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Kestrel Bikes: Best Selling Bicycle of 2020

With the advancement in technology, bicycles are getting quite sophisticated to meet the riders needs. Among the leading bicycle manufacturers in the globe is Kestrel- a U.S. based bike company famed for producing top-notch bicycles available in the market today. The American company specializes in designing and manufacturing high-end bikes for road racing and triathlons. […]

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Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike: Should You Buy?

Usually, cruiser bikes aren’t that expensive. That’s what makes them so popular. Any person who wants to have fun riding bikes irrespective of their age and financial status can afford these bicycles. But there are very few bikes that are as inexpensive as the Kent Oakwood men’s cruiser bike. But make no mistake; inexpensive doesn’t mean low quality. […]

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Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle Review

If you love cycling and looking to get active, then a beach cruiser can be your ideal solution. Ok, I’d still suggest a cruiser even if you don’t love cycling. Why? Coz they are fun, and you will eventually come to love them. After all, they have changed a lot from 50’s cruisers. Back in those days, beach cruisers […]

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