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Raleigh SC40 Review: Really A Sport Comfort Hybrid Bike?

When you get a bike at low-range, you expect something that offers enough reliability to use it every day without problems and to last longer than others as long as you are not too harsh with it. The Raleigh SC40 is a bicycle that offers exactly that – great reliability & durability for an excellent price.

The Raleigh SC40 is one of the most inexpensive yet most solid bikes ever made. Despite having some of the cheapest components in the market, the model still sold thousands of bikes. And what’s even better – almost every customer was delighted with its performance.

But for much more affordable than 80% of bicycles in the market – apparently, it came with a few drawbacks. Here we are gonna discuss everything you need to know about the SC40 from Raleigh…


  • Comfortable At All Times
  • Unbeatable Casual Performance
  • Extremely Easy Ride
  • Amazing Shifting Performance


  • Heavier Than Expected
  • Tires are Not the Best

Advantages of the Raleigh SC40

Comfortable At All Times

Even though the SC40 is one of the smallest models for hybrid bikes you will find on the market, the bike is still a top-notch in comfort.

Maybe for its frame, or for the overall construction and shape, almost no rider who has used this bicycle can say the bike is not comfortable. It is fantastic how well anyone fits in it, how easy it is to use it, and how well it makes you feel.

Even when considering the low-quality Avenir Comfort saddle, it still feels like a great ride without any problem. Even for the tallest people or for the smallest people out there – it will feel great. Not an inch of uncomfort when using it.

Unbeatable Casual Performance

If you are craving for a bike that offers excellent performance on asphalt, then the SC40 is the one you should go for.

There’s no doubt how easy and smooth it feels when riding on non-demanding paths. And what’s even better, the bike is made precisely for that – to help users have the most pleasurable experience in casual riding.

Its low-entry components will feel like components of the highest quality. It is solid, firm, easy to handle, and won’t put any restraint when using. If you are thinking of getting it for back-and-forth city riding, then you won't find a more affordable & suiting option.

Extremely Easy Ride

Don’t think that being a perfect bike for casual riding makes it only suited for that. Actually, being as easy to use and dependable as a hybrid bicycle, it also allows users to use it in recreational trail paths.

It is not a mountaineering bicycle in any way. But going up steeps, going in easy downhill, and other recreational & easy trail riding – it won’t become a problem in any way. Using is entirely straightforward.

From the shifters to the fork, the overall frame, the handling, and even the pedals – it offers the reliability needed for a much more versatile performance both off and on road. However, don’t put it into much stress – remember that it is still a low-quality affordable bike – not a 4x4.

Amazing Shifting Performance

Something that most satisfied users can comply with when talking about the Raleigh SC40 is that there’s almost no shifting method as easy to do as the Shimano Revo RS-41 shifter provides.

And when you add the crankset and the cassette, you obtain more speeds than you will ever use. This makes it entirely fitting for almost any type of trail, including high steeps, rough bumpy trails, and even downhill tracks.

Disadvantages of the SC40

Heavier Than Expected

The Atomic 13 aluminum frame is known for being one of the heaviest in the market. And even, more so when you add the low-quality components which are not, in any way, willing to improve the overall construction of the bicycle.

Yes, it is a wholly solid and well-made bicycle for a low price. But this all affects the weight and its stability in some ways. It won’t become hard to use or to handle, and it won’t become a problem when traveling or transporting it – yet it could eventually affect your experience while riding.

A heavier bicycle is more challenging to use in technical trails. It also means a little more problem when having to carry it. Despite being smaller than many bikes, it is still one of the heaviest – a problem not many would overlook.

Tires are Not the Best

The first SC40 models came with some decent Kenda tires. They weren’t the best but good enough to meet most people expectations.

However, the newest models with the Kenda K8A14 tires were not as considerably suiting as the previous models.

This meant less grip on trails, a little less braking performance, and sometimes even problems with stability. Some users also complained about the size & shape of the tires. They weren't a problem for beginners who didn't know what they were getting, but the experienced bikers could feel the total difference.

Still, the tires were some of the most long-lasting in the market. If you weren’t going to use the bicycle for much more than just recreational or commuting use – then it would fit your expectations without problems.

Raleigh SC40 – Full Specs

  • Colors: Majestic Silver with Blue (Gloss Finish) – Majestic Copper with Champagne (Gloss Finish) – Majestic Blish with Silver (Gloss Finish)
  • Sizes: 14’’, 16’’, 18’’, 20’’, ’’
  • Frame: Atomic 13Aluminum
  • Handlebar: Comfort 50mm Raiser
  • Tires: Kenda K841A tires (26in x 1.95in) with K-Shield Protection
  • Rims: Alex R-1000
  • Fork: SR CR870 50mm Travel
  • Brakeset: Tektro 845AL
  • Drivetrain: Shimano MegaRange 24-Speed
  • Crankset: Shimano FX-T71 28/38/48t
  • FrontDerailleur: Shimano FD-C202
  • RearDerailleur: Shimano Acera RD-M340
  • Hubset: Shimano RM40 Rear / 36h Alloy Joytech Front
  • Shifter: Shimano Revo RS-41
  • Cassette: Shimano 8-speed HG40 (11-34t)
  • Pedals: Avenir Comfort 2-Density
  • Seatpost: Alloy Micro Adjust Suspension 27.2mm
  • Saddle: Avenir Comfort with Web Spring Base

Is the Raleigh SC40 a Hybrid Bike Worth Having?

For anyone expecting a top-notch performance from the Raleigh SC40, we are sorry to say that you won’t get what you look for. However, if you are someone who knows what the SC40 can offer as a low-range hybrid bike – then very likely you will find more than suitable.

It is a bike for the commuter, for the beginner trail rider, for the safe biker who knows what low-quality & affordable price offers. On top of that, it is a bike that provides the most fantastic comfort when it comes to bikes at the same price level. In other words, a bicycle that feels smoother than almost any other.

So, is the SC40 a comfort bike for everyone? Not for everyone, but as long as you know what you’re getting – the SC40 can be the perfect bike without a doubt.

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