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What Do You Do When You’re Butthurt Because Of Biking?

Biking can be fun but sometimes having a hurting butt from cycling can be a barrier that will keep you from riding. If your butt is hurting, you may be surprised to learn that your bicycle seat or saddle might probably be the problem.

However, a misaligned saddle post, improper handlebar positioning, worn out the saddle and sitting in the wrong place on the seat might also be the cause of your butt hurting.

Let’s find out how to avoid your butt from getting hurt due to riding.

Purchase the rig​​​​ht sa​​​​ddle

If you don’t have the appropriate saddle for your bicycle, you will never be comfortable while riding and this will cause your butt to hurt. Therefore, getting the right saddle for your bike is the essential part of making your butt comfortable while riding.

In addition to having the right saddle, make sure your seat is soft enough to absorb your weight,and your sit bones are comfortable but not too soft to press down the saddle.

Another factor that can cause your butt to hurt is your saddle position. Always make sure your saddle is appropriately fixed and in the right place

Wearing cycling shorts 

Cycling shorts are shorts tight skinned designed to improve comfort and efficiency while cycling. These shorts reduce wind resistance while riding, protect your skin against the friction of legs against bicycle seat, reduce the weight of rider’s clothing and improve comforts during long rides during another cycling.

They provide a little cushion between your butt and the seat of your bike. The padded area of the cycling short provides a smooth interface, reduce frictions by providing a snug fitting that moves with you as you pedal. Also, cycling shorts offer moisture management that holds next to your skin from heat, rush hence promoting the growth of bacteria. These shorts helps the rider to have a softer and more comfortable ride.

Applying cream chamois

This is an anti-bacterial, viscous substance that helps eliminate friction between your butts and clothing and comes in some designs including balms, creams and powder.

Cyclists use this cream for prevention of butthurt that, in the long run, may require medical attention. The cream minimises friction and building up of bacteria and alleviate the butt pain and help prevent infection. Apply the cream to any ride and don’t miss it for a day.

Stand frequently

Frequently standing while riding around town or just taking long rides will help you take off some pressure from your butt now and then which is good for the butt.

The standing will ensure that there is a steady flow of blood and that your butt muscle does not get too tight. While cycling in a flat area, just make an effort to get out of the saddle regularly and also do the same while biking up a hill. This is because standing takes more energy than pedalling from the saddle.

Adjust your bike

If your bike saddle is too high, this will make your butt to hurt from constant struggling with the ride while trying to reach for pedals. Also if the handlebars are too close or too high, they will make you sit far upright thus putting extra weight on the saddle making your butt to hurt. To avoid your butt from getting hurt, visit a bike repair shop and have the mechanic adjust it for you.

Tilt up or down your bicycle

Tilting up or down your bicycle saddle in the right position will help you support your weight while riding thus making it comfortable for your butt. If your bike saddle tilt and you do not adjust it, it will cause pressure to build up thus causing numbness in your butt.

Make sure you adjust your saddle to a neutral position so that while sitting on it you won’t slide off the rear of the saddle.

Bottom line

Sometimes some discomfort you experience while riding your bicycle may be normal thus causing your butt to hurt. Therefore, you can prevent this by making sure that you adjust the saddle of your bike, seat position and handlebars. Wearing the right cycling shorts will prevent your butt from getting hurt. And if you find out that your bike saddle is worn out, don’t wait for it to damage your butt rather have it replaced.

Also, make sure the saddle on your bicycle is excellent and fit for your body type.

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