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Difference Between Road Bikes and Touring Bikes: Which One to Choose and Why?

It can be challenging to differentiate between the two types of bikes primarily because they appear similar. However, there might be a slight difference between them in that they perform different tasks and were designed for specific purpose. The difference between road bikes and touring bikes is their weight. However, road bikes were designed for day […]

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How Often Should You Change Your Bicycle Chain?

Your bicycle chain will gradually wear out with time, and you will need to change it from time to time to maintain your cycling performance. Worn out chains shift poorly, lose efficiency, wear sprockets quickly, and sometimes break. This wear in turn will make the bike chain to start skipping over of the cogs thus […]

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Mountain bike vs Road Bike vs BMX: Key Differences

Mountain bikes and road bikes are among the most prominent bikes known for their dedicated tasks and uses. For every possible kind of ground, there is a bike devised to handle it. Pavements and trails have a different surface that requires a specialized type of bike. Mountain bikes are designed for off-road cycling especially on […]

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DIY Bike Tune-Up At Home: Save Money, Save Time

Do you know, you can save a lot of bucks just tuning up your bike at home? Well, you may think that you know less or nothing about maintenance. No worries! No one comes in this world with comprehensive skills, but learn later on regarding any sphere they like! And, learning necessary skills should not take you […]

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Windsor Bikes: A Deeper Look into Their Bikes

Windsor is the name for decent lower-level bikes, which offers excellent value for prices. There are a couple of  Windsor bicycle companies- a Taiwan-based one, and the other is a Mexican. A lot of people are happy with Windsor bikes not only for the prices but quality as well. They are basically generic bikes made either in […]

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How to Calculate Single Speed Chain Length?

The number of links comprises the length of the chain. A new cycle generally comes with a chain, which has 166 links. If you get a bigger chain or higher number of links while buying a new one for a replacement, you need to shorten it by having an optimal length. However, in a rare case, you […]

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