12 Best Peloton Cycling Shoes in 2020: Buying Guide

A Peloton bike is quite the expense, but it’s also one of the best investments any cyclist can make. With its plethora of on-demand classes, competitions, and other perks, Peloton has garnered quite the following.

While many people accept the expense of owning a Peloton bike, not every user takes the time to consider the rest of their gear. You may not know this, but something seemingly insignificant, such as wearing the wrong shoes, can break your whole Peloton experience.

If the feeling of pain in your feet, overheating, blisters, or perhaps even cuts or other types of damage puts you off your exercising, it’s time to act and change what’s bothering you right away.

Like any sport, cycling requires appropriate attire and preparation. If you want to be ready to enjoy your Peloton training to the max, get yourself a good pair of shoes. How? That’s on us! Keep reading to find the best Peloton shoes for cycling.

What is A Peloton Bicycle?

If you’ve come here unfamiliar with Peloton, allow us to give you a quick introduction that may interest you. Peloton is a company that produces indoor bikes. Their cycling machines allow for competition and contact with other users, recreating the feeling of attending a spin class.

The bike itself is like a so-called “spin bike”. The catch comes in the fact that it’s connected to the internet. It comes with a massive touchscreen that allows you to live stream cycling classes, compete with others, and become a part of the Peloton community.

Peloton, while not cheap, is enjoyed by countless users all over the world. People praise it for its effective approach to weight loss and exercise. The addition of a community is very motivating & keeps people cycling even when they don’t feel like it.

Since Peloton provides its own classes, it effectively replaces a gym membership and lets you workout from the comfort of your home.

Do You Need Special Shoes For A Peloton Bike?

Many users don’t know this, but you do need a pair of shoes for a Peloton bike. It can’t just be any old pair of sneakers you found at the bottom of your closet. As you’re paying big bucks every month to keep using your Peloton, you should also spend a little more for the right pair of shoes.

The pedals of a Peloton bike are compatible with LOOK Delta cleats. Peloton sells its own cycling shoes, but other manufacturers also offer acceptable Peloton footwear. If you wear shoes that are not specifically made for Peloton, you should also attach toe cages to the pedals of your bike.

If you don’t want to buy Peloton brand shoes, you can buy any pair of cycling shoes and they will do just fine. Keep in mind that cycling shoes are not the same as running shoes or any other kind of sneakers. You will want a pair that features a 3-bolt cleat mount, a lot of breathability, and plenty of comfort of wear.

Best Peloton Road Bike & Spin Bike Shoes in 2020

Finding the right pair of shoes for your indoor cycling adventures can be quite tricky. Other than Peloton’s own brand, there are plenty of good options out there for aspiring Peloton masters.

Keep in mind that if you won’t be upgrading the pedals on your Peloton, you should only buy shoes that are compatible with LOOK cleats. Moreover, some of these cycling shoes may not include cleats at all, so you will have to also get a set if needed.

Without further ado, let’s talk about some excellent Peloton shoes. We’ve tested and reviewed 12 pairs — check them out to get your own!

Venzo Bicycle Unisex Shoes

Since you’ve made an investment by buying your Peloton, it’s important that you also get the best cycling shoes for spin bikes. Venzo offers a wonderful alternative to Peloton shoes with this product.

These shoes, wearable by both men and women, are compatible with Peloton, Shimano, SPD, and LOOK ARC Delta. They’re a medium width, allowing them to fit most feet. Made out of top-notch materials, Venzo is a pair of shoes that will last you years.

The upper part of the shoe is made out of a highly-breathable mix of mesh and synthetic. It’s also quick-drying, so if you ever take them out for a spin, you don’t have to worry about the rain. The lining is made out of textile with a removable sock liner.

Venzo’s shape contributes to greater mobility and comfort while cycling. Their slightly futuristic style features a fairly low-cut construction. This grants you a lot more freedom of movement than a higher-cut shoe would.

It’s worth noting that this pair of shoes comes with the Delta cleats, so you’re saving money by not having to buy those separately.

Tomasso Pista Cycling Shoes for Women

If you, or an important lady in your life, are looking for the best shoes for Peloton, this pair was made specifically for women. Tailored to fit a woman, these shoes are more narrow than unisex or male-manufactured pairs. By buying them, you assure yourself that they will always stay firmly on your foot.

Whether you want to attend spin live streams on your Peloton or perhaps an in-person spin class with your girlfriends, you will love these shoes. This pair features the Delta cleat which is needed for Peloton. Tomasso Pista also comes with SPD cleats if that’s something that interests you. The cleats are already installed & ready to go!

As these shoes have been specifically designed for spin class, you will find that they suit Peloton very well. On the other hand, if you ever want to use them for anything else, you’ll enjoy the fact that they have a dual-compatibility. This means that you can swap between SPD and Delta cleats as needed.

This pair is remarkably comfortable, allowing for many hours of non-stop use. The upper part of the shoe is made out of a durable, soft synthetic with a considerable amount of padding. Parts of the Tommaso Pista are ventilated through the mesh, cooling your feet during the workout. Due to its comfort and flexibility, these are some of the best shoes for Peloton.

Tommaso Strada Dual-Cleat Compatible Shoes

As Tommaso is a well-known company that specializes in cycling shoes, buying their products is a safe bet. This is further proven by Strada. These dual-compatibility shoes come in a variety of sizes, making them compatible for both male and female riders.

This is a shoe & Delta cleat bundle, although as mentioned, the shoes are actually dual-cleat compatible. This means you can also use them with SPD cleats without any issues. In fact, the cleat is compatible with all types available on the market. On top of that, you can easily use these cycling shoes for road riding, touring, commuting, and of course, online & in-person spin classes.

Tommaso Strada is made to fit with a high degree of precision, so measure your foot to ensure a good fit. They have a low profile hook, an ergonomic fit, and lock Velcro straps. All of that contributes to a tight & secure fit even through vigorous workouts.

These shoes are highly durable, what with the fiberglass-reinforced soles. The use of fiberglass keeps the soles of your feet as stiff as needed for safe & comfy cycling. It maximizes power transfer, removing pressure from your feet.

This is a powerful & affordable pair of shoes that will keep you company through countless hours of Peloton classes.

Giro Carbide Men’s Spin Shoes

If you’re looking to save a bit of money and don’t mind having to buy the cleats separately, we think you’ll like Giro. This is an excellent pair of men’s cycling shoes that comes without cleats but is compatible with all types.

This is a budget pair of shoes as far as Peloton goes. While you do have to add the expense of cleats, it’s still cheap for how durable and comfy it is. With a highly ergonomic design topped off by three Velcro straps, they do not stand out & fall behind more expensive models.

The shoes are made out of top-quality materials. The outer layer is composed of microfiber & it is highly breathable. The outsole, on the other hand, has been injected with nylon to improve its rigidity. This allows you to pedal fast without getting cramps. You can improve this by adding removable steel cleats at the toe.

The EVA insole supports your arc middle (medium support) and also provides antimicrobial treatment to remove the unpleasant effects of overheating and sweating. All in all, this is a solid cycling shoe for an affordable price.

Venzo MX Bike Women’s Cycling Shoes

Are you looking for a cycling shoe for Peloton that is comfortable, stylish, ergonomic, and reliable? You may not need to look any further. Venzo’s cycling shoes for women are some of the best shoes for Peloton.

This is a cycling shoe that does not limit you to one activity. They’re Peloton-compatible but they will work just as well for touring, commuting, road riding, trips out of town, and spin class. They’re durable and sure to offer you great value for the money, as they are bound to last for years.

This pair of women’s shoes is fully compatible with the LOOK Delta spin bike system. They are a great substitute for Peloton shoes, offering the same, or even better qualities than the brand itself does. While Venzo provides the Delta cleats, these shoes are compatible with all types, such as SPD and SPD SL, if you ever want to change things up.

The synthetic upper in these spin shoes is made out of breathable mesh. The textile lining features a removable sock-liner. Lastly, the low-cut construction makes for a light, ergonomic road bike shoe that fits your feet like a glove.

Hiland Indoor Spinning & Road Bike Cycling Shoes

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If compatibility is what you’re after first and foremost, Hiland is going to be right up your alley. These road bike shoes are compatible with both a 3-holes and 2-holes system. This includes all the most-known pedal systems, such as LOOK Delta, LOOK KEO, Shimano SPD, SPD-SL, and more. Of course, they’re Peloton-compatible as well and thus ideal for Peloton cycling.

HH Hiland, the manufacturer, paid great deal attention to ventilation and comfort when they made this pair. They’re light enough to barely be felt on your feet. On the other hand, they’re sturdy and provide a proper power transfer that greatly reduces the pressure on your soles.

As mentioned, the ventilation is superb. The uppers are made out of breathable microfiber. The sole is vented as well, something competitor models don’t always feature. As for the closure, it’s a standard three Velcro straps model that remains steady on your feet.

The sole is made out of stiff nylon. The toe box, on the other hand, is made out of PVC — this promises years of durability regardless of how often you exercise.

Santic Cycling Shoes for Men

Durability is the main thing most people want out of a Peloton shoe. If you’re looking to make the most out of your indoor bike, you should know you’ll be putting your shoes through many hours of intense training. To prevent damage, choose the best trustworthy pair, such as Santic.

One of the best things about these Peloton-compatible shoes is that they are resistant to deformations. The new, upgraded nanometer PU that has been used in their creation prevents all forms of damage. They’re also safe to use in the rain thanks to the use of that very same PU. Moreover, they suit all kinds of cleats.

Unlike many other shoes for Peloton bike, this pair can be used for more than just your spin classes. You don’t have to change your shoes when you’re done training. Thanks to the raised rubber block in the forefoot part of the shoe, you can use these for road trips, commuting, and even walking.

With the cup on the heel being as tapered as it is, these shoes offer a lot of support. If you’ve had problems with foot pain before, you may find that such an ergonomic & reliable design is just what you need to feel better.

Tiebao Road Cycling Shoes

Tiebao is a true budget pick on our list of shoes for Peloton bike. While they may not prove as durable as their counterparts, they also cost half as much as they do. What’s more, for the price they’re sold at, they’re very cost-effective.

These cleated bicycle shoes are compatible with all cleats, although they do not come with any — you need to buy your own. They have some of the best anti-slip features of all cycling shoes in that price range. The heel is wrapped up in anti-slip lining. This prevents you from slipping even if you tend to pedal fast.

The toe box is made out of a durable PVC. This protects your toes as you cycle. Mishaps may happen — in a normal pair of shoes, this could be dangerous; in Tiebao, it’s no problem. The whole cycling shoe is impact-resistant and features an integrated toe bumper that extends from the outsole.

The amount of protection these Peloton cycling shoes offer leaves no room for a mistake — they’re versatile. You can use them outside, even for mountain biking, without any worries for your feet.

PEARL IZUMI Men’s Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes stand out from other sports shoes for a variety of reasons. They’re built differently than running shoes, with more emphasis on correct power transfer and durability. If you’re after the best shoes for Peloton, you might want to look into PEARL IZUMI — a classic pair taken to the next level.

If you want that classic cyclist look, you’ll like that these come in three color schemes. Other than the classic & stylish black there’s also “Screaming Yellow” and “Screaming Red”, both of which are super-vibrant and fun. But there’s so much more to these Peloton bike shoes than first meets the eye.

The upper is seamless & bonded. This will ensure a lot of comfort without any tightness at the seams, even if you ride for hours and your feet swell up a little. The trademark insole excels at providing longitudinal and transverse arch support, reducing foot pressure.

These shoes have a stiffness rating of 8 and as such, they offer excellent support. They’re compatible with 3-bolt road cleats such as LOOK Delta and SPD.

Venzo Men’s Lace Road Cycling Shoes

Most Peloton bike shoes feature three or four Velcro straps, right? Well, this is a refreshing change! These laced Venzo men’s shoes have a unique look combined with a number of useful features.

Venzo provides supreme breathability through the upper, made from premium microfiber & enhanced with ultra-strong nylon mesh inserts. Even if you work out vigorously on your Peloton bike, you won’t suffer from overheating. The footbed also lends itself to ventilation thanks to the molded EVA insole. You can remove the insole & replace it if ever needed.

The cleat area has a lot of compatibilities, including all the major retailers on the market. You can use these for your Peloton, but also with any kind of LOOK Delta, SPD SL, or Shimano SPD cleats.

They’re ultra-lightweight, weighing in at about 465g/pair. You won’t even feel them on your feet, not even if you’re on your third spin class of the day. What’s more, they are not prone to deformation. Cycle on & enjoy them — they’ll remain the same for years.

Giro Apeckx II Shoes for Men

A Peloton bike is no small expense, so if you’d rather pay a bit less for the shoes, we really get it. Fortunately, there are some decent options on the market that do not cost an arm and a leg. Giro is a brand known for producing high-quality & affordable cycling shoes for Peloton bike.

Let’s take a look at the build. The outsole is a DuPont Zytel nylon and features a standard 3-bolt mount. This makes these compatible with many types of cleats, including the Peloton bike and LOOK Delta. The footbed does not bow to more expensive models. It’s an EVA molded model with medium arch support & Aegis anti-microbial treatment.

Moreover, the upper is extremely durable in Giro Apeckx. It’s of high quality & very breathable, providing a whole lot of security thanks to the fact that it’s welded and bonded. It also has a buckle closure that you can replace if needed.

Last but not least, these shoes are super-light. They weigh a mere 275 grams — much less than competitor models. Cheap, durable, & lightweight? Sign us up!

Tommaso Veloce Triathlon Road Cycling Shoes

If your feet tend to get very hot when riding your bike, you need a pair with supreme ventilation. One such pair is this mid-end Tommaso shoe. Compatible with all 3-bolt cleats, Peloton included, it will serve you well everywhere — from your spin bike to a mountain cycling trip, or even a triathlon.

The design on the synthetic leather upper is quite unique. A part of it is made to hug the foot closely and offer a proper amount of support. On the other hand, there’s also an open-tongue design with mesh fabric on the sides. This makes this pair the best spin shoes if you need a lot of ventilation. They can be worn with or without socks.

The sole is reinforced with fiberglass. This improves the power transfer and provides an optimal level of stiffness. As such, these shoes have it all — breathability, support, protection, and versatility in terms of cleats.


You’ve seen the best shoes out there, but do you know everything there is to know about Peloton bike shoes? If you’re not quite sure, keep reading — we’ll clear things up for you in no time.

What are the best cycling shoes for spinning?

Spinning is essentially what Peloton does — it’s a brand-name spin bike that offers extra features, such as internet connectivity and live-streamed online classes. As such, all of the shoes featured in our article are suitable for spinning. If you own a different brand of the spin bike, you will still be happy with, as an example, Venzo Bicycle Unisex Shoes.

Should you size up or down in Peloton shoes?

Peloton brand shoes are true to size. This means that you should measure your feet and aim for a shoe that offers a snug fit.

When it comes to other brands, we’ve found that most of them also strive to remain true to size. As long as you take precise measurements and compare to what you’re buying, you’ll be satisfied with a precise fit without any discomfort.

Should Peloton shoes be tight?

As far as Peloton shoes go, the same rules apply as for any cyclist – for the most part. This means that if you’ve already owned a pair of cycling shoes, you should follow similar guidelines for your Peloton cycling spin shoes.

In general, a well-fit Peloton bike shoe will be snug in the heel. It will also provide an even amount of pressure in the instep. You need to make sure that your foot is not pressed against the end. Leave yourself some room to wiggle your toes at the end of things will get uncomfortable after a few hours on the spin bike or a road cycling trip.

A cycling shoe also needs to offer a whole lot of ventilation. The shoes for Peloton bike that we recommend all feature mesh fabrics, making your ride breezy in more ways than one.


A Peloton bike is one of the best ways to exercise. You remain motivated thanks to the help of the Peloton community, you get to attend fun & helpful classes online, and the bike itself helps you burn calories like nothing else.

We hope that you realize the importance of buying the best shoes for Peloton. Take your time, set aside enough money, and reap the benefits of healthy feet as you exercise on your Peloton.

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