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How Much Does a BMX Bike Cost and Why?

If you search for the cheap BMX bikes right now, you’ll get a long list to pick from. Likewise, if you search for the highly priced BMX bikes, you’ll be spoilt for choices.

What’s my point?

Well, I’m trying to say that there is no set price for a BMX bike. It all depends on what budget you have at hand and looking for a model that meets your price range as well as your personal bike needs and specifications.

Along these lines, I’ve provided you with a few guidelines below to help you select the best BMX bike for your budget and needs.


What type of BMX Bike do you want?

As you know, different types of BMX bikes come designed to execute different purposes. Thus, knowing the kind of bike you need before making an order will make your buying process much easier.

Some people argue that you can ride anything on any BMX bike. I agree. But clearly, each BMX bike category comes fully optimized and prepared to perform a particular type of riding.

The most common types of bikes to choose from include: dirt/ramp, racing, flatland, and street models.

What’s your preferred model?

What’s the material used to make the bike’s frame?

The next thing you’d want to look for on your bike is the material used to make its frame (and its strength and readiness to take on any punishments you throw at it).

The high-end BMX bikes frames boast of chromoly- a tough, lightweight metal alloy. Apparently, these bikes will give you the best regarding durability and longer service life, but you’ve to spend more bucks to get them.

High-tensile steel is commonly used in the construction of the frames of most bikes. Though this material is also durable, its sturdiness can’t be matched with that of chromoly…plus it makes your bike a bit heavier.

Does it come with sealed bearings?

If yes, you might consider buying it…why? Well, sealed bearings in the wheels, headset, and bottom brackets allow your bike to roll smoother and for longer.

On the other hand, unsealed bearings are usually cheaper and give you headaches when riding your bike. They will require you to provide them with a lot of attention all the time for them to work well.

Take for instance, when these bearings become loose and start wobbling…This makes your bike feel/look like crap, and you might not even enjoy your rides.

TIP: When reading the description of a bike online, pay attention to the list of parts. If you don’t find the term “sealed cassette hub,” odd are the bearings are unsealed.

Pick The perfect height for you

This is all about comfort and how you would want to feel when sitting on top of your bike once you buy it. NEVER ignore the size factor when purchasing a BMX bike as it will come back to haunt you!

Many brands have realized the need to vary their bike sizes to meet your needs; you’ll find bikes with top tubes ranging from 20.5” to 21.5”. Apart from size, you might also need to check the handlebars since some of them come with narrow, low designs which don’t add fun to your rides.

Personally, I think the best way to go about the sizing factor is actually trying out a bike around the parking lot. Feel if you’re comfortable with its height as well as handlebars.

You don’t want to buy a bike and then dump it because it doesn’t meet your needs.

What brand are you buying from?

The list of brands competing to come up with the “best BMX bike” out there is long. That being stated, you’ve to be careful what brand you buy from as some aren’t in the competition to make top-quality bikes but to get your money.

Some of the top brands I’d recommend you to try include: Kink, Mongoose, Sunday, Stolen, Colony, Haro, Wethepeople, Fit Bike Co, and Volume.

Don’t let colors and other gimmicks of the bike fool you!

We as human beings have our preferences when it comes to colors, and we always look for our favorite colors when buying products, and BMX bikes aren’t exception!

But listen to me, the color of your bike doesn’t make a difference in its overall quality. So, if you buy a bike based only on its color or others gimmicks (like flashy stickers, number plates, pad sets, etc.), you’ll come to regret your choice later.

These are only meant to draw your attention- nothing else.

How about checking the shop service plan?

Those who have experienced with bikes know that most stores out there offer you service plan (in most cases, FREE) whenever you buy from them. Most of these shops offer this plan to folks buying their first BMX bike, and it lasts for six months, one year, or more, depending on the seller.

Does the bike you want to buy come with a service plan?

If yes, take advantage of it! Take your bike for the routine checkup and maintenance. This will keep it rolling smoothly at all times. And you’ll also get to learn some tips on how to work on the bike on your own.

Such a plan will also help you save some cash you could be spending by taking your bike to a bike repairer.

What’s Your Budget?

As I told you at the beginning of this post, there’s no set price for a BMX bike. The price you pay depends on your specific bike needs and set budget (with the logic that you can’t get a $1500 bike if you only have $500).

Assuming you already have a set budget, let the above factors guide you into picking suitable bikes that fall under your budget; make some hardcore comparison; and at the end of it, you’ll remain with one bike that truly meets not only your budget but also your personal bike needs and requirements.

Good luck!

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Thank you for the information. My grandson wants a BMX but I have a limited budget for a purchase. Now I will have to rethink this experience.

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