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Best Road Bike Helmets 2021: Better Experience and Safety

According to the most recent statistics, 60% of the people who die in bicycle crashes are found without a helmet.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you…but I just wanted to show how important it is to wear a helmet when riding your road bike, even when no law requires you to do so.

A great helmet reduces the risk of fatal head injuries by up to 70%.

Most of them come with the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact System) technology- which efficiently absorbs the different forces resulting from a crash- thus minimizing severe head injury risks.


Whether you’re looking for a new helmet or want to replace your current, you’ll have to go through different models out there to get the perfect fit for you.

That said, I want to save you from this time-consuming, confusing process by taking you straight to the list of the 10 best of the best road bike helmets under 100 on the market today.

Plus I’ll show you how to hassle-freely choose the perfect helmet for your biking needs.


Let’s get into the details…

Why Use a Road Bike Helmet?

You should wear a road bike helmet every time you ride your bike because it guarantees your safety in case of a crash.

While this kit might feel awkward in your head, and might not look like a cool thing to wear in the first place, it keeps you protected from all forms of head injuries.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons why you should be wearing the best road bike helmet every time you plan to cycle…

  • Keep your head (and brain) protected. Obviously, this is the main reason why you’re being advised to put on that helmet. Head injuries when cycling result in not only traumatic brain injury but also deaths.
  • Improved visibly on the roads. Sometimes back crash occur because the drivers don’t see the cyclist…especially when the weather becomes less ideal and precipitation becomes part of your bike ride (say in pre-dawn or the evening hours). If you wear a helmet with reflective strips, however, you’ll become more visible to the motorists. Picking a brightly colored helmet will make your visibility even better.
  • Why not set a good example to your kids? If you wear that helmet as a parent or adult, you’ll set a good example to your kids or the young riders out there. And they’ll feel obliged to do the same.
  • Protect yourself from weather hazards. If you’re cycling in harsh weather conditions, a helmet can be your savior.  It keeps your protected from various weather hazards- like hail, rain, and intense sun. Some manufacturers are even coming up who winter helmets that help keep you warm in the cold freezing temperatures.
  • Wear that helmet to follow the law. While the universal bicycle laws don’t exist in the US, some states have set helmet laws that apply to all bikers younger than 16 years. Some local ordinances also require all cyclists to wear a helmet. So, make wearing your road bike helmet a habit to void getting yourself on the wrong side of the law.
  • A helmet on your head makes you look stylish. And it also makes your like a professional cyclist. With so many styles of helmets out there, it is easy to pick one that matches your specific personality; you can even add decals, stickers, etc. kids will get motivated to wear their helmets if you let them choose their preferred color, style, design, etc.

8 Best Road Bike Helmet Reviews:

1. Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet Review:

Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet, Matte Black/White, Medium
1,050 Reviews
Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet, Matte Black/White, Medium
  • MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
  • VENTILATION: 25 wind tunnel vents with internal channeling

Giro is a well-known brand that makes quality bike products and accessories, including helmets. The Giro Savant Road Bike Helmet is living proof of the unmatched quality of their products. It features premium quality polycarbonate material construction for optimal durability.

As a racing-inspired helmet, it comes with an aerospace design, with up to 25 win tunnel designed vents to keep your head cool when pedaling at the height of summer. Getting a helmet that fits your heads also contributes to your comfort when riding.

Gladly, Savant features the manufacturer’s patented Roc Loc 5 Fit System to offer you the ultimate fit (and hence the ultimate comfort). Besides, it comes in up to 4 sizes so that you can get a model that fits your kid’s head as well.

The insanely low priced helmet comes with a seriously lightweight design such that you can cycle for hours without even remembering it’s in your head. This further promotes your overall comfort. And like most of the helmets out there, this Giro uses MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) to offer you maximum protection when involved in an accident.

Highlighted features:

  • Polycarbonate
  • Authentic style and performance
  • Roc Loc 5 Fit System
  • Wind tunnel ventilation w/25 ventilations
  • In-mold polycarbonate shell w/EPS liner
  • Super fit engineering

2. BaseCamp ACE Road Bike Aero Helmet Review:

BaseCamp is also synonymous with quality road bike helmets for all ages, genders, and head sizes. The BaseCamp ACE Road Bike Aero Helmet is one of their most popular products. And that’s for a good reason…it prioritizes your safety. It comes integrated with the Integral Molding Technology that maximally absorbs all the impact force in crash events to keep your head and brain safe.

If you plan to cycle in hot weather or take long rides, this is the perfect helmet for you. It comes with a super-ventilated design- where it uses Venturi Effect via air channeling system that efficiently pulls fresh air in from top and pushes out heat through rear exhaust system.

As if that’s not enough, it’s designed to cover only 40% of your head while leaving the other 60% to benefit from the optimized airflow that passes through the cavity. Doubtlessly, this is the perfect helmet to keep you cool during those lengthy rides.

Thanks to the RTS FIT system, which features a micro-metric adjustment, you can trust this unisex helmet to offer you a comfortable, snug fit regardless of your head shape and size. Because it’s designed using the extremely durable polycarbonate micro-shell with EPS format, it is a feather light helmet that lasts and lasts.

Highlighted features:

  • Super ventilated helmet
  • Unique shape offers you aerodynamic advantage
  • Removable internal padding for optimal comfort
  • Ultralight and durable helmet
  • Highly adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Light reflection strip keeps you visible when night riding

3. Giro Trinity Sport Helmet 2016:

Giro Trinity Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet - Universal Adult...
1,383 Reviews
Giro Trinity Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet - Universal Adult...
  • MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab
  • UNIVERSAL FIT SIZING: Get the right fit, straight out of the box

Here comes another Giro helmet! The Giro Trinity Sport Helmet 2016 fits the definition of a simple, smart and stylish road bike helmet that provides you with all the features and performance of a high-end helmet at an incredibly low price. Like its cousins from Giro, it comes with CPSC certification sticker as a mark of its quality and ability to protect your head when pedaling.

One thing that ranks this helmet on top of the list is its unique construction. It features an in-mold construction that reinforces the area around your ribs and vents. This results in a one-piece helmet that feels more durable, lightweight and better ventilated than the competition.

What’s more, it features polycarbonate shell and EPS liner that reinforces the crucial areas. With a total of 22 vents on this helmet, you’ll agree with me that it’ll keep your head cool when taking those long rides that make your head sweat.

Giro fully understands the need for you to be visible when on the road with your bike as it significantly reduces bike-related accidents. That’s why they’ve included a reflective back decal in this helmet to make other motorists spot you easily. The integrated Acu Dial retention system couples up single-handed adjustment plus full fit band to offer you the perfect fit when wearing this helmet.

Highlighted features:

  • In-Mold construction for a lightweight, durable, one-piece helmet
  • EPS liner plus polycarbonate shell for increased durability in the crucial areas
  • Up to 22 vents for excellent airflow
  • Reflective back decals for increased visibility
  • Acu Dial retention system for a snug fit

4. Base Camp Firewall Road Bike Helmet:

Halfway our best road bike helmet reviews, we look at another Base Camp helmet, the Firewall Road Bike Helmet. This particular model is characterized by a superior design not present in most of the rival helmets out there. The design comprises a magnetically fasted visor that offers you wraparound eye protection against sun and wind. Removing by one hand when riding is possible.

Regarding fit, this Base Camp comes with a standard size, and it’ll perfectly fit riders whose head circumference ranges from 22 to 24.5 inches. What’s your head circumference? Adjusting this helmet to fit your head size is made easy by the easy to use dial system plus side straps. And yes, it’s a unisex model that both male and female riders can wear.

The helmet assures you of quality protection against all forms of head injuries. It’s made of high-density, durable PVC and PC EPS foam that actively absorbs crash impact, reducing shock pressure that causes brain trauma or even death. As a bonus, this road bike helmet comes equipped with an insect net to prevent insects from crawling into your hear and irritating you when cycling.

Highlighted features:

  • Superior design
  • Ideal for heads with circumference of 22- 24.5 inches
  • Adjustable chin strap w/quick release buckle for easy use
  • Impact resistance to protect your head
  • Easy-to-use dial plus side straps make it highly adjustable
  • CE EN1078 certification
  • Insect net equipped to keep off insects from reaching your hair

5. Gonex Cycling Road Helmet with Safety Light:

No products found.

If you’re yearning for the best safety and comfort experience when cycling your road bike at night, Gonex Cycling Road Helmet is the perfect helmet for you. It comes equipped with up to 3-modes durable LED light at the back section to improve your visibility to the other motorists when riding at night, at sunset, or pre-dawn.

You’ll also love this helmet for its superior ventilation of 24 integrated flow vents. Needless to explain, these will go a long way in allowing fresh air to flow around your head, ensuring you remain cool in hot weather or when taking lengthy rides.

Besides, such ventilation minimizes air resistance when cycling, improving your overall speed and performance. Like all the other models that made it to this list, this Goxex helmet comes with a lightweight design (at only 240g), making it feel comfortable on your head.

Thanks to the adjustable rotary internal regulator situated at the back of this helmet, you will hassle-freely adjust it to fit your head size and shape, for even better comfort. On top of all this, it comes with removable, comfortable chin pads that wick any sweat when riding- giving you the best biking experience ever!

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality PC plus Matt printing
  • 24 integrated flow vents keep you cool
  • High-density EPS foaming for interior casing
  • An adjustable rotary internal regulator
  • Comfortable cushion lining interior
  • 3-modes Durable LED backlight

6. KINGBIKE Aerodynamic Bike Helmet with Rain Cover:

No products found.

You’ve every reason to trust in Kingbike products, including this top-quality Aerodynamic Bike Helmet. The brand shows high-level commitment to offering you professional security protection when riding your bike. Your safety is their priority. All their products undergo rigorous real-life tests to prove their effectiveness before being released in the market.

The most notable thing about this helmet is the aerodynamic design. This not only helps minimizes air resistance when riding but also facilitates maximum airflow (with 14 air vents) to keep your head cool when riding at high speeds or in warm weather.

To ensure this helmet offers yo excellent protection when riding your bike, it comes with a unique, entirely wrapped unibody shell construction. Furthermore, this design enhances the helmet’s construction integrity- ensuring it lasts a lifetime.

If your head size falls somewhere between 54 and 58 inches (or 20.6-22.2inches), this helmet will fit you well. Using the adjustable straps molded into the liner, you can adjust the helmet to perfectly fit your head, and make you feel more comfortable. The polyester insert foam padding further enhances your comfort. Whether you’re a female or male rider, this helmet is for you.

Highlighted features:

  • In-Mold construction
  • Aerodynamic design for excellent airflow
  • Can fit head sizes 54-58 inches
  • Lightweight and adjustable model
  • Fully wrapping, thicker shell design for increased safety

7. Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet:

Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet
663 Reviews
Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet
  • Handmade in Italy - crafted with the worlds finest materials and hours of pain staking hand work
  • Expanded polystyrene shell optimizes crash impacts

The Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet is an entry-level model that offers you all the essential features and safety you’d expect in an ideal road bike helmet. 100% handmade in Italy, this helmet comes with a lightweight design- at a meager 224g- making it suitable for all the weight conscious bikers who want to save as many grams at all costs.

Rapido puts your comfort and safety first…it features a retention system that pivots to allow you to make up and down adjustments using the easy-use adjustment dial near the helmet rear. The fact that this pivot system will enable you to position your helmet retention in just the right position (below occipital bone), the helmet will perfectly cradle your head to give you the best protection ever.

The 24 large air vents efficiently evacuate heated, stale air and replace it with fresh air- keeping your head as you work up a sweat. Thanks to the In-Molding technology used in the design of this helmet, your head will remain protected from severe injuries associated with bike crashes. Like most of the other products on this list, this helmet comes in multiple colors and is ideal for both men and women, boys and girls.

Highlighted features:

  • Expanded polyester shell for improved safety
  • MIT technology for more comprehensive protection
  • Up/Down retention system helps hold the helmet in place
  • 24 large vents for optimal airflow

8. AWE® AWESpeed™ In Mould Adult Road Racing Cycling Helmet:

No products found.

Our last spot on the best road bike helmet reviews goes to the AWE® AWESpeed™ In Mould Adult Road Racing Cycling Helmet. The manufacturer of this helmet employs In-Mold construction (which involves fusing an outer polycarbonate shell with EPS foam inner core) to give you an exceptionally durable but lightweight helmet at a throwaway price.

Amazingly, this helmet comes with Mega Cool 32 vents that efficiently push out stale and warm air, and replaces it with fresh air to keep your head cool at all times. Ideal for both male and female riders, this helmet fits riders with head size 58-61cm.

With the unisize adjustment headlock system included at the helmet rear, you’ll have an easy time adjusting it to your head size. Moreover, you can move the adjustable slider on the side to get the most comfortable fit.

The incredibly lightweight helmet comes with a front mesh, attached to the front vents, to keep you safe from insects like wasps and bees. The fact that it conforms to the CPSC 5+-year-old safety standard, CE EN 1078 standards, and has undergone TUV test means that it’ll genuinely offer your head the ultimate protection.

Highlighted features:

  • Helmet size: 58-61cm
  • Up to 32 air vents for maximum airflow
  • In-mold construction for a lightweight, strong headset
  • Certifications: CPSC, TUV Tested, CE EN 1078 standards
  • Unique 5-year crash warranty

Road Bike Helmet Buying Guide For Beginners

If you’re just a beginner in the cycling world looking for your first road bike helmet, read this carefully…

Getting the right helmet to keep you safe while cycling can get overwhelming and confusing at such a time when all brands are competing to sell their varieties on the market.

If you’re on the fence and don’t what helmet to pick, below are some helpful questions to guide you through the process:

1. Does the helmet offer you the right protection?

As long as you wear your helmet correctly, it’ll give you the much-needed protection in the event of crash.

However, there are some things you can look for to ensure your helmet delivers the expect protection.

Check if your preferred model comes with CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) sticker. This acts as an assurance that it has gone through rigorous safety tests to prove its effectiveness.

2. How comfortable is the helmet?

Given that you’ll wear your helmet nearly all the times when pedaling, you should ensure that it gives you the ultimate comfort when on your head.

The traditional models come with sufficient padding to make you feel comfortable. However, this padding tends to soak in your sweat.

The modern helmets have replaced the padding with cradles that wrap your entire head, evenly distributing the already low weight over your full head while leaving most of your bare scalp for sweat.

In my opinion, you should go for the modern design.

While still on it, the modern helmets have improved in terms of shape as well, with most of them featuring a dial adjuster for fine-tuning the fit for even better comfort.

3. Does the helmet fit you?

Wearing a properly fitting helmet not only improves your safety while cycling but also enhances your comfort.

Different helmets come in different sizes…

When choosing the Best road bike helmet for your cycling needs, I’d recommend you first to fit it to see and feel and how it fits in your head. If you’re ordering online, you’d want to take measurements of your head circumference with a tape measure to give you an idea of what size will perfectly fit you.

Note that the shape of your head- and how it interacts with your helmet- will significantly affect your overall fit/comfort.

While most models are unisex and offer a good fit for both men and women, female riders can find some helmets specially designed for women. They even come with a special gap to allow for the ponytail.

Just ensure a helmet fits you, else it won’t do its intended job!

4. Does it come with any ventilation?

You’d also want to look for a road bike helmet with some proper ventilation. This is as simple as looking for some form of venting, or holes, on the shell of your helmet.

A helmet with decent ventilation not only help reduce the overall weight of the helmet but also facilitate smooth airflow inside.

Smooth airflow ensures that your heat doesn’t get sweaty when riding your bike in summer.

5. How much does that helmet weigh?

Weight is also an important consideration when looking for an excellent helmet to wear when riding your bike.

Go for lighter helmets as they’re more comfortable on your head; they don’t add any strains to your neck.

Moreover, a lighter model increases your power to weight ratio, improving your cycling performance/speed.

6. What’s your budget?

Just like in any other bike products, road bike helmets vary in terms of price.

That said, the key difference between the low end and high-end models lies in materials, weight, and features aspects. Most low-cost models come with average features compared to the high-cost models which are designed using the best quality features.

If you do your research well, however, you’ll surely get an affordable model that comes with an excellent list of features.

Road Bike Safety: What You Need To Know?

Before we close this post, allow me to discuss with you some key helpful measures you need to observe when riding your road bike out there.

These will ensure you remain safe while enjoying a great ride experience:

1. Have the right safety gear. This includes your helmet, reflectors on your bike’s front and back, bell or horn, white headlight plus red trailing for pre-dawn, sunset or night riding, and working brakes.

2. Ensure you’re well visible to motorists. Wearing bright, reflective clothing increases your visibility on roads. Always signal clearly. Ride in a position where motorists can easily see you. And use your bell to alert pedestrians out of your way.

3. Follow the rules of the road rules. Even though your bike lacks a motor, it’s treated like a motor vehicle. So, be sure to follow these rules:

  • Ensured you’re riding in the same direction as the traffic
  • Always stop at the red lights as well as stop signs
  • Obey all the traffic signs
  • All kids must wear helmets at all times

4. Observe good habits when riding on the road to ensure your safety and that of other road users. These habits include:

  • Put down your phone
  • Cycle in a straight line
  • Stay on the right side of lane
  • Try as much as possible to stay out of the driver’s blind spots
  • Always ensure at least one of your hand is on the handlebars

Final Verdict

Wearing the Best road bike helmet is an option between life and death!

Statistics don’t lie; they have shown over and over again that most of the bikers who die from bike crashes do not have helmets on their heads.

Whether you’re cycling for transportation, leisure or fitness purposes, make sure you cover- and protect- your head with a great helmet.

If you can just follow our guide above when buying your helmet, you’ll end up with the best one that gives you some peace of mind on the roads knowing that your head and brain are well protected.

And if you’re on a tight budget, go through our reviews section for superb helmets that come with wallet-friendly prices without compromising their quality.

Happy cycling!

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