how to bunny hop bmx

How Do I Bunny Hop BMX?

Even when bunny hopping looks so simple and straightforward when watching it, it might remain a mystery and nearly impossible task for you, no matter how many trials you make.


Because you have never taken your time to learn its basics. Just like any other task, you just don’t dream bunny hopping with your trick BMX bike, and when you wake up the following morning, you do it perfectly.

It doesn’t work like that.

You first need to learn about this awesome trick before you can make your first attempt. Below, I’ll show you some critical steps you’d want to follow if you want to bunny hope and awe your friends.


First up,

What’s a bunny hop?

This is simply a bicycle stunt where you jump both your bike’s front and back wheel off the ground at the same time. Can you “picturize” that already? Of course, you do…And the main reason you’d want to bunny hop is to jump over any obstacles standing in your way.

The trick involves mastering how to combine two main moves- front pull and back hop. This is not rocket science and you can execute with some bit of practice.

Let’s bunny hop…

Follow these steps to do the front pull:

1. While riding your bmx bike at a slow to medium speed, slightly lean back. Stand up out of your bike seat such that your head looks directly over the wheel. Be sure to keep the pedals parallel to the ground.

2. Next, sink your body weight into the front wheel as you pull the handlebars upwards with your hands. The momentum you achieved when you shifted your center of gravity back in step 1 will help you charge straight upward.

While pulling the handlebars up, push your feet into the pedals to apply a uniform amount of pressure to them.

3. Now that you’ve gotten your bike to stand high pull it up using your arms until it stands up (and you stands up with it). Throughout this process, keep your pedals level.

4. The last step to fully mastering the front pull involves gently placing the front wheel back to the ground. Do this in a careful manner (with cautiously controlled motion) as opposed to just snapping it back to the ground.

After successfully executing these four simple steps, you’re now ready to move to the next stage of bunny hopping…

Follow these steps to do the back hop:

1. Quickly shift your weight forward…but don’t do it so fast that you look like you’re carelessly “throwing” yourself and causing your bike to shake.

2. Next, quickly snap up your heels and follow it by pulling the pedals up with the help of your feet (do this in such a manner that your feet appear almost vertical).

3. Press back to your bike’s pedals and at the same time push your legs upward- this allows your feet to make a backward scooping motion). The pressure you exert on the pedals is vital in keeping your feet on your bike as you focus on pulling the back end up with leg muscles.

4. With the help of your leg muscles, lift the rear wheel off the ground and up. As you do this, shrug your shoulders and push the handlebars forward.

5. Eventually, gently drop the back wheel back to the floor; similar to the front pull, don’t let the bike drop to the ground sharply. If you do this perfectly, you’ve perfectly executed the back drop.

Now do the front pull and back hop simultaneously:

I told you bunny hopping is all about doing the front pull and back hope simultaneously. So, how do you combine the two to complete this fantastic stunt?

As you know, the trick starts with executing the front pull. As you do this, shove your body weight into the ground via the back wheel to give it some boost of “bounce.” This allows you to transit to back hop easily.

And when you’re done with the front pull, you can then shift your mind to doing to the last step of the trick- the back hop (revisit our section above to see the instructions on how to execute this).

Note: always pull the front wheel to a maximum height moving to the back hop.

Additional tips to keep in mind when doing a bunny hop with your BMX:

  • If you wish to get a more perfect looking bunny hop, consider squeezing your legs together when in mid-air.
  • As you master this stunt, you’ll soon find yourself hopping onto even higher surfaces; when such time comes, I’d highly suggest that you develop a habit of always leveling your bike while in the air.
  • Always remember to lower down the back wheel to the ground first. This not only stabilizes your landing but also lets you easily control your bike as soon you make a landing.
  • ONLY land with the front wheel first whenever you want to regain the control of the same wheel (as well as traction) immediately.
  • When starting out, practice the trick on grass before attempting it on the pavements or rails.
  • Whenever you feel like you want to fall, try falling uphill as it’s more safer- more so, when practicing on grass

Parting shot- Practice Practice Makes You a Pro Bunny Hopper!

While bunny hopping isn’t always an easy to execute stunt for starters, it isn’t always hard if you invest enough time into it. Having gone through the above guide, I’m confident that you can now get out with your BMX bike and give it a try.

You might fail and fall in the first few attempts. But don’t give up. Keep trying. Practice every day-over different obstacles, on different grounds, at various heights- and you’ll eventually become a pro at it.

Wish you luck as you bunny hop with your BMX bike!

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