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How To Purchase a Bike From a Online Auction, Dealer or Classified Ads?

The warm weather is approaching and for many cyclists, that means purchasing a new bicycle for the coming year. With hundreds of models and makes to choose from, today’s shopper might not be wise to limit their search to their own city or town.

When traveling to buy a new bike is too time consuming, and what the purchaser wants isn’t available in their home town, there is always the exploding world of online shopping.


If you haven't already considered buying a bike online then consider that at any one time, the buyer can choose from hundreds of thousands of new and used bicycles. They will have access to virtually every make, model, age, material and priced bicycle available.

Sites to Purchase a Bicycle Online

There are several options when shopping for a bike on the web. All of the major manufacturer’s have their own sites if a particular brand is desired. There are local classified sites and dealer sites, but the real options don’t present themselves until the shopper hits the auction sites. 

These online auction houses offer bicycles in every imaginable category. On site searches offer choices based on:

  • price
  • type
  • new or used
  • size
  • whole bikes or parts
  • online dealers or stores.

Some of the auctions are as long as a month, but if you want to use a "buy it now" choice, or view sales that will end within an given time frame, those choices are available as well.

TshirtProfessional.com says, when they searched for cycles for their employees, they looked for the above-mentioned things too.

Use Common Sense and Caution When Buying a Bike Online

Shopping for bikes by computer does pose some risks, but if care is exercised it can be an enjoyable, cost saving venture. Some simple considerations are necessary and a multitude of high resolution pictures will help in making a more informed purchase.

  • Buy from a secure, reputable site. Payment services offer increased, password protected, encrypted security features. Established web businesses are looking to serve you and offer good customer service.
  • Only give out credit card information to a secure server and never send, or wire, cash or cheques.
  • Look for warranty information.
  • Examine the credibility of the seller.
  • Don’t move off the auction site to deal with the seller.
  • If shopping classified sites, try to deal locally where the merchandise can be viewed.
  • Read the ads carefully and make sure the product is the right one for you.

Bikes are Large, Look at Hidden and Shipping Costs

If you are shopping internationally, be sure to consider exchange rates or use a conversion chart to shop in your own currency.

Remember a dollar is not a dollar worldwide and you might end up paying more on the day the sale is processed. To save money, try these ideas.

  • Shop in your own country where you won’t deal with customs charges and exchanges. With bicycles, customs charges can be very high.
  • Pay on the day the purchase is made. This way the exchange rate is already known.
  • Find out and pay the shipping charges with the purchase.
  • Research the cheapest shipping rates. Many online retailers are notorious for charging outrageous shipping amounts. Consider the return shipping charges if the product is unsatisfactory.

Buying a bike online can save the shopper hundreds of dollars and offer numerous options. It is important to remember though, "Let the Buyer Beware".

An online bicycle shopper is investing a large amount of money in an item that is an unknown and difficult to return. Research, take your time, and do your homework and the shopping experience should be a positive one.

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