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Bike Tire Bulge: Causes, Precaution, and Solutions In One Article

Tire bulge or a bubble on the tire is not unusual! It may happen any time if your luck does not favor you! A bump may come out before, during or after a ride. The experience of a tire bulge is not pleasant for sure! This is because, due to a bubble, a tire may blow up and get flat at any moment.

It is quite dangerous to ride a bike if the tire gets a bubble. So, if you find a tire bulge, try not to ride. Otherwise, you might get a flat tire or a blowout. Therefore, try to save not only your bike but yourself as well.

Imagine a situation when you are approaching towards downhill with a speed of 30 to 35 km per hour. Suddenly you have witnessed a flat rim or a blowout in the tire as of tire bulge. The experience would be quite shocking, right?

To avoid such a situation, educate yourself knowing the likely causes, precautionary treatments, and feasible solutions for a tire bulge.

The Causes of a Tire Bulge

The Tire Itself!

In general, there are five (5) primary reasons why this phenomenon is happening. To name the first reason is the tire itself. It may have damaged or worn down due to skidding off the track or striking a pothole. Tire bubble also could from bad design of a tire of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer produces tires in a large quantity and in different stages. Each tire contains several layers to form a final product. The perfection of a production process may go wrong for one or two tires or even more in a batch. Usually, the faults in the production may get overlooked yet the manufacturer tries hard for quality control.

For this reason, sometimes if not often, the producer offers a warranty and replace the faulty tire if witnessed or identified by the end consumers in the later period.

Moving forward, some cheap tires might have a lifetime of 650 to 1,300 kilometers. And if you get one of those tires, you may expect to have such kinds of hazards.

Having said that no one is claiming that the pricey and branded tires never get caught in a bubble!

Accidents may happen at any moment of our life, and it is natural! You may own a premium tire with better quality and design paying a lot of bucks. Still, you may get unfortunate at any point!

The Badly Placed or Inflated Inner Tube!

The second reason is a badly placed or inflated inner tube. If you have less experience with mounting a tube or have visited a poorly skilled mechanic to install your rim or tire, then you may get this type of case. For this incident, you would notice a tube around the bubble.

So, don't get panicked and react like an alien, instead make yourself calf and handle the issue with patience.

The Road Conditions!

The number three culprit is the road conditions. The road may comprise mud, rocks, blades, pins, or other sharp elements. If the way is not favorable to ride or even poorly made, you may notice a tire bulging. Choose the road wisely if you have an option! A well-made trail would definitely extend the life of a cycle!

The Load on your Bike!

Another reason is too much load on your bike (which might be quite rare). You might have overweight or might be carrying excessive weight. In this case, you may also witness a tire bulge.

The Air Pressure!

The air pressure is always an issue with the tire. Even, the lack of air pressure may damage the sidewalls of the tire and cause a tire bulge. So, be mindful regarding this aspect!

Precautionary Treatments!

  • A tire bulge is definitely not the end of the world! You can take some precautionary steps to avoid such issue.
  • Try to buy rims and tires which has better quality and is well designed by a reputed brand.
  • Try to avoid buying cheap branded tires and rims.
  • Try to be an expert by yourself before mounting a tire.
  • Visit an expert to do the job of tire installation if you are unsure how to mount the tire better.
  • Put the inner tube in a more excellent way between the tire and rim and double-check before finishing your installation.
  • Check your tires and the air pressure on those, regularly well before you start your ride.
  • Try to avoid an unfavorable road if you have an option. Never put too much air on the tube.
  • Always keep 5 to 10 PSI less from the given or printed limit.
  • Carry no more than acceptable weight limit on your bike.
  • You may also need to lose your weight if required.
  • During a season change, do check the tire on a timely basis.
  • If possible, use a pumper with a PSI indicator to be on the safe side.

The Solutions!

Try to fix the tire bulging if possible. Otherwise, replace the tube the soonest. It is quite more accessible and cheaper as compared to repairing or replacing your tire.

While installing a repaired or new tube, first, check the valve and then inflate the tube slightly. Make sure tube is sitting correctly within the tire and rim and complete the tire installation.

Cross-check the whole tire installation whether the rim is appropriately placed. When you are happy with the tire mounting, put the air, slightly below the maximum limit to your tube.

Do double-check whether you need any correction regarding tire mounting. If you need any, deflate the tire and complete that job. If not, pump the tube up for the second time in having an air pressure of around 5 to 10 PSI less than the recommended limit.

Usually, fixing a bulging tire may not be possible as the internal structure of the casing already gets damaged. In that case, you need to replace it with a new one. If you are under a warranty period, the manufacturer would be happy to replace your tube or tire for free.

Go and get that opportunity if you are eligible and have the warranty period left!

The final note is, do not ride a bike when the tire bulging is imminent otherwise you may experience a significant loss regarding your bike. Even the burst may lead to physical damage to your body parts. So, it is always better to keep you on the safer side and ride wisely.

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