Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike: Yay or Nay?

It’s no easy feat to find the ideal cruiser.

The market is extremely saturated and can have you easily confused.

But how do you pick out the perfect bike for you amongst all these options?

I think I may have a solution to your problem; Pure Single Speed Fixie Bike.

You must have heard a thing or two about the bike. Even if you haven’t, it doesn’t matter.

For in this article I’m going to provide a comprehensive review of the bike.

So, read on to find out if it’s the ideal bike for you.

Pure Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike Review

About eight years ago Pure Cycles were founded by a few cycling enthusiasts. Since then they have strived to offer the best bikes to the consumers. Have they succeeded in their endeavor? Their huge popularity suggests they did. So, when pure cycles launch a new bike, you better pay attention.

Regarding the visual appearance, this bike is a beauty to look at. No matter which color you choose, the paint is simply amazing. Though the bike is single speed, it runs surprisingly fast. You can use the commuter as a primary medium of transport in your day-to-day life.

One thing that failed to impress me is the seat. Though I won’t call it outright terrible, it isn’t surely comfortable. However, the tires suppress expectations and are bound to impress you. Not that it’s the best bike out there, but it’s far better than those skinny tires that send shocks through your arms every time a bump comes up.

The bike is so light that you won’t realize that the frame is made of steel and not of the aluminum. But being light doesn't mean it can’t handle bulky people as the cruiser is rated for 250 pounds. The real issue with the vehicle is its brakes which squeal a lot. I know all brakes squeal at first, but surely not like this one.


The cruiser has been given a modern look with a simple design. As the commuter is available in several colors, you can get the exact color that you want. Regardless of which color you decide to go with, it will look good.

This thing is so much lighter compared with the other two-wheeled vehicles with steel frame. That makes the bike very easy to carry around and will come in handy if you don’t live on the ground floor.

Unlike cheap bicycles, it gives you more than sufficient room for stretching your legs.

As of the paddles, they are very good if not excellent.

I love the fact that this bike is highly customizable as gives you a say on the bike design.

Moreover, you'll also be getting a little container filled with touch-up paint.

That way you can conceal the scratches with the paint.


It goes without saying that, due to this being a single-speed bike; you won’t be able to climb hills with this one.

But this bike isn’t meant to climb hills.

It’s a road bike and is expected to work like one. And if you keep the expectations in check, then this one will certainly impress you.

The amount of speed it can generate makes you doubt that it's only a single-speed bike.


As I have mentioned earlier, the saddle is very disappointing. Measuring only 130mm, it’s a bit narrow which makes seating an uncomfortable experience.

Due to not being supportive enough, it strikes me as the weakest part of the bike.

So, if you decide to get the bike, I’d advise you to replace the seat with something that’s properly padded and wide enough.


The manufacturers have done a really good job with the tires.

They are built sturdily and going to hold up for a long time.

Weight Capacity and Size

Big guys need big bikes.

And this one is certainly made for people who find it tough to get a bike of their size due to their large body.

This thing comes in 7 sizes meaning no matter how long or short you are, you can get your ideal size.

Furthermore, according to the official site of the company, this guy can hold up to around 250 lbs, which I think is more than enough for a cruiser.


If you go through the internet reviews, you'll learn that this thing usually arrives fabulously packed to protect the paint and parts. So, you can expect all the parts to reach your doorstep in perfect health.

The manufacturers claim that the bike comes 90% assembled. A bit of exaggeration, I guess. Nevertheless, you will need to need to attach the seat, handlebar, wheels and the pedals to the main body.

Since the necessary tools aren’t included in the package, you’ll have to purchase a tool kit if you don’t have one.

The fact that it doesn’t come with an instruction manual is exceedingly annoying.

Granted, they provide a YouTube video for installation, but it isn’t very helpful.


Instead of a coaster brake, you’ll get Front Alloy Dual Pivot brakes for this bicycle.

To be honest, the brakes are a problem.

True they are pretty responsive, but they squeal a lot which is a problem.

Upgrading the brake is recommended.


  • Can produce a fair amount of speed despite being a fixed gear cycle
  • The components are of good quality
  • Simplistic design makes the bike more attractive
  • Easy to paddle
  • Can accommodate large guys
  • Tough tires


  • The seat is below-average
  • Necessary instruments aren’t included in the package
  • The brakes squeal too much

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the weight capacity of this cruiser?

Being rated for 250 lbs, I don’t think weight will be a problem. Nonetheless, people weighing more than 250 pounds are known to ride this bike without any issues.

2. Does the commuter come with all the necessary equipment?

No, the manufacturers won’t provide the required tools for installation. You’ll need to get a few hex wrenches for the seat and the brakes. Nonetheless, it won’t be very difficult to put the cruiser together with the right tools.

3. Can I do trail riding with this one?

The makes have stated it clearly that this thing is strictly for city streets. So, if you still use it for trail riding, you’d be doing it on your own risks.

4. What size would be perfect for short people such as 4 ft 8 in?

47 inches would do.

5. Does the commuter include a chain?

Surely, it does.

Final Word

So, what do you think about the Pure Single Speed Fixie Bike?

I’m sure you have come to a conclusion about the bike having read my review.

Let me know about your decision in the comments section.

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