are unable to get them out.

Once you are done with the shower or cleaning the wound, let the wounds dry. You may use a dry towel or clean cloth and use that in a gentle manner.

Now, you are ready to take your very first treatment to heal you up faster and get into the riding battle at the soonest possible time.

Healing Your Road Rash ASAP

All you need to do is to keep the road rash wet by any means.

So, you will need to buy and use Tegaderm or Duoderm. Both are quite similar, but Duoderm is better as it contains healing gel and some other benefits what will be discussed later on.

To heal faster, don't let the wounded place dry up. You also need to shower 3 to 4 times a day to eliminate the dead tissue.

Buy a triple antibiotic ointment and apply it a couple of times a day. You may also use petroleum jelly (i.e., Vaseline) to make sure the wounds are wet.

However, if you intend to use Duoderm, you may skip both triple antibiotic ointment and petroleum jelly.

What about infections?

Road rush infections

To say goodbye to or minimize such infections, you need to use a Duoderm instead of Tegaderm. In that case, you may also skip buying Neosporin.

If you opt for Tegaderm, then there is no alternative but to get Neosporin. To avoid leakage from the dressing, you need to tape the 4*4 gauzes tactically on your Duoderm.

Drink plenty of water every day and don't forget to cover up the wounded area with non-stick pads. Specifically, it is a must to do when you plan to go out.

Go for a pain relief if you have extreme or unbearable pain.

In terms of wound cleansing, most probably, the best cleanser is Shurclens. And it also saves you from damaging tissues.

You may need to visit a doctor if the situation is worse or going to be worse!

No one would be ready to accept the infection followed by a road rash. You would not love to get infected by any means as well. So, pick up your phone, book an appointment, and let your doctor take good care of you and help you out from a probable misery.

Things to Remember

Some experts, on the other hand, suggest keeping the wounded area open. Meaning that you need not bandage it up. The bandage might prolong the healing process. Once you leave the injured area open, the body would react to that in an attempt to heal the area the soonest.

However, if you are taking part in the competition and are about to sit on a saddle for the stage race in consecutive days, it would be better to go with a bandage. This is because you may likely to fall in the ground for the second time.

If the bandage is there, it not only will look nicer from the outside but will save you to worsen your wounds up. Yet, it might impede the healing process. Still, it is better! Sometimes, we need to take a wise decision.

If you are a professional rider, you need to visit your doctor and take tetanus vaccinations regularly. As the riders are prone to fall all the time, it would be better to receive vaccinations once every couple of years.

Well, that's it for today. Now what? Let us know if this helped you in the comments sections below. Because we love to collaborate with your experience.

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