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Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet: Why It’s a Must For You?

Have you just got your first MTB bike? Then you might be thinking about which helmet to buy that will give you the most protection possible.

Before hitting on the trails buying a full-face helmet can be one of the best invests on MTB gears for you.

There is no denying the fact that mountain bike racing is the toughest event on cycling. The risk of injury is pretty high whether the rider is a beginner or a pro.

Therefore, going to the hill must requires necessary gear that prevents the accidents to leave savior impact on the riders.

So, why is it important to wear a full-face helmet if you are a MTB rider? What is so special about it that almost every MTB video blogger keep it on their gear suggestion lists. Let’s find out.

Why Is It A Must?

If you are engaged with something risky, you need more protection. As far as the MTB racing is concerned, there should not be any compromise with safety. A full-face helmet protects the rider more than what a typical type of helmet does.

Wearing a full-face helmet does not mean you will have to compromise with the ventilation. Especially, if the race is a long one, there must be enough ventilation for you to breathe. Otherwise, you will protect your head while leaving no room for comfort.

You will find people not wearing a full face helmet; they prefer a lighter helmet for their rides. But the question is, should you have the same preference, or it is the safety that you need to be concerned with? You will get the answers soon.

Reason No. 1 - If you are in pursuit of speed

A race is not a race if you do not try hitting the maximum speed to some extent. Even though it does not always go with the MTB events, but sooner or later on the game, you will find situations that will force you to speed up. It would be very difficult to resist the temptation to pedal harder.

To tackle that situation, you must ensure that you have full protection, especially for the head. For those who only pursue the speed, wearing a full-face helmet is obligatory for them. They are the ones who are embraced with crashes more often than others.

Even if the rider crash at high speed, that helmet will not only protect his head from impact but also protect the jaw from injuries. If you have already countered a couple of injuries while riding at high-speed, the next thing you need to do after reading this article would be buying one for you.

Reason No. 2 – Clumsy rider who is not after the speed

Even though you are someone who does not ride the bike at much speed, you might still require a full face helmet if you are a clumsy rider. Clumsy riders usually get confused when they see a big obstacle, whether it be a rock or root.

If you have the experience of flying over the handlebars while dealing with a small rock, know that all you need is a full-face helmet to continue improving MTB riding skill for the next event.

It can happen that someone who does not ride at much speed but often crashes. To protect his head and jaw from injuries, scratches, and bruises, this type of helmet can be a good option.

Reason No.3 – If the trail is not friendly for you

Sometimes, navigating the trail is too difficult especially for those who did not ride on trails similar to that level of difficulty. The trail is full of bumps, turns, and twists that may not be the reason for severe injuries but can cause multiple crashes.

To ride on this kind of trails, you should have a full face helmet to protect yourself from multiple injuries. Then it will not be an issue to start again after crashing by hitting a trunk or a large rock or even a hard tree root.

Reason No. 4 – If you do not want ice-bars on your face

You will find many incidents that the helmet somehow managed to keep the head of the rider protected, but he got injury marks on his face. Even though you can keep your head protected with a typical helmet, but the crash will be more damaging, if your face is unprotected.

You do not want this happen to you. Inside of a full-face helmet, there is soft padding that protects the whole area of your face from nose to the nape of your neck.

Many full face helmet comes with a pair of goggles that protects your eyes and its surrounded areas. These goggles provide an extra layer of protection from any sort of crashing. Those who take their ride to downhill in a thicket of forest, the goggles would be a helpful gear to wear.

Reason No. 5 – Downhill biking

Downhill biking is one of the best parts to enjoy in MTB. When you bike downwards, you always look for the perfect line to go through and it is not always easy to find one.

Things like rocks, roots, loose dirt and loose gravel will be there for you until you successfully hit the plain surface.

Downhill biking

Another thing is, your bike’s speed will increase now and then during downhill biking. Therefore, it is quite tough to cope up with speed and at the same time safely tackle those obstacles. Potentiality of losing control and crashing is very high in this section.

Just imagine, someone is falling down the side of the hill without having any protection on his face. What could be worse than that? To battle this, you must ride with a full face helmet on. It will protect your face from potential injuries.

Reason No. 6 – Because you love airborne 

One of the ways to show your skill in MTB is jumping and bumping with perfect timing. Often, a long distance jump helps a lot to avoid obstacles. Naturally, the rider who makes jumping and pumping more often, have the risk for head and face injuries than who does not.

Therefore, if you put on a full face helmet, the extra padding will protect both your face and head. But if you are someone who prefers to stay on the ground and safely finish the race, you can continue wearing a normal helmet.

Reason No. 7 – They are even stronger than others

But I heard full face helmet puts a restriction on air ventilation.

It seems that if you wear a full face helmet, there will be less ventilation than other helmets. Well, these days' modern full-face helmets are very comfortable with the ventilation system.

So, if the ventilation is the only thing that is keeping you away from this sort of helmet, it is time to move.

Additionally, typical helmets cannot bear multiple impacts, and you need to buy another one if it gets hit really bad. The padding inside the helmet gets easily damaged.

Things are even more solid when it comes to the full-face helmets. These helmets have extra padding which is strong enough to counter multiple crashes without any issue.

If you ever have a chance to open up these two types of helmet, you will understand the difference between their building components in first hand. You can search on YouTube to check the construction grade.

Final Words

When it comes to the MTB riding, there should not be any compromise on safety. Full-face helmet reduces potential injuries to your head and face to a great level. If you are an extreme rider, you do not have other option but choosing this type of gear.

Hopefully, you have realized why should you wear a full-face helmet instead of a typical one. So, make your purchase wisely.

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