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Diamondback Response: A Sport Mountain Bike Review

Mountain bikes instill a sense of control and confidence no matter the trail you ride. Whether you are out to explore, wander, or seek challenges and cross hurdles, mountain bikes allow the freedom of adventure.

The Diamondback response mountain bikes pack durability and reliability at affordable pricing to appeal to beginners of the sport and thus, has a decent rating in the market. Further, the Diamondback response products reputation enables a guarantee of manufacturing backing in its product experience.

If you are out to buy the new Diamondback response sport, then you need to have a grasp of its features and specifications. This in-depth review of the Diamondback response sport mountain bike provides all you need to know about the well-rounded sports bike.

Diamondback Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Review

At first glance, the Sorrento response looks powerfully rigid, with robust frames and large 27.5-inch wheels. Its gear train and braking mechanism look equally intimidating, creating high mountain biking expectations.

For your convenience, here is a detailed review of all the specifications, features, pros, and cons of the Diamondback Sorrento.

Diamondback Response Review: Specifications

  • Available frame sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches
  • Frame: 6061-T6 aluminum, CNC machines headtube
  • Fork: SR Suntour XCT, 28.6 mm stanchions, 10 mm travel
  • Front derailleur: Shimano TX50 dual-pull
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Altus 7-speed
  • Headset: Zero-stack 1.125 inches
  • Cranks: MTB alloy arm (24/32/42t)
  • Cog set: Shimano HG20 7-speed cassette
  • Chain: KMC0Z51
  • Shifter: Shimano EF-51 7-speed Easyfire
  • Spokes: Stainless steel, 14 g
  • Tires: 27.5 inches, WTB Wolverine Comp
  • Front hub: 32h SL-7 alloy with CNC disc mount
  • Rear hub: 32h SL-7 alloy cassette with CNC disc mount
  • Rims: Diamondback 32h SL-7 double wall
  • Handlebar: Steel riser with Grip specs of 15 mm DB4L 135 mm Kraton
  • Pedals: DB toe clip platform
  • Brake lever: Shimano integrated
  • Brakes: Promax DSK-310, 6-inch rotors, and mechanical disc
  • Seat post: Micro-adjust (30.9 mm), DB SL309p alloy
  • Seat: DB Low-profile, All-mountain saddle
  • Extras: Instruction manual, water bottle mounts, and chainstay protector

Diamondback Response Review: Features

The Diamondback response is a really versatile product in terms of customization and functionality. Its innovative features make it a nice entry-level option for people of all ages. Here is a quick Diamondback response review of the features to expect in a Sorrento mountain bike.


Setting up the Sorrento response requires approximately 20 minutes, with straightforward installations and tuning. Each component fits together well, although the larger parts may make the process feel clunky and slow.

The derailleurs come pre-equipped with cables hooked-up and may require shifting and installation. A little shift of the bottom bracket and adjustments allow more room for smooth derailleur movements.

The brake-pads also come pre-installed but require aligning and tightening as per your requirements. You can feel the overall ambiance of the mountain bike exuding reliability with its strong frame-build and double-walled wide-wheels.

Solid build

As a mountain bike, the Sorrento response furnishes visual and physical soundness merely through its 6061-T6 aluminum frame. It is the frame-build that constitutes the heart of the bike construction, enabling effortless installation of additional premium features.

The sturdiness of the response mountain bike owes to the machined headtube, disc mounts, Kraton grips, forged dropouts, and a replaceable derailleur hanger. There is no compromise on the quality of riding due to the style factor included in the components.

The strong yet light-weight frame offers better acceleration and climbing, contributing in-part to partial absorption of vibrations. You get comfort through a mostly submissive ride, compatible with people of all ages.

Navigation and smooth riding

It is the role of the response bike front fork that accentuates your mountain riding experience. The Sorrento response mountain bike features the SR Suntour XCT 100 mm travel front fork to enable ease in riding. Its’s simple-structure may seem inadequate but is of superior quality given the tag of a budget-friendly mountain bike.

If you set out with an urge to explore rugged terrains, do so without worries. The wide 27.5-inch WTB Wolverine tires offer balanced traction on multiple surfaces and easy rolling. You can expect maximum control over the ride with a durable double-walled wheel design.


The Sorrento response is a hard-tail mountain bike, and its light-weight contributes to a controlled suspension on rough terrains. You can feel the efficiency of pedaling with the front shock while on slopes, making it a nice choice for uphill climbing.

Any bike that features hard-tail suspension is a natural choice for cross-country racing. Diamondback ensures a similar quality in its Sorrento response, making it an ideal choice for beginner’s road to mountain trails.

Gears and brakes

The Sorrento response is primarily a commuter choice for wide-open roads, uphill, and downhill. It features Shimano 7-speed front and rear derailleur, and shifters that enable reliable shifting at any speed.

The gears are easy-to-use and compatible with the mountain trailing aspect of the bike. Its 7-speed drivetrain enables convenient riding and effortless shifting with top-quality derailleurs.

Further, the linear-pull brakes supply crucial braking in unexpected mountain biking situations and risky trails. Knowing that the bike you are riding has dependable gears and a braking system allows greater freedom when venturing outdoors. Looking for more pros to convince yourself? These might help!

Diamondback Response: Pros

• Not many bikes can relay confidence at first glance in the way the Sorrento does. Its ergonomic design and sturdy aluminum frame instill budding expectations in every mountain trail rider.

• The Diamondback response enjoys the backing of top-quality components by a reputed manufacturer at an affordable price.

• The forged 6061-T6 solid aluminum frame, CNC precision machined components, and Shimano integrated derailleurs work together to establish durability.

• Sporting a robust-looking frame does not affect the overall riding experience of the mountain bike due to its light-weight nature.

• It primarily enables ease of cycling for people of all ages with its multiple frame sizes.

• The suspension of the front shock ensures stability on rough trails, allowing easy maneuverability.

• Setting up the mountain bike is a breeze with many pre-installed and pre-equipped components.

• Further, customization of components allows an upgradable biking experience for beginners and experts alike.

• The Shimano drivetrain, derailleurs, and shifters enable a smooth transition of gears during intense cycling sessions.

Diamondback Response: Cons

• The absence of a kickstand and disk brakes stands out in the durably built mountain bike.

• Mountain trail riding is a strenuous activity that gradually takes its toll on the suspension and disc brakes. The Sorrento requires initial and regular tuning of the brake system to ensure reliable braking in unexpected situations.

• Many Diamondback response users complain of the rigidity of the bike seat. You can upgrade or change the bike seat according to your preferences.

Diamondback Response Review: Performance

Sorrento response model user’s reviews cite their riding experience favorably, terming the Sorrento as a really great bike. The solid build of the bike, riding efficiency, and quick customer service are some of the plus points. Despite the various issues with suspension, seating, disk brakes, or brake tuning, customers relish the satisfaction of facing harsh trails. Their reviews underline the affordable price that the entry-level bike packs in its trail-hugging attributes. Customers who had got used to other brands believe the Sorrento model to be a well-equipped upgrade.

Common Sorrento Hardtail Mountain Bike FAQs

How light-weight is the hardtail bike?

The Diamondback Sorrento hardtail weighs just under 40 pounds.

Are the bikes suitable even for 5-inch and 5.6-inch sizes?

Yes. The Diamondback mountain bike comes in four aluminum frame size options that you can choose according to your height. The general size model is as follows,

• XS for 5 to 5.3 inches

• S for 5.3 to 5.6 inches

• M for 5.6 to 5.9 inches

• L for 5.9 to 6 inches

• XL for 6 to 6.4 inches

Is the Diamondback brand trustworthy?

Diamondback manufactures some of the top-notch value bikes in their respective classes. No matter your biking requirement or price range, you can get one suited for its purpose. Moreover, their reliable customer services will furnish and clear any queries that you get in your mind regarding your purchase.

How difficult is it to assemble the bike?

The Diamondback Sorrento offers very little resistance concerning its set-up. Amateurs or beginners might require an hour of tinkering to assemble, where regular cyclers can finish set-up in 20 to 30 minutes. You get most of the parts pre-installed. Ensure you tighten the braking system, attach the right pedal on its respective side, and follow the instruction manual for further instructions.

Can you add disc brakes to the bike?

Yes. The Diamondback response sport is upgrading compatible according to your requirements. One of the best pros is that you can add the disc brakes; the rear disc brakes require no additions, but the front disc brakes need a compatible front fork for installation.

Does the bike come with all parts required to ride it after assembly?

The Diamondback Sorrento includes every component you may need for your riding ventures. Additional or unnecessary parts do not get provided in the package. You can expect high quality for a mountain bike in the given price range.

Will the 27.5/2.1/2.35 32 mm threaded Presta tubes even fit for the bike?

The sizes work well for the Sorrento bike, but Presta tubes are not compatible. You have to purchase Schrader valves if you require their use.

Final Verdict

In this Diamondback Response review, we certainly conclude that this product is a good choice after analyzing the multiple pros and cons of it. The rugged look of the Diamondback response sport-bikes reflects in their robust frame build, inspiring the urge to explore new terrains. If you are an avid mountain road rider, the Diamondback response proffers value-centric advantages over its high-end counterparts.

The necessities packed bike is an ideal low-price choice for beginners looking to establish their skills in mountain cycling. Every performance attribute lends its expertise in stabilizing and making comfortable your rigorous cycling experience with this one.

Buy the Sorrento for yourself after checking out all its pros here and experience the thrill of conquering outdoor trailing with absolute assurance! We hope you have formulated your own rating of the product after checking out this detailed Diamondback Response review!

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