Full Suspension Bike

Full Suspension Bike: What Are The Pros and Cons of It?

Bike enthusiasts around often question about full suspension bikes. Yeah, it is obvious. After all, there are so many rumors spread in this regard.

Therefore, the queries necessitate shredding some light on it. So, today I will help you get the legit perspective on its benefits and drawbacks altogether.

Hopefully, this tiny teenie article will help.


  • Cross-country riding is more fun and joyful with full suspension bikes.
  • Full suspension bikes are versatile and exciting to ride.
  • If you prefer to stay seated on your bike while climbing, then the full suspension bike should be the best choice.
  • Full suspension bike is a clear winner when the trails are bumpy, and the downhill is technical.
  • When rough kinds of stuff are around, you can reach your destination faster with a full suspension bike.
  • The rear suspension of a full suspension bike absorbs bumps preciously making your ride smooth and comfortable.
  • You will get a fewer shock in your bones when you would ride a full suspension bike.
  • If the roads are full of roots and rocks, a full suspension bike can give you a better and higher cycling speed.
  • Full suspension bike might give you better handling and control while riding.
  •  Last but not least, as of technological advancement that associated with a full suspension bike, you may need not to struggle and lose extra energy while peddling.


  • Generally, the weight of a full suspension bike is a bit heavier as compared to a hardtail bike. Yet, some elite-class full suspension bikes might make you feel a negligible or even no difference at all.
  • This category of the bike is a bit pricey as compared to its counterparts hence you need to get ready to pay extra bucks.
  • The maintenance of a Full Suspension bike is not straightforward as like as a Hardtail bike as former one comes with a greater number of parts.
  • Full suspension bikes require a periodic servicing, so your maintenance cost would be higher than that of a regular bike.
  • The rear shock will make you change seals in every one or two seasons that will also let your money go often.
  • The price of a full suspension is pretty higher in general due to the cost of R&D and new patenting or licensing that associated with a full suspension bike.
  • Full suspension bike might not be a good choice when it comes to street races, dirt jumping, and other sports that need tricks and jumping.
  • Usually, full suspension bike eats up some of your energy due to its flexible frame, and you will notice it while pedaling on the asphalt or flat surface.
  • The installation process of a full suspension bike might also be tedious.

We have tried to put the maximum numbers of upsides and downsides of full suspension bikes. Finally, it is up to your decision that which points are on your priority list and what sorts of bike you are looking for.

Do let us know your decision or preference! We will be happy to hear you out!

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