Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike Review: Should You Buy?

There’s no single doubt that fat bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Not just to the riders who live in snowy areas but pretty much everybody wants a piece of cake of this amazing bike model.

Manufacturers too are down to work—injecting newer feature and innovations into these bikes to give you a mind-blowing riding experience on just any terrain.

In today's, we’ll look at the review one of the most popular fat tire bikes: The Framed Minnesota 2.0 review.

In this review, you’ll get to discover more about this bike, its unique capabilities, etc., to help you decide if it’s the right fat tire bike for you.]

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  • Reasonably priced fat bike
  • Up to 18 speeds to choose from
  • Suitable for different terrains
  • Good aesthetics
  • Shorter cockpit for comfort
  • Durable alloy frame and pedals


  • The assembly might be a bit challenging
  • No water bottle mount
  • The shorter cockpit might lead to discomforts for longer rides

Features and Benefits of Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike:

We start with the key features that make up this bike. As you’ll see below, all the features incorporated into this bike have one single focus: to improve the rider experience.

These features include:

Durable Aluminum Frame

Like most of the top-rated fat bikes on the market today, this bike is also boats of a durable frame made of aluminum (6061 aluminum alloy, to be specific).

This gives the bike the maximum strength and stability it requires to withstand the roughness of all the terrains you’ll be riding the bike in.

And unlike its competitors who come with plastic pedals, this bike features alloy pedals. These will give you a solid feel during pedaling while lasting longer than the plastic ones.

Lightweight Fat Bike

This bike weighs approximately 34lbs 4oz. If you compare this weight to the other fat bikes, you’ll agree that this model is lighter than most of the competition.

The reduced weight of this bike is partly due to the aluminum alloy frame material used to construct its frame and the reduced weight of the tires (they’re single-walled, unlike in other fat bikes with double-walled tires).

As you all know, a lightweight bike gives you an edge when it comes to maneuvering different terrains…especially corners and off-road terrains.

Besides, a lightweight bike is easier to handle for bikers of different skill levels.

Top-performance Brakes

We were quick to note that all the previous users of this bike have something to say about the braking system of this bike: it’s the best.

The bike comes fitted with Avid Mechanical disk brakes plus derailleurs on both ends. These brakes enable you to stop whenever you wish and regardless of the terrain you’re riding on. In other words, you can easily make emergency brakes when the need arises.

Such an excellent braking system not only grants you TOTAL control over your bike but also assures you of your safety.

Comfort-Engineered Bike

As you look closely at this bike, you’ll also realize that the frame and the cockpit are designed in such a way that they give you sufficient space for turning the pedals and remaining comfortable.

Another thing that improves the rider comfort lies in the wide tires and the shock absorbing tubes. These two put their powers together to ensure you experienced the smoothest, most comfortable rides ever—regardless of the terrains.

Highly Stable Bike

A stable bike will enable you to enjoy your riding while facilitating your safety on different terrains.

What really makes this bike stable is its 4-inch wide tires. These knobby tires also greatly increase the traction of your bike, making it easier to ride even on the most challenging terrains.

Easy Gear Changing Capabilities

Because this bike is armed with both front and rear derailleurs (SRAM Model X7, SRAM Model X5 respectively), changing gear becomes easier than ever before.

The fact that the shifters work with different derailleur models, as seen above, means you’ve got several gear options to choose from.

The derailleurs also team up with the wide bike tires to take the stability of this bike a notch higher.

Stylish, Eye-grabbing Looks    

For the riders who are also conscious about looks (especially the female riders), you’ll also love the attractive looks of this bike.

The bike comes in a variety of colors to choose from…including blue, black, orange, black, white, and different shades of white and red.

If you pick your favorite bike color and match it with other bike gear of the same color, you’ll surely stand out from your fellow riders.

What’s your favorite color?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does the bike come pre-assembled?

No, the bikes come partially assembled. You’ll need to make the complete assembly as well as make some final adjustments before you can start using this bike.

2. What is the exact weight limit of this bike?

There’s no specific weight limit for this bike. Some riders as heavy as 400 plus lbs. have confessed comfortably riding on this bike without any issues.

We believe that how much the bike is able to carry will depend on how properly you assemble and tune it, tire inflation, the type of riding, and bike maintenance.

3. is it possible to change the seat that comes with the bike?

If you find that seat that comes with this bike isn’t comfortable for you, you can easily replace it with a larger and more comfortable one for you. However, make sure you consider the seat post size when buying your new seat.

4. How much does the bike really weigh?

The Framed Minnesota 2 weighs roughly 34lbs.

Our Verdict

From this Framed Minnesota 2.0 review, we can see that this fat bike has a number of mouth-watering features and capabilities. But it’s by no means 100% perfect; it has its flaws, just like other fat bikes out there.

The alloy frame gives the bike high score for durability while the disk brakes give you total control and increased safety. When you have 18-speed options, derailleurs, and fat tires, all in a single bike, you’ll experience smoother rides. And there’s no terrain you can’t ride through.

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