Carbon Fiber Road Bike

Is It Worth Buying a Carbon Fiber Road Bike For Short Commutes?

Many of us might get interested in having a Carbon Fiber bike, the new and smarter invention. If you are in that league, may consider reading below to get to know whether is it worth buying a Carbon Fiber bike especially if your aim is to ride within a short distance.

Distance Matters!

One interesting fact is that carbon fiber bikes are made especially for long distances, not for general commuting. They usually come with sporty looks and aerodynamics, which might be beneficial for longer rides and mountain tours. However, if you are after a fancy and posh bike, you may get a Carbon Fiber bike.

The Weight of the Bike!

Although Carbon Fiber is light enough in terms of weight, a Carbon Fiber bike as compared to the value for money might be questionable!

The Frame!

The frame of a bicycle whether it is made of steel, aluminum or carbon should not be an issue. What matters most is the stability and weight of the bike that should be the first priority for a short commute.

The Price!

Moreover, Carbon Fiber bikes are usually pretty expensive if not extremely expensive. The price of a Carbon Fiber bike is way higher than that of Aluminum bike, which is the typical choice nowadays.

You may get a good Aluminum bike at only USD 500 while you might need to spend USD 3,000 for a Carbon Fiber bike (the lowest price might be USD 1,500). However, you may expect to have the cheapest frame made out Carbon Fiber as low as USD 400.

The Safety Issue!

The safety of the bike is another major issue for a Carbon Fiber bike. If you have a private or a rented place to park the bike (which might be an issue for a short distance), only then it might be a good idea to have a Carbon Fiber bike and otherwise.

Definitely, you might not be in a position to be feared to lose some of the parts of your lovely bike or even the whole bike from the middle of the street! So, safe parking is a great issue while owning not only a Carbon Fiber bike but other bikes.

Why we are stressing this issue for a Carbon Fiber bike is, this bike comes with a huge price tag! Also, the accessories are not cheap either. If you lose the parts or the bike as a whole, then you will squander a massive chunk of money from your pocket.

The Lifespan!

The life of a carbon fiber frame is short as opposed to aluminum and others. Albeit Carbon is pretty solid in nature, some riders have had witnessed a broken frame of the Carbon Fiber bike.

Having said that the issue of being very brittle of a carbon is possibly exaggerated. So, you need not be worried much seeing such sorts of hypes regarding a Carbon Fiber bike.

What about Comfort?

If you are after comfort, we would like to assure you that the term comfort is "subjective" and does not come with the frame itself, but a combination of all.

The geometry of the bike assures the comfort, the finest balance between components, ergonomics of handlebars and saddle, your outfits, road conditions, and how much fit your bike is, among others.

The Price of Replacement Parts!

The replacement parts, on the other hand, for a Carbon Fiber bike is also extremely expensive. So, if you are ready to spend big chunks of money, you may get a Carbon Fiber bike.

Does Carbon Fiber Bike Environmentally Friendly?

In these days, we are so much concerned about our environment. As such, we try to perform our job in every possible sphere to save the environment.

It is noteworthy to mention that the production procedures of a carbon fiber bike pollute the environment a lot as compared to the steel and aluminum bikes. If you do care about the environment and its safety, then it might not be a good idea to go with a Carbon Fiber bike!

To finish off, given the same price point, an aluminum bike undoubtedly offers you better components than that of a carbon bike, so would perhaps be more pleasant to ride.

Now, you need to decide what is your preference and what you would like to buy!

Whatever your choice is, do let us know to help other riders in terms of making a decision. Until then, ride safe!

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