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7 Most Expensive Mountain Bikes Currently Available On the Market

Although there are plenty of low budget mountain bikes that are superbly capable of delivering high performance to some extent, still bike manufacturers are continuing their journey ahead.

The taste of people is not the same. You will find someone is happy with his mid-range mountain bike, while on the other hand, someone is pursuing more expensive ones. Mountain bike industry has numbers of kick-ass budget oriented bikes.

List of the Most Expensive Mountain Bikes

If you are looking for an expensive bike, or just wondering about their appearances and features, I have a list of mountain bike which is insanely high priced that are available in the market.

1. Budnitz FTB $7,800

budnitz mtb

Do not go with its appearance. Even the bike got pretty darn slick, but according to the manufacturer's claim, you are possibly to enjoy the most fun on two wheels. It features Rohloff’s 14-speed internal hub which provides streamline and almost maintenance-free range of gears. 

The bike is of solid build. The handmade titanium frame weighs 2.2kg. The bike is known as the fat tire bike because of it's 4.8' tires that perform insanely when it comes to the off-road biking. It will take your off-road adventures to the next level.

These oversized tires are ideal for racing on snow and sand. In such conditions, the bike needs to run at low pressure for more comfortable traction.

It got the worlds lightest hydraulic brakes. Brakes are made in Italy. The carbon fork and titanium components ensure that the bike has solid constructions with super light handling. 

2. Santa Cruz V10 Carbon, $8,699

santa cruz v10

When it comes to the Santa Cruz bike, you are assured that you are getting the utmost comfort. Just by seeing its super slim body, you can tell that V10 is a great racing machine.

The Santa Cruz V10 has some amazing records next to its name. With its 64 UCI World Cup Podiums, and 14 wins and two overall titles, it was managed to be the first carbon fiber downhill ride to win a World Champs.

It features adjustable geometry with which you can change to your preferences that suits your current terrain. Although the weight savings feature work from frame to rims, there is no compromise with its strength and stiffness. 

With its amazing racing pedigree oozing from the molecules, the bike is an absolutely stunning machine. You will not believe how it delivers speed until you experience it.

3. Yeti SB5.5 XX1 Eagle Turq $10,600

yeti sb 5.5

As far as the brand Yeti is concerned, they make the highest performing trail bikes that money can buy. With its 29" wheels, 140mm rear wheel travel and 160 mm fork, this bike is a trail killer machine.

The Turq series means it is made of highest grade carbon fiber which can balance stiffness without any issue. It ensures solid durability and compliance. That is the reason why their bikes deliver pretty smooth and strong connection on the trail.

SB5.5 is one of the all-rounders in the Yeti MTB line up. This bike feels extremely stable at high speed and makes the rider very comfortable to downhill ride. The only thing that holds back this bike from unleashing its speed, is the rider. This bike is incredible with its climbing ability.

If you are paying that much money for a bike that offers outstanding fox suspension, total control over handling, show-stopping finish, it would be worth to spend the money on this bike.

4. BMC Teamelite 01 XTR Di2 $10,600

bmc teamelite 01

A hardtail mountain bike with such a price tag! Do not be shocked, because we have even high priced bike on our list.

This full carbon team elite 01 spots a Shimano XTR Di2 drivetrain and XTR brakes, 100mm fox float fork, and carbon XRC 1200 wheels. The company implemented softening up a hardtail formula which worked great at making it faster.

BMC introduced this bike with Micro Travel Technology (MTT) that provides even more compliance. The shock absorbing capability is incredibly efficient in this bike.

The innovation is even bigger when the seat stays meet the seat tube that allows up to 17mm of rear wheel travel, which is a minimal amount. The company included three different elastomer durometers which will provide the rider with more customizable options.

It also features BB92 standard bottom bracket that maximizes the design flexibility and stiffness of the drivetrain. With the full suspension and a rigid frame and 29er wheels, it would be a lot comfortable to roll over the rough stuff.

5. Cannondale Scalpel-SI Black Inc. $12,790

canondale scalpel si black

This is one of Cannondale’s full carbon creation. It features full no-holds-barred suspension with 10mm of front and back. Lefty 2.0 carbon XLR and RockShox Monarch XX are in charge of its front and rear suspension.

Its ultra-light frame ensures that you get race-rocket performance with this one. You would find this bike as more trail-friendly than most other bikes in the market. It is ideal to ride if the trail condition is proper dirty.

Scalpel SI Black Inc. spots ENVE rims with a Chris King hub which make it ultimate tough, but free-rolling wheel pack.

It got a 69.5-degree head angle with a 55m offset on its super-accurate lefty fork that increases the stability beyond average XC twitchiness. With Shimano’s XTR Di2, it offers flawless programmable shifting on the clunky mechanical interface.

6. BMC Fourstroke 01 XTR Di2 $13,000

bmx fourstroke 01 xtr di2

This bike is pretty similar to the Cannondale Scalpel-SI Black Inc. It is one of BMC's top-tier with no-holds-barred off-road race machine. When you are paying such amount of money, then it is obvious that the suspension system will be to top class.

As the mountain racing bike requires a good suspension system for the rider to make things easy while riding on rough surfaces, BMC did not make any compromise with it. Thanks to its 100mm suspension front and back by Fox Float 32 SC that have done some excellent job here.

The drivetrain duties are also handled with care by Shimano's XTR Di2 drivetrain. The braking system also has Shimano’s name on it with 29” BMC Carbon MWX01 wheels by DT Swiss.

So, you are getting everything of top-grade parts with the Fourstroke. It would be worth spending much amount of money on this cross country bike. Hopefully, you will not regret to embraced by such performance and the beauty of it.

7. M55 $35,200


You can tell it is a luxury toy just by seeing the price tag. But when you look at how this thing is designed, you must say that it is a piece of art. Its design combines both the modern and classic interior at the same time.

When I saw this bike for the first time, the very first thing that came to my mind that it might be from an alien invaded sci-fi movie. As far as the price is concerned, you are assured that you are getting the highest grade of material.

The frame of this bike is aluminum made. It is worth mentioning that, this bike is designed with ‘Formula One Technology.' This formula resembles an air shock at its rear and Brembo. Also, it got floating disc brakes both on the front and back side.

With the speed of 42MPH, the M55 easily beats most other e-bikes in the market. If the rider needs an extra shove from the electric motor, the rotation sensor can detect that. So, do not think you are paying that much money for an average bike.

To Conclude,

An expensive bike does make sense if it is worth the money. Throughout our article, we have listed expensive mountain bikes that have solid build quality, top-grade parts, and components, and also provides satisfied performance.

Although they are insanely priced, but when you take the performance into your consideration, you will not regret.

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