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Planet Cyclery Review: Is It Legit Or Not?

If you are a bike enthusiast and love to go biking a few times a year around your city or in the wilderness, very likely you are someone who’s always looking for components and spare parts for your bike(s). Here is where Planet Cyclery comes to your help.

 Not only does Planet Cyclery provide everything needed to make your biking a lot easier but also to help you find any type of spare part, component, or even if you want a new bike – Planet Cyclery is there for you.

Well, at least that’s what they claim to offer. In reality, their service may not be as excellent as they say. Let’s learn more about the company to find out why!

What is Planet Cyclery Exactly?

The company Planet Cyclery was seemingly founded in 2012. The founders are formerly from Colorado Rocky Mountains. This is where the company first started its public commerce, selling and offering their biking products from a wide variety of brands and purposes until now.

Planet Cyclery currently offers an online platform for biking lovers to find the spare parts, components, bikes, any accessories or even apparel for those who have biking as a hobby.

The purpose of Planet Cyclery has been not only to offer the best products readily but to provide affordable prices at the same time. However, all of the products you can find on Planet Cyclery are not distributed or produced by the company. Officially, these products come from the “gray market.

This means you can find all the products Planet Cyclery sells a lot more affordable than in other platforms, with the expense that all the processes of quality standards and guarantees fall not in the hand of the official manufacturers of the products but on the hands of Planet Cyclery itself.

What Products Does Planet Cyclery Offer?

The principal and most crucial product offering from Planet Cyclery is their components category. Here, they offer everything for reparation, maintenance, and modification of bikes. Among these components, we can find:

  • Wheels, Tires & Tubes: rims, hubs, tires, tubes, wheels.
  • Forks & Suspension: rigid forks, suspension forks, rear shocks.
  • Drivetrain, Shifters & Brakes: bottom brackets, cranksets, cassettes, cogs, chainrings, derailleurs, shifters, brakes, electronic components, housing & cables.
  • Cockpit & Pedals: headsets, stems, handlebars, bar tape, grips, pedals, cleats, saddles &seatposts.
  • Small Parts: small spare parts for frames, wheels tires, tubes, forks, suspension, drivetrain, shifters, brakes, cockpits, pedals.
  • Accessories: Maintenance products, cleaners, and

On top of that, you may find complete bikes especial for the road, mountain, gravel, cross, BMX, and for kids. Both in their components and complete bikes section you will find hundreds of brands and models – for every necessity and desire.

In the shop, you can also find apparel such as gloves, shoes, tops, bottoms, socks, and a large variety of other clothing accessories. And what’s even better, you will also find anything for maintenance and for modifications you could need. No matter what, Planet Cyclery very likely has it. 

What Are Planet Cyclery Claims?

Planet Cyclery claims to be a place for the bike lover, from bike experts.

Planet Cyclery is composed of experienced and professional biking experts who offer the best products and help for those who need all types of bike accessories and components. They do this with “Fast and free shipping,” on top of “Excellent customer service.”

Planet Cyclery also claims to be continually improving and researching new ways to provide better and more productive services. Also, the company claims to test and make sure that all their products are top-notch, following all the quality standards to meet their customers’ satisfaction.

Along with the high-quality and low-cost product feature, Planet Cyclery also offers the chance to receive all their products directly to your door.

But like every other e-distributor in the market, Planet Cyclery fails to deliver everything they claim to offer – according to their customers.

What Do Planet Cyclery Customers Say? 

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Planet Cyclery is not accredited business, yet they have a rating of A+. However, some of the reviews from customers that appear on the site are entirely negative. All of them directly complain about the supposedly “excellent customer service” and the low quality of their shipping methods.

On the RipoffReport, similarly, another customer complains about wrong shipping and incorrect product labeling.

The company apparently tends to send mislabeled products to their customers. These customers eventually find their customer service not to their liking either when complaining. Some of these customers affirm that they never got a replacement for the wrong product or a refund at least.

But when we take a look at their eBay and Newegg marketplace, we find mostly positive reviews and recommending remarks from the customers. This, in contrast with the BBB and Ripoff Report reviews, seems to reflect a little on the actual quality of the company.

Is Planet Cyclery Legit?

Taking into consideration the criticisms and the customers’ reviews, Planet Cyclery seems like a legit and good company for those looking for all-biking products.

If you are someone who’s thinking of buying any product from Planet Cyclery, whether it is from their official website, from their eBay or Newegg marketplace, very likely you will find their service of excellent quality.

Note, however, that some clients have complained about their customer service and shipping methods. But these complaints are not that common, so there’s nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, you get to be one of the unlucky ones.

Overall, it seems like Planet Cyclery is well-behaved and very responsive. However, as any other company out there, some of its customers don’t have anything positive to remark.

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Andrew Howe - July 12, 2018

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your mostly positive review of our company. While it is true we have been inundated this year and allowed our service to slip we have listened to our customers and started our return to the excellent customer service our customers deserve. For example we have trained 3 new customer service agents and upgraded our free shipping to expedited as well as discontinuing use of DHL. Thanks for recommending us to customers and be on the lookout for more improvements.

Bruce W Ballai - December 12, 2019

I would not shop with Planet Cyclery. They ripped me off. They sent what should have been painfully obvious was the wrong part. It arrived late and I was diverted with other issues and could not inspect it for 30 days. I had to repack it and go to the post office and ship it. Planet Cyclery got their part back as new in original unopened packing materials to so they will resell it for full profit. They denied the shipping cost refund, standing on their 30 day policy, when it was their fault it was the wrong part and their fault it was late. This is not a bike store – it is a faceless corporate profit center. Get your bikes from a real bike store!

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