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Every Bicycle Categories and What They Mean Actually!

There are a variety of bicycles, and different people require different cycling needs. Some people prefer to race, have fun while others like to control speed on their bikes. Therefore, you need to figure out how to categorize the type of bicycle you prefer. They can be categorized by function, gearing, number of riders, by sport, […]

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Types of Mountain Bikes: Which One Is Right For You?

Fifteen years ago, downhill and cross country bikes dominated the sport of mountain biking. When a rider decided to buy a mountain bike, there were two styles to choose from. Today the sport is far more popular and complex. New types and crossbreeds of bikes offer more diverse options. Mountain bikes are designed for extremely different […]

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Mountain Bike World Cup 2008: Nevis Range & Leanachan Forest

Double diamond black and black describes how beastly the mountain bike riding trails of the Nevis Range AonachMor descent and the Witch’s Trail of Leanachan Forest are. Spectators, MTB riders and non-riders will all appreciate how the world class mountain bike riders of the World Cup, including world champion Sam Hill, conquer the geomorphological demands of […]

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Giant Iguana Mountain Bike Review: Pros and Cons of This

An entry-level bike like the Giant Iguana shouldn’t be so surprisingly unlucky in terms of marketing. And it is not a surprise because it is incredibly affordable for its quality, but because it can offer an outstanding performance despite its low-range construction. Taking a ride with the Giant Iguana is enjoying a smooth, comfortable, and fascinating […]

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Mountain Bike Parts and What They Mean: Understanding Bike Components for Regular Bike Maintenance

Since the first mass-produced mountain bike was created in the early 80’s, mountain bike technology has moved on considerably. Key mountain bike parts, however, remain consistent and, once familiar with them, most regular mountain bikers can carry out essential bike maintenance at home.Key Mountain Bike PartsBottom BracketThis essential bicycle component forms part of the bike frame […]

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Trek Verve 3 Review: Should You Consider Buying?

Trek Verve is the easy-riding and versatile hybrid bike that will carry you whatever your destination is! It’s a light and comfortable bike to carry you mile after mile. Following the massive success of Trek Verve 1, Trek came up with Trek Verve 2. And now, Trek Verve even got better with the most recent model, […]

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