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Bicycle Tire Maintenance: How to Make it Last Longer?

Two-wheeler bicycless wear to serve you better, saving a lot of money and helping you work-out to keep fit. Yet, often a rider overlooks the maintenance of the wheels on the bike.

A rider tends to forget that although well-maintained wheels can favor him/her with a less hassle and a few numbers of repairing. Ultimately, it will save a lot of bucks and extend the life cycle of the bike.

Keep the Air Pressure Right!

To maintain your tires well, at first, check the air pressure. It is quite crucial to have adequately balanced air pressure. Not to pump more than the recommended Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) level, but a few less PSI than that. On the other side, you need to put the air on the wheels on a regular basis to avoid any severe damage.

Riding a bike with a low air pressure can make the tire prone to go flat! It will also ask more energy and time to ride. Undoubtedly, the riding will be way less pleasant as the wheel will be sticking to the ground consistently.

A point to remember that the low air pressure on your wheel will also damage the rims of the tire making you buy a new one much earlier than its average lifetime.

Therefore, it experts recommend pumping the tire once a week if not daily. Whether the tire is well inflated or not can be checked by pinching the side of the wheel. If it is firm to touch, you might be good to go!

For optimal performance, always follow the recommended PSI range and keep the PSI limit slightly lower.

You may buy a pumper with a pressure indicator to keep you worry-free! If you are a heavy user or ride your bike on a daily basis, a pumper is a must buy!

It definitely will keep you in a preponderant position. It will also save your money and time to visit the nearest shop every now and then.

Cleaning Your Tires Regularly Will Keep You Alive!

To prolong the lifetime of a tire, never miss cleaning the tires regularly. If you care your wheels, the wheels will return you more! So, keep the tires always neat and clean and fresh and tidy.

You need to spend some time with your bikes to perform this job. A sure return makes it worthy to get going!

Get a tattered piece of cloth and warm water, first. These are really helpful to remove dirt particles, which might have wedged with the wheel while riding. Keep yourself refrain from using hose pipe or out flowing water pressures on the wheels. Too much water pressure can harm the bearings. So, beware of that.

If mud is stuck with the tire like a cake or pudding, use a brush to get rid of that. The next step would be of cleaning rims to keep it away from probable rust. Use lubrication to remove rust from any of the sides.

Do the cleaning job regularly to have a fresh and ever-new bike! It will also help you trace an imminent puncture and let you know the need of air in the tire.

Get Proper Tires for Terrain!

Road bikes are for flat and smooth surfaces. The regular tires that come with a road bike are aerodynamic and lightweight for an easy-to-use on the plain ground. Rough surfaces are more likely to puncture your regular tire. Therefore, if you wish to ride your bike on a rough terrain, get proper tires to avoid possible mishaps.

Check the Rotation of the Tires!

In every two or three months, check the rotation of your bike tires. They should rotate smoothly without any issue of sticking.

If you notice anything wrong or seems the rotation is unusual, find a repair shop and get the service on an immediate basis. This sorts of easy to follow maintenance tip should extend not only the life of your wheels but prolong the usability and lifetime of the bike for a more extended period.

How Long Does Bicycle Tire Last?

How long a bike tire will last is more of a subjective question. The lifetime of a tire depends on many things including the following to name a few.

  • Model of the tire,
  • The brand of the tire,
  • The rider himself/herself,
  • The weight of the passengers, 
  • The riding quality,
  • The road conditions,
  • Weather condition,
  • The temperature,
  • Air pressure on a tire,
  • The frequency of the maintenance and
  • The maintenance quality.

Having said that some manufacturers produce tires that can last up to 10,000 kilometers. More often, you need to replace those tires at close to 2,500 kilometers due to many reasons. If you are a regular rider, then you may expect to have new tire once a year as experts suggest.

Typically, the rear tire is worn out faster as compared to the front one. So, you may need to purchase two new rear tires at the same lifetime of a front one. That is why riders usually swap out the front tire with the rear one and then replace the front one when needed. Isn't is quite a neat strategy!

Regular or Branded Tires VS Original Bike Tires!

In one hand, you may also get a good life of up to 7,000 kilometers on a cheap tire (hard compound MTB) as confirmed by some cyclists. On the flip side, original bike tires may last between 2,500 to 4,000 kilometers. A few riders even got a lifetime of 16,000 kilometers when riding a bike single-handed and maintained in a suitable manner.

The Continental Family

Continental Gatorskins may serve you for about 2,900 kilometers for the back tire and around 4,200 kilometers or so for the front one. However, Continental Grand Prix 4000S may last approximately 4,200 kilometers in a general condition.

In snowy weather, one rider gets a mileage of 3,300 to 5,600 kilometers for Continental Grand Prix 3000. There were chemicals and salt on the roads in melting snow and the ice as that rider highlighted.

The Marathon Family

The regular Marathon family usually lasts between 6,000 and 12,000 kilometers. However, the Marathon Supreme and light Marathon Racer may serve you up to about 5,000 to 9,000 kilometers. On the other hand, the Marathon Plus is pretty impressive due to its genuinely high mileage of around 8,000 to 15,000 kilometers.

Schwalbe, Ultremo, and Durano Tires

For Schwalbe standard tires, you can expect a mileage of 2,000 to 5,000 kilometers. Conversely, the racing bike tires as Ultremo and Durano last from 3,000 to 7,000 kilometers for regular usage. Specialized Armadillos tires usually offer you a lifetime of  around10,000 kilometers.

Kenda Tires

The lowest mileage for Kenda tires could only be about 800 kilometers as one rider suggest. In contrast, some Kenda tire can last about 4,000 kilometers. Again, these figuresvary country to country and situation to situation.

New Airless and Tubeless Tires

The airless and tubeless tires could be the future of the tires. These are innovation for the new generation.

For Nexo tires, you may expect a lifespan of about 8,000 kilometers, which is a decent figure. The same mileage applies to the Ever tires as well.

The Nexo tires look quite identical to the conventional tires, and the appearance is also substantial. The weight is pretty less as compared to numerous air filled and solid tires. The starting price of a pair of Nexo tire is USD 75.

The Ever tires, on the other hand, looks seemingly different and as it comes with full of holes. You can see another side of the road through the holes of this tire.

Nonetheless, the weight is a little higher when you compare with the conventional counterparts. The starting price for a single Ever tire is USD 100, which is pretty higher than that of Nexo tires.

These tires are born to make your ride more enjoyable. The puncture and bulging proof qualities are the best part of these tires. So, having these, you will get peace of mind and a responsibility of low maintenance.

When to Replace the Tire?

If you notice fabrics/threads through the body of the tire, you probably need to buy a new one. If there is a bubble imminent or you find something irregular, you will most likely need to get a new one.

Moreover, if you find any cracking or any sort of slashes made out of road debris in the sidewalls, you might also need to purchase a new tire.

To conclude, be thoughtful about your tire maintenance and ensure an extended lifetime. You may also wish to let us know your experience regarding tire maintenance and what mileage you have had with your tires.

You would probably love to care about other riders letting them know your voice!

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