peugeot carbolite 103 review

Peugeot Carbolite 103 Specs and Review: Good Racing Bike?

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The Specifications

Peugeot Carbolite 10 is not a high-end bike, but comes with several goodnesses and most importantly, reliable build quality and a vintage look.

This bike emanates from the late seventies or eighties! Sound interesting, right? That time, it was very trendy due to its specialized steel tubing what makes the frame.

Peugeot Carbolite 10 is a steel-framed bike hence you may call it a “decent” roadster. The steel frame or body is made of pig iron what drove the costs of the bike down and logical level. This bicycle generally used as touring model and entry level bike.

The tires size are 28mm while it has a steel-rim with 36-spokes. The handlebar made out of steel.

The Dependability of the Bike

Peugeot Carbolite 10is a quality product for sure! That is why you still would have this bike as a working condition. The durability and the fame might also make you a fan of it aiming to have one for your daily driver! This bike is produced by a European manufacturer, as of best known.

Although it comes with a unique design, might not be as unique and handsome-looking as today! Does this matter to you asyou might not go after a bike with a modern look, but a vintage model? The most available color is dark blue or Mauve. There is also a women model available.

The Price

The price of Peugeot Carbolite 10 pretty reasonable. Back then, it worth only 100 Euro. Now, you may also have your own Peugeot Carbolite 10 bike spending the only USD 100 in general. Even some websites or person may sell it as low as USD 30 to USD 50.

However, for a fully restored and closer to new looking bike, you might need to let go USD 150 to USD 200. Still, it might be a great deal for you! Right ?

The Durability

Peugeot Carbolite 103

If you are blessed with a good-quality bike, then you may ride Peugeot Carbolite 10 for years without any issue! You might not also need to adjust or fix the parts now and then. Again, in having that good, you need to be a lucky one! Who knows, the buying date might be yours!

Common Upsides of Peugeot Carbolite 10

The common upsides include-

  • Usually, this bike has had heavy mudguards made out of hard metal.
  • The mudguards are not bolted but welded with the frame, which means better durability.
  • You can use it as a commuter or training bike.
  • The old-fashioned model would be unappealing to the thieves.
  • The classic and unique look.
  • The dependability or the durability of the bike.
  • This bike rides beautifully, so, you would find it as a comfortable buddy.

Common Downsides of Peugeot Carbolite 10

The downsides are-

  • The bike might be 35 years or more years old! Are you ready to accept that?
  • The French parts and old parts may hurt you when it comes to finding them here and there to replace as they are quite rare, nowadays.
  • If the bearings are in a good or at least average condition, you would need cleaning and regressing what might let few more bucks from your pocket.
  • The repairing and maintenance costs may also bite you gently if not considerably!
  • Albeit you might find a workable and decent Peugeot Carbolite 103, but it would be an old model and not top of the line.
  • The weight is comparatively heavy. So, get ready to accept that
  • The handlebars are relatively narrow, less than 40 cm, which may look uncomfortable to you!

Points to Remember

Before buying one, you need to check whether the bike is well maintained and have a tip-top condition. Also, make sure the bike is dent and rust free, and the geometry of the bike is accurate. Last but not least, the bike should come with a straight frame.

Having said that still, you are highly likely to overlook some aspects when buying as they might not be visible!

Be mindful that you might need to replace some components for good. For example, the bearings, rear axle, freewheel, brakes, levers, and the like.

Fear not! Once you settle with these, you are likely to get what you paid for! Meaning that, the better service!

Final Verdict

Have a vintage bike and love to stand out from the crowd? Get this bike as yours!  Go for it! What does not come with downsides?

Make sure, you check the bike well before making any deal to the seller or even with your friend!

Let me whisper you one thing! You might even sale Peugeot Carbolite 10 as an antique piece and earn a lot of bucks, someday! Who knows!

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Davi - December 7, 2019

I have a Peugeot Equipe (Carbolite 103) I love! Red with the graphics in blue (painted not stickers), the exact size for me, entirely original parts (but the tyres and brake rubbers)! I crossed London to buy it, bought it completely out of luck from a very nice guy and bike enthusiast for 60 pounds. It aged beautifully, looking new apart from a scratch here and there from little use.

I kept it original (no fixie hipsterism for me, thanks), only replacing the still original red handlebar tapes for brown ones (the “vintage” one with little holes in it) and added a seat cover and discreet lights.

Looks beautiful! It IS heavy (legs are getting strong!) and it is very reliable. A true pleasure to ride and terror of the double deckers.

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