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10 Best Single Speed Freewheel – Reviews and Newbie Guideline 2021

Riding on a brand new single speed freewheel feels like heaven!

All the single speeders in the house will agree to that fact. No shifters are waiting to backfire and leave you stranded. No derailleurs to mess up things. No stress.

It’s just a fun, smooth ride!

However, your freewheel might start misbehaving after some period of use— like it starts getting sticky or exhibiting side-to-side plays. And this will affect your ride quality.

At this point, replacing it with a brand new single speed freewheels remains your top option.

So, where do you get the best single speed freewheel for your single speed bike?

This is where we come in… we understand the hassle of getting the right freewheels for your bike from the market filled with thousands of different models.

That’s why our team of researchers has spent the last 48 hours analyzing and comparing dozens of freewheels to help you with your selection.

Luckily, we found the EIGHT best-quality, performance-oriented freewheels that we’ll be sharing with you in the below post.

What’s more;

We’ve prepared a newbie-friendly guide for you on how to pick the perfect single speed freewheel for your bike.

Let’s delve into more details right away…

What’s a Single Speed Freewheel?

Before we delve any further, let’s first understand what a single speed freewheel is all about…

A single speed freewheel is designed for use with the single speed bikes, where it’s threaded onto the rear hub.

For those who don’t know, a single speed bike refers to any bike featuring a single gear ratio. Such bikes don’t have hub gearing, derailleur gears, and all the other known methods of varying their gear ration.

A freewheel introduced a freewheel mechanism into the single speed bike— which enables it to coast.

Currently, there are numerous single speed bikes out there— including the BMX bikes, cruiser type bikes, classic commuter bikes, most kids’ bikes, fixed gear road bikes, single speed mountain bikes, track racing purpose bikes, unicycles, etc.

It’s also worth mentioning that the number of single speed freewheels on the market today are rapidly increasing, so you’ll never lack options when shopping for one.

However, you need to be extra careful when making the selection to ensure you get the most suitable model for you.

Below, we take a look at the 8 top-rated freewheels for single speed bikes on the market this year….

8 Best Single Speed Freewheel Reviews:

1. Shimano Single-Speed Freewheels Review:

Shimano MX 16 Tooth Single Speed Freewheel (16T X 3/32-Inch)
  • Shimano MX 16 Tooth Single Speed Freewheel 1/2" x 3/32" Compatible

Shimano Single-Speed Freewheels occupies the first position on our list. As it’s the case with all the other bike products and accessories from Shimano, this freewheel is made of the highest-quality materials (hard-wearing chrome-moly steel sprocket and chrome plated finish) to enable it to resist wear and tear while lasting longer than other models.

As one of the best BMX freewheel models on the market this year, this wheel is designed to stand up to the tough standards all BMX bikers require.

The freewheel is compatible with both the 3/32" and the 1/8" chains. Installing it on your bike is also pretty easy and straightforward— thanks to the included instructions.

And once fixed to your single speed bike, this wheel works quietly while offering you a super smooth and faster ride.

Highlighted features:

  • Compatible with 3/32" or 1/8" chains
  • Ideal for BMX or single-speed
  • Chrome-moly steel sprocket for maximum durability
  • Chrome-plated finish

2. ACS Crossfire Bicycle Freewheel Review:

ACS Crossfire Freewheel, 13T, Gun Metal
  • Durable cold forged CNC machined freeweheel
  • Removal notch pattern allows for better frame clearance

The ACS Crossfire Bicycle Freewheel is also a great quality option for you, manufactured by the renowned ACS manufacturer.

Labeled as one of the ACS’s best freewheels for uncompromising performance, this model boasts of CNC wire pawls as well as steps which translate to maximum precision. It comes with 3 pawl engagement, unlike the 2 pawl found in other models.

This translates to an even greater hold, with the same fast engagement for every 12 degrees. The tighter tolerances associated with this freewheel means less play and less wobble.

The model also comes with a NEW and unique removal notch pattern that’s flush with the freewheel facilitates better frame clearance.

The nickel-plated sprocket ring resists wearing attempts for increased longevity. On top of this, the wheel’s main components feature a new matte silver finish to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

And like our previous model, it also works with both the 1/8in and 3/32in chains.

Highlighted features:

  • Works with 1/8in and 3/32in chains
  • Cold forged freewheel
  • New, unique removal notch pattern
  • New matte silver finish for corrosion resistance

3. Shimano Single Bicycle Freewheel Sprocket - SF-1200 Review:

SHIMANO SF-1200 Single Speed Freewheel (16Tx1/8 1 Speed)
154 Reviews
SHIMANO SF-1200 Single Speed Freewheel (16Tx1/8 1 Speed)
  • For standard threaded hubs
  • Hardened steel for longevity and durability

Shimano, the Japanese-based reliable brand shows up again! This time, we take a look at their Single Bicycle Freewheel Sprocket - SF-1200 which is also designed for the ultimate performance and quality.

One of the top reasons why we feature this product on our list is its quality construction. It’s made using hardened steel material which makes it one of the most durable, long-lasting freewheels for single speed bikes on the market this year.

Besides durability, this Shimano is also performance oriented. It installs easily to give you a super-smooth ride. It operates quietly, just like our previous Shimano.

And oh! Don’t forget it works with the threaded hub.

If you’re looking for a single speed bike freewheel that offers you a perfect balance between cost and quality, Shimano SF-1200 is hard to beat!

Highlighted features:

  • For standard threaded hubs
  • Hardened steel for durability and longevity
  • 16 teeth for 1/8" track chain

4. Diamond Single Speed Bicycle Freewheel 14t/16t/18t/20t, Bicycle Freewheel Review:

If you’re on a tight budget, Diamond Single Speed Bicycle Freewheel can be a great option.

This model also comes designed using hardened for maximum strength and durability. It features the new, unique removal notch pattern, where it life flash with the freewheel. This exclusive design helps promote better frame clearance.

This freewheel also works with the 1/2in as well as the 1/8in chains and comes in a variety of sizes to let you choose the best option for your bike.

Highlighted features:

  • Single speed bicycle freewheel
  • Cold forged
  • Works with 1/2in and 1/8in chains
  • New, unique removal notch pattern

5. State Bicycle Freewheel/Single Speed Coasting Cog Review:

State Bicycle Freewheel/Single Speed Coasting Cog is designed to work with a broad range of bicycles with an appropriate hub, including all the State Bicycles.

The 16 teeth freewheel cog is extremely easy to install and does not produce noise during operation.

Similar to the other models on this list, it also comes with an excellent build quality for maximum durability and longevity. The silver finish makes it resistant to corrosion, further extending its lifespan.

Highlighted features:

  • 16T / Tooth Freewheel Cog
  • 1/8th measurement
  • Works with an extensive range of bicycles
  • Silver finish for corrosion resistance

6. Shimano MX30 BMX Single Speed Freewheel Review:

SHIMANO MX30 BMX Single Speed Freewheel
431 Reviews
SHIMANO MX30 BMX Single Speed Freewheel
  • Shimano MX30 Freewheel, 17t, Single Speed, BMX

We review one more product from Shimano— the MX30 BMX Single Speed Freewheel. Like all the other Shimanos that made up to this list, this model also boasts of durable construction of hard-wearing chrome-moly steel sprocket. In addition to that, it comes with a chrome-plated finish that protects it from corrosion.

The freewheel is intended for use by single speed MTB and BMX bikes. It can easily fit both the3/32" and 1/8" chains.

As you’d expect of any other top-quality single speed freewheel, this single sprockets operates silently, and you can hardly hear it.

Highlighted features:

  • 17t, Single Speed, BMX freewheel
  • Suitable for 3/32" and 1/8" chains
  • 1/2" x 3/32" compatible
  • Ideal for single speed MTB, BMX

7. SENQI Bike Freewheel Sprocket Gear Single Speed 12T 14T 16T and 3 speed Review:

SENQI Bike Freewheel Sprocket Gear Single Speed 16T
  • Durable cold forged CNC machined freeweheel. Three-pawl engagement for stronger hold with engagement every 12 degrees. Removal notch pattern allows for better frame clearance.
  • Original SENQI parts guarantees that all components work perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.

The SENQI Bike Freewheel is a durable cold forged CNC machine freewheel that’s sure to last longer than any other freewheel you’ve used before.

Regarding performance, this freewheel will give you the best. It comes with three-pawl engagement which translates to stronger grip with engagement every 12 degrees.

Note that it also features the removal notch pattern which allows for even better frame clearance.

SENQI, the manufacturer of this product, guarantees you that it’ll work perfectly for the ultimate performance as well as last a lifetime.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable CNC machined wheel
  • Three pawl engagement ensures stronger hold
  • Inner diameter: 34mm
  • Outer teeth diameter: 69mm
  • Total thickness: 14.8mm

8. ACS Main Drive Single Speed Freewheel (17T x 1/8-Inch) Review:

Our last single speed bike freewheel spot goes to the ACS Main Drive Single Speed Freewheel. This is simply a basic OEM replacement freewheel that works with a majority of low-torque applications.

The freewheel easily fits (and works with) all regular hub threads (1.375" - 24tpi) as well as all the standard 1/2" x 1/8" bicycle chains.

Installing this model is extremely easy for you. Likewise, you can easily remove it using the traditional ACS 4-prong or any other universal removal tool you might have.

Don’t forget the freewheel features a chrome plated finish that makes it resistant to corrosion and rust, further extending its lifespan.

Highlighted features:

  • Utilizes the traditional BMX 4-prong freewheel remover
  • Weight: 181
  • Threaded standard 1.37" x 24tpi cassette body type
  • Freewheel teeth: 17
  • Chain compatibility: 1/2" x 1/8"

What To Look For Before Getting This?

In this section, we’ll share with you our beginner-friendly buying guide on how to pick the most suitable single speed freewheel for your single speed bike.

Hopefully, this guide will help you narrow down your choices to a few models that match your specific needs.


The durability of the freewheel you wish to buy should be your priority when making a selection.

Ensure the model you’ve settled on is made using heavy duty materials that guarantee maximum strength, durability, and longevity.

A freewheel featuring a corrosion resistant finish also enhances the durability and longevity of a freewheel.

Chain Compatibility

The chain compatibility differs from one freewheel to the other.

That’s why it’s always important to ensure that the freewheel you buy works with the chain found on your bike.

Most of the products we’ve reviewed above work with the 3/32" and 1/8" chains, the two most common types of single speed bikes.


As it’s the case with any other bicycle parts, buying your products from reputable manufacturer helps you pick a quality product that will work as advertised.

That said, some of the top manufacturers we advise you to buy your single speed bicycle freewheels include Shimano, ACS, State Bicycle, SENQI, to name but a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I ensure that my single speed freewheel keeps functioning at its best?

Your single speed freewheel is a valuable investment that requires proper maintenance to keep it running nicely and smoothly at all times.

That said, the maintenance process is quite simple as you only need to correctly lubricate its bearings and pawls for great, long-lasting performance.

2. What are tell-tale signs that I need to replace my single speed freewheel?

Just like any bike parts or accessories, your freewheel might starts developing some defects after some period of use, plus you don’t expect it to last forever.

Some of the surefire signs that your freewheel need immediate replacement include:

  • The chain wheel is showing hooked teeth
  • Excessively worn out engagement teeth, and
  • Scored or cracked pawls

3. How do I remove and install a single speed freewheel on my bike?

Disassembling or assembling a freewheel is a pretty simple task that everyone, including absolute newbies, can do.

The video below demonstrates how you can do it easily:

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the perfect single speed freewheel for your single speed bike, the top 8 models we’ve just reviewed for you in this post will not disappoint.

Our team of experts spent 48 hours comparing and analyzing various products on the market which helped them arrive at the EIGHT finest models for you as featured in this post.

If you’re a newbie, who has never bought a single speed freewheel before, follow or newbie-friendly shopping guide above for a smooth, quick selection process.

And once you get that quality freewheel for your single speed bike, remember to take good care of it to keep it running nicely and smoothly.

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