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9 Mountain Bike Forums You Should Be a Member Of

Want to get connected with pro cyclists all around the world? What can be more beneficial than joining a cycling forum in that case?

There are many cycling forums you will find all over the internet.

But if you join a forum and find the members are not helpful enough, then what is the point of joining? Do not give up yet; there is no reason to.

Top 9 Mountain Bike Forums

There are numbers of mountain biking forums, which you will find the members are pretty helpful to each other.

In this article, we will discuss top 9 mountain biking forums that you can join and get a lot of benefits; for things related to your bike.

1. Bike Radar

This bike forum has gained its popularity among the cyclists mainly through their bike reviews. In fact, when we were first introduced to this site, it was because of a bike review. They became well-known to the cyclists for their openness regarding reviews.

Fortunately, they have a forum for their readers also. And in the forum, you will find a section specially dedicated to mountain biking. This can be one of the best cycling forums for the beginners. Here, you will find everything that requires to be a pro biker.

For those who are looking for getting a new MTB, the forum has a section where the members recommend their choices. However, the forum is very friendly for the newbies. They can ask questions no matter how noob it may seem to others; they will always get the response to their calls. 

Additionally, if you have a technical problem with your bike, you can get help from their workshop & tech section. This section is helpful for the professional repairmen also.

The forum seems to have concern for the fitness of their members. That is the reason why they have a dedicated section for health and fitness related issues.

Women need special attention as usual. There are lots of things that might not be the same for the women. Therefore, they require particular techniques and tips. The forum seems like a haven for the lady riders.

During holidays, you might need to be reminded about on which route an event is going to take place. They have a section for that. In that section, you will know where an event is going to take place this weekend or even in holidays. You can even organize and announce an event.

Major racing events are also shared in this forum so that you do not miss the bigger ones.

You might come across a difficult route, and you do not know how to tackle the roughness of that route. In this case, riders who already have experienced the route and figured out how to deal with it, they will inform and give tips about that route if you ask through a post.

Want to show off your ride? If you cannot resist your temptation of showing your hot ride off, you can show off to the rest of the members by posting a picture or video of it.

There is a section for buying and selling. You can sell your bike by posting and adding information about it. And also, if you want to buy from one of the members, you can do that too.

2. Pinkbike Forum

Pinkbike is a different kind of forum for MTB cycling, and it is one of the best so far. There are lots of categories of posting. From the forum, you can know biking experiences exclusively from North America, Europe, Poland, UK, Australia, and New-Zealand.

If you live in these areas, you can share you biking experiences with the other members who are from the rest of the world. Therefore, any event, race in those areas get special attention in the forum.

One of the best parts of this forum is, you can see a lot of discussion about new and modern innovations on bikes, such as BMX 20" wheels, 29ers. So, you are getting information and details about the different components of the bike.

There is a section for fitness and training purpose. Useful fitness tips are shared by the members. Also, you will find training guides specifically on a different section of biking. Additionally, there is a section dedicated for the beginners.

In the forum, there are specific sections for popular brands. For example, if you have a bike of Yeti brand, you will have the chance to get connected with other members who also have a Yeti bike.

Therefore, if you face any problem with your bike, you are most likely to find an expert who also faced the problem with the same model of yours. He will give you instructions to fix your bike’s problem.

The most interesting thing that we have found in this forum is, there is a section for scrams and stolen bikes. You can grab attention in certain area members telling that your bike is stolen. People share and discuss theft related issues. Oh, also about the scams.

Like our previous forum, this one also has a section for lady riders and men are also allowed to make posts there. You can share your bike’s photos and videos too.

3. Bike Forums

Bike Forums

As far as the popularity is concerned, this forum one of the biggest nest for the cyclists. Questions related to general biking, are usually answered by the experts.

Here, you will find professional mechanists giving information about bikes and their spare parts. They also help the members to fix various technicalities. People look for riders, volunteers for events, sponsors in this forum.

Members in the forum discuss bike advocacy and safety issues. If your bike is vintage or classic one and you want to know how to ride it swiftly even on these days, this forum has a section for your classic bike.

People share their views and thoughts on tips & tricks, and safety things. Electric bike owners are warmly welcomed in the forum. For senior citizens, 50+ section is there for sharing achievements and experiences with the younger ones.

In their training section, they not only provide the members with useful techniques but also they came up with a handful of advice for rider nutrition.

The members can buy and sell bikes through the group. Also, they can post photos and videos of their precious ride. There is a section for bloggers, who wants to blog about their cycling life.

3. Cycling Forums

Want to chat about your bike and spend good time with members? In this forum, you will find your cycling friends who are as enthusiastic as you are when it comes to cycling. Additionally, you will have the chance to get connected with professionals.

Here you can chat about different topics also. Whenever you decide to buy a bike, you can get all the necessary information about it from the members. You can even joke about the bikes, that is the most fun part that we found in the forum.

People write about how they spend their days cycling and share their experiences. Also, like most of the forums, you can buy and sell your bike simply by posting an ad.

4. Singletracks

Singletracks is a general type of mountain bike forum where the members discuss and share their views on various topics related to mountain biking.

The beginners will find tips on their first MTB ride. They can improve their skills simply by following the experts' tips. And if there are any difficulties, you will find someone to help you out with the problem. Also, you can discuss with the members before buying a new bike.

You will get to know about the riders’ stories and learn from them. People discuss and compare within different brands. Also, there are threads related to different parts of bikes. For example, if you are having any problem with your tires and suspension, you will get the hint to fix it.

Whether you should go with full suspension or Shimano, you will get opinions and reviews from the real users. If you want to know about a common trail, just drop the post, you will be informed everything about it.

There are a handful of threads related to biking accessories. If anyone gets benefit and finds a product very useful, they will post about it. Also, queries about biking accessories are welcomed by the forum members.

5. MTB Project Forums

In the MTB project, everything in this forum is about mountain biking. So, you no longer need to find separate links for MTB. This forum pretty much delivers everything that an MTB rider would need. The members are friendly to the noobs, so feel free to ask anything.

Mountain bike riders from different countries discuss about their bikes and ridings. They share their views and experience with others, provide important suggestions for the help seeker, and advice people before purchasing a bike.

Repair and maintenance section is there for people who face problems with their bikes and seeks the proper solution. Technical experts answer their questions with necessary instructions.

If you need a bike with specific specs, all you need to do is post mentioning your requirements, and if someone has what you asked for and agrees to sell, you can go ahead and buy from him directly. Also, you can post selling an ad to the forum.

You are free to share your trip experience with the members. People organize events, races or even gatherings through the forum. If you need a partner to ride with you, just go ahead to the partner's section and see if you can find anyone interested in riding with you.

You must keep your body fit and properly train yourself to step forward to the next level. Learn how to maintain fitness for cycling. The pros’ share their valuable techniques and tips with the beginners.

What distinguishes this forum from others is, it has an individual section for those who are interested in building trails. Also, they get tips and advice from professional hosts on trail maintenance.

And of course, you can share photos and videos of your bike and trips that you have made.

6. Vital MTB Forum

Let us introduce you to another MTB only forum. In this forum, you can get any help related to your mountain bike. And again, this is a noob friendly forum too. All the pros were a noob once. Seek suggestions from the expert MTB riders before buying a new bike.

If you are interested in buying a specific model, free feel to ask for their opinions regarding that bike. You can introduce yourself to the members. If you are already a pro and have many achievements next to your name, people are going to impress by your success.

If you are someone who gets excited to know rumors about anything, you are going to love this forum. A dedicated pinned thread is there for sharing all the upcoming rumors regarding MTB world.

You are free to discuss topics that are not related to bikes. If you get to benefit from using a particular accessory, then tell the others about the product. Buying and selling posts are appreciated in this forum.

7. Cycling News

The title of this forum pretty much tells you everything about its main purpose. In this forum, you will get the latest news and updates on cycling events, championships, and announcements.

As a pro biker, you always look forward to win a race and be the champion in an event. Joining this forum, you can choose your next winning target. Additionally, if there is any high-performance training going to take place, you can know through this forum.

You can also get bike suggestions and recommendations. The forum is a cross-platform for both the experts and amateurs. They share their experiences and get key advice and necessary guidelines from the experts.

People also talk about cycling accessories, gadgets and apparels. Discussion about any parts of your bike is also available in the forum. As it is a forum of news related to bikes, if there’s any innovation coming out, you read the experts opinions much earlier than others.

8. MTBR Forum

This forum is one of the most popular among mountain bike riders. If you want to learn from the experiences of the experts and keep your motivation alive and be passionate about mountain biking, this forum is counting on you.

The information that is provided in this forum about bike parts and advanced bikes are very detailed. So, you will have complete knowledge of bike related things. The discussions are not only limited to sharing personal views and thoughts.

In discussion threads, you will get to know an enormous amount of information on a certain topic. You will not only discuss but also gather knowledge from this forum.

To Conclude

Joining a mountain bike forum can help you building your cycling career and skills. You will not only have the opportunity to get help from the experts, but also you can share the results with them. They will correct you if they seem it is necessary.

We have discussed top mountain bike forums based on different aspects of MTB. Do not be late to join these forums that suit your need the most. It will add more colors to your mountain biking journey.

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