Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike: Should You Buy?

Usually, cruiser bikes aren’t that expensive.

That’s what makes them so popular. Any person who wants to have fun riding bikes irrespective of their age and financial status can afford these bicycles.

But there are very few bikes that are as inexpensive as the Kent Oakwood men’s cruiser bike.

But make no mistake; inexpensive doesn’t mean low quality. Granted, it can’t match the high-end bikes in terms of features and performance, but it’s certainly the best bike at this price point.

Below, I’m going to review the product at length and then also share answers of some of the most common questions people have about cruiser bikes.

Let’s get the show on the road.

Kent Oakwood Men's Cruiser Bike Review

Kent International Inc is headquartered in New Jersey and imports most of their accessories from China. Wondering how they offer their products at such a cheap price? Yes, you guessed it right, China is the answer. Cheap labor is what enables them to keep the production cost so low. It’s worth mentioning that they have been producing cruisers for longer than 100 years.

This one features as many as seven gears. Normally most of the inexpensive bikes are single-speed, but the fact it comes with seven gears is highly impressive. Since the bike is remarkably well-built, it can hold a lot of weight without damaging the rim or wheel.

It features hand brakes instead of the coaster brake. That’s a good thing as most of the people are used to using hand brakes. That way you won’t have to adjust to new brakes.

I’d like to preface the review with a disclaimer: assembling the bike is no easy task. Not that it’s extremely difficult or needs professional help, but it requires time and a little bit of patience. Considering the price, you can’t expect perfection in everything. Right?


I will be honest here. Though the bike doesn’t look bad, it fails to shine in the aesthetic department. But then again, what else do you expect from a low-end budget cruiser bike?

Nonetheless, the handlebar is carved and very long so that you can drive the bike from an upright position. As a result, your back won’t ache after an extended period of biking.

Also, the closed chain bar was thoughtful of the manufacturers as it will prevent your pant from getting trapped in the chain.


As I have mentioned earlier, this one comes with no less than seven gears.

If you live in a hilly area, this one will be good enough to solve your commuting problems. You may not even have to use the highest gear as this thing runs like a dream.

However, if the terrains are too steep, then this bike may not be the ideal choice.


Some people may not like that it doesn’t feature a coaster brake. After all, the coaster brake is much simpler to handle and requires very little maintenance.

But you must keep in mind that it’s a budget bike, and it would be foolish to expect high-end features from this one.     

Nonetheless, handbrakes aren’t bad. In contrast, they work really well and the response time is admirable if not amazing.


If you prefer firm seats rather than the soft ones, you will like this saddle.

The manufacturers have made sure that you do not feel uncomfortable in any way.

Also, it’s very durable. Unlike other cheap options, it won’t tear over time.

But if you want something that’s soft and comfortable, you can always upgrade the saddle.


Do you like watching YouTube how-to-do videos?

I hope you do as you will need to watch a few videos while assembling the bike.

Yes, there’s manual guide for installation. But the instructions aren’t very clear and isn’t very helpful.

Still, you should read the entire manual as the guide features instructions for the other bikes as well.

The required tools do not come with the bike, which is expected considering the low price point.

So, you have to get the necessary tools by yourself before you get started.

Fortunately, the bike comes partially assembled and only needs you set tires, seat, and gears up. Adjusting gears may prove to be a bit difficult, but YouTube videos might come in handy in this case.

Nevertheless, it deserves credit for the packaging as people have praised it for delivering the bike without scratches and dents.

Weight Capacity

Having a large stature often makes it difficult to find bikes that can support you easily.

Thankfully, this one is designed in a way that makes tall and heavy guys comfortable while on the ride.

It can hold up to 320 pounds, which is amazing for a budget-friendly bike.


  • Closed chain bar
  • Curved and long handlebar eliminates the need of bending down while riding
  • Able to handle big guys
  • 7-speed offers a wide range of options for biking
  • Durable seat


  • Assembling the bike is an arduous process
  • Fails to impress with the design

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the handlebar adjustable?

Surely, it is. You can adjust it up and down to suit your needs. As a result, you will be able to sit on the saddle without putting pressure on your back.

2. Does the bike come fully assembled?

It would have been really nice if it had. But sadly, you will have to do assembling by yourself. If you find the process difficult, look it up on YouTube for how to assemble Kent Oakwood men’s cruiser bike. That said it comes partially assembled, thankfully.

3. What’s the weight capacity of this bike?

As the manual states clearly, the maximum weight this bike can support is 320 pounds. That’s a lot and shouldn’t be a problem for most of the people. If you weigh more than 320 lbs, then you'd be well advised to look for another bike.

4. Is the bike made in the USA?

Despite being an American company, Kent International imports their products from China. Therefore the bike is made in China.

5. Does the bike come with a kickstand?

Yes, it does.

Final Word

That’s about it.

Having read my review, I’m sure you have formed some opinions. I’d love to hear them should you decide to share them in the comments section.

Overall, this was one is a pretty good bike. Apart from the not-so-simple setup process, it’s hard to point a negative thing about this cruiser.

In fact, low-end cruiser bikes do not come any better than that.

No matter what you decide, I wish you good luck and hope that you can find the perfect bike for you.

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