raleigh m80 review

Raleigh M80 Honest Review: Is It Worth Its Price?

The Raleigh M80 is a model from 2005 or so. It’s almost 15 years, and the bike seems still popular! Quite interesting! And you might get one of the fans of this bike what may make you think to have one for you!

What makes this bike so interesting until now to the riders?

Is it worth its price? Should you get one?

Do you need any support in making a decision?

Would like to entertain you with an in-depth review?

Well, we should not keep you waiting, but make you happy sooner with a detailed review covering queries above!

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

The Specification

Raleigh M80 comes indifferent colors while black white and a combination of red, white, and black are the most common categories. This is an entry level mountain bike, yetthe build quality is fairly substantial.

There are two models in the market. The earlier model comes with a v-brake while the latter model equipped with a disk brake.

This bike comes with Shimano components. The front derailleur furnished with Deore, while rear derailleur bundled with Deore LX. Shift and brake levers are also Deore.

This bike comes with cartridge bottom brackets and square-taper cranks. Raleigh M80 is a 3x9 or 27-speed bike. The front sock is Manitou Six 80 mm.

All the components are quite good, which are still drawing the attention of the intended buyers. Now, it’s your turn to be amazed!

Usually, these bikes are used or second-hand. If you are lucky, you may get a leftover bike or a stock lot, which has never ridden!

If not, you may try to find a bike which is barely ridden, has a good condition and a decent look, which would be able to make you happy!

The Price

The price found to be Okay, not great though!

Currently, you may find a leftover bike (with a disk brake) at a price tag of USD 450. However, the Mojave color may costs you USD 50!

In contrast, barely ridden and fresh one may take away around USD 215. However, if you are looking for a cheaper and used bike, then you may get so as low as USD 80.

If you are looking for a pretty decent bike less than USD 500, then it might be one of the high-grade options to choose from.

The Quality and Service

Regarding quality and service, Raleigh M80 might bea dependable one! You would not dishearten when you have this!


  • The build quality is quite good and makes you in a preponderant position for years without any complaint.
  • The geometry of the bike is up to the line! So, you will get a comfortable and effortless riding experience.
  • The bike can hook you up with a better service and comfortable rides.
  • Usually, the tube of the Raleigh is thicker making it stronger for better durability and lifetime.
  • You will be likely to get the finest bike from one of the oldest manufactures in the USA.
  • The bike is well-built and decently equipped.


  • The 80 mm Manitou “Six” fork might not be as good as Shimano and other well-known branded forks.
  • The price of the never used bike might be comparatively high especially if you wish to upgrade shortly.
  • The parts seem to be outdated and no longer standard. So, get prepared to roam around here, and there is a search for components!
  • Spare parts may not be as much available as the new models when you think of replacing or repairing.
  • The parts replacement cost may be higher as the components might be limited in number.
  • The geometry of this bike is steeper and shorter than the bikes available nowadays.

A Real and Sweet Story!

In the year of 2006, a Raleigh M80 came to a bicycle mechanic with serious crash damage to the front end. The rider was at full speed. All of a sudden, a tree had jumped in front of the rider! So, you may assume the rest parts or the consequences of the accident! Well, the bike got hit hard and went a “doctor”.

The wheels and fork went back beyond the cranks. The “bicycle doctor” did try to find typical crinkling of the down tube at the head tube juncture. Surprisingly, there were no chipped paint, crinkle, or oddity of any kind!

When the mechanic threaded the frame to find a possible bent, but the geometry was quite well. After replacing the front wheel and the fork, the bike came back to its action with a full-pledge!

The bottom-line is, the frame of Raleigh M80 (as well as Raleigh M40, M80 and the like) appears to be bombproof!

Final verdict

The Raleigh M80, an MTB can take you through off-road. If I were you and got a decent second-hand bike at around USD 100, I wouldn’t mind having one!

Nevertheless, for the leftover bike, you need to check whether all the components are functioning and the bike is free from rust. If everything is in mint condition and the price is also near about USD 450, you may go for it!

In a nutshell, go and grab a Raleigh M80 and enjoy your ride!

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Anthony - November 9, 2019

Just to clear this up, the M80 model was around before 2005.
I owned a Raleigh M80 in 1998/1999.

    Jeffrey Land - March 9, 2020

    I just got a Raleigh M80 used. (Literally 1 hour ago.) Paid $80 for it. I rode it home and was taken by it immediately. I do not know much about bikes, but will keep you informed as I will take it to a bike shop to have it evaluated and possibly tuned.

Patrick - February 14, 2020

I’ve chosen to upgrade and modernize my M80, which I purchased new in 2006, instead of buying new. While the bike is “out modded”, there are plenty of upgrade parts that are still compatible. I’ve upgraded the front fork with a modern, single air Manitou 100mm shock- 1 1/8″ straight steer. The drivetrain swapped out for a 1×12 SRAM NX, a brand new take off someone was selling on pinkbike. Each for a couple hundred bucks. The brakes have great modulation and are more reliable in cold weather than hydraulic- pads are easily sourced. Other things, like the stem, bars, and seat are things most people personalize, even on a new bike. Even so, I’ve found lighter and modern spec components relatively cheap compared to those available for brand new bikes. If you want to customize and personalize, the M80 is a great and affordable platform.

Miguel Aguirre Martínez - March 13, 2020

Buena información! Gracias!

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