Best Mountain Bike Helmet For Your Comfort And Safety In 2020

If you’re adrenaline junkie, mountain biking provides a perfect avenue for thrill-seekers to arise their adrenaline rush. The unpredictable rugged terrain,the intensity of the courses, and the existence of different lighting conditions make mountain biking a thrilling and adventurous sport enjoyed by many globally. However, while mountain biking is enjoyable, the risk associated with the activity makes it dangerous and not for the faint-heated. Whether you’re a novice or a professional with years of experience behind your back, mountain biking is quite risky, and therefore you must keep safe. One effective way you can stay safe while cycling in the mountains or roads alike if to wear a mountain bike helmet.

Bike helmet provides a sense of safety and security when cycling by providing a protective cover over the head to reduce the risk of concussion in case you fall off the bike or collide with a stationary object. Research has shown that putting on the best mountain bike helmet lowers 48% to 85% of head injuries in case of an accident or collision. A common misconception regarding bike helmets is that regular helmets are as effective as mountain bike helmets. However, this is not the case as regular, or road helmets are not designed to sustain severe impacts or shocks synonymous with riding on a mountainous environment.

With the advancement in technology, mountain bike helmets have undergone enormous transformation with technological advances aimed at reducing the risk of concussions. These technological advances have been spearheaded with increased in-depth research following growing concerns over concussion and head injuries associated with mountain biking. Current safety advances in mountain bike helmets include the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS)-a low-friction layer attached inside the helmet to enable it to rotate during an accident and consequently reduce impact forces. MIPS is specifically tailored to reduce the risk of serious injury in case of an accident.

Other safety technologies in mountain bike helmets include:WaveCel- a thick polyester layer that crumples and flexes on impact to reduce the force of impact. Today bike helmets also come with a new technology called ANGi that connects helmets to a smartphone app to monitor riding activity via sensors placed in the helmet. These sensors may detect crashes or any other accidents and alerts your emergency contact, indicating you may be injured and providing them with your location. Similarly, these sensors can be programmed to act as trackers to enable your contacts to follow your map in real-time. With advances in technology, helmets are becoming safer with increased functionality.

Factors to Consider When Looking to Buy Best Mountain Bike Helmets

When looking to buy the best mountain bike helmets , you’ll obviously want a comfortable bike helmet, great value, aesthetic design, perfect fit, lightweight, affordable,and top-notch safety features. With the market flooded with MKBs, you should be very specific on what you want to achieve with your mountain bike helmet.

Here are some of the features you ought to consider when buying a helmet.

Type of Helmet

Mountain bike helmets are broadly categorized into two groups: the full-face helmet and the half-shell helmet. As the name implies, full-face mountain bike helmets offer full coverage of the head and sides of the face with a chin guard wrapping on the front of the helmet. Half-shell helmets cover minimal regions,including the top of your head, back of your head near the neck region, and the sides above your ears. While full-face helmets offer complete protection of the head and cuts on wind sounds enabling you to focus on the ride, they are quite bulky and may make you feel a bit suffocated. On the other hand, half-shell helmets are quite light, have better ventilation, and are easy to put on/off;they don’t confer sufficient protection; hence are not safe enough for risky hard line mountain rides like in BMX. Half-shell helmet is ideal for trail,all-mountain, or cross-country riders.


Proper ventilation ensures you don’t get all sweaty and uncomfortable when riding your mountain bike. A common misconception is that a helmet’s ventilation capability is dependent on the number of vents on a helmet. Instead, air channels are responsible for ventilation in a helmet. If you plan to ride in a hot and humid environment, you may want to go for a helmet with numerous air channels to allow airflow directly over your head, keeping you cool and comfortable. Even in winter or in cold regions, ventilation is of importance since your body will still sweat when cycling in the cold. Good ventilation is crucial to keep your head cool, comfortable, and focused on the ride.

Size i.e., Fitting

For a bike helmet to be effective, it must be of the right size. But how will you know the helmet is of the right size?There are several key indicators of the right fit.First, the helmet shouldn’t slide over your heap or move further than an inch after adjustment. There should be no spaces between your head and helmet. In the case of a one-size-fits-many helmet, you should go for the one with moderately tense ring system that won’t let the helmet slide over your head and be comfortable at the same time.

Another way to ensure the helmet fits correctly is to ensure it fits just above your eyebrows and in contact with your entire head. However, it shouldn’t interfere with your sight. Also, the straps should meet just below your ears, forming a Y shape. It should be tight enough to reinforce the helmet on your head.

If you go for a full-face helmet, ensure you experience a snug feeling when you put it on. It may be uncomfortable at first, but with time, the foam padding will retract, giving you a more comfortable feel. Also, ensure the cheek pads are in tight contact with your cheeks.


10  Best Mountain Bike Helmets-2020

1.      Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet- Best for All-Mountain Cycling

BELL Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet
1,258 Reviews
BELL Super 3R MIPS Adult Mountain Bike Helmet
  • NO-TWIST TRI-GLIDES & X-STATIC AND XT2 PADDING - Quick-adjust fasteners that help keep straps flat and properly positioned. Quick-drying materials, woven with real silver fibers.
  • MIPS-EQUIPPED & WRAPAROUND PROTECTION - MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, which is a leading slip-plane technology inside the helmet designed to reduce rotational forces that...

Top of our class is the Bell Super 3R MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet. This helmet comes with the latest technology, including a Multi-directional Impact Protection System for enhanced safety. The design features a removable protective chin bar that functions to enhance user confidence and trail adaptability. The helmet is very effective in reducing rotational forces that result from collisions or other impacts. The wraparound design of the chin bar ensures that it can seamlessly be attached in 3 steps with no tools needed.

To ensure proper fit crucial for functionality, the Super 3R helmet comes with NO-Twist-Glides. These quick-adjustable fasteners function to ensure the straps are flat and in the correct position. The helmet allows proper ventilation and features the X-Static and Xt2 Padding constructed with rapid-drying materials superimposed with original silver fibers. This ensures that in case you sweat after an intense ride, the dampness doesn’t hold long enough to provide a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria and fungi, which can cause foul odors.

For enhanced durability and sturdiness, the helmet construction involves the fusion of in-mold polycarbonate shells-a process that combines the outer shell to the EPS foam liner.


Make: Bell

Weight: 46.08 Oz.

Vents: 23 Helmet vents, 4 Brow ports, and 6Chin Bar vents

 Top Features

·        Rapid-drying padded interior

  • Excellent sweat retention system

·        Lightweight

·        Features latest safety technology

·        Quick-adjusting fasteners

·        Overbrow ventilation

·        Seamless camera mount

·        Wraparound chin bar is removable

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2.      Giro Fixture Bike Helmet with MIPS- Best for Complete Head Protection

Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet - Matte Grey (2022),...
2,048 Reviews
Giro Fixture MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet - Matte Grey (2022),...
  • MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab.
  • INTEGRATED MIPS: Utilizes the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System to redirect energy in a crash.

The Giro Fixture Bike Helmet is an outstanding one size fits all helmet that features sturdy construction combined with the latest technology regarding safety. To perfectly fit users, the helmet is integrated with the Roc Loc Sport Fit adjustment system. This system allows the helmet to fit your head perfectly byself-adjusting itself according to the shape of your head. All you need to do to attain the perfect fit is to twist the micro-adjustable rear-mounted dial accordingly. On top of the perfect fit, the helmet is quite lightweight with an In-Mold construction. The latest safety features include the upgraded Multi-directional Impact Protection System technology, which combines a low-friction elastomeric liner.

In the case of a crash, the liner rotates independently to dispel rotational forces, which could cause a concussion when transferred through the helmet to your head. The helmet is well-ventilated with the interior consisting made of a combination of MIPS liner and EPS foam.


Make: Giro

Weight: 24 Oz.

Vents: 18 Wind Tunnel vents with internal channeling

Top Features

  •        Extremely lightweight

·        Integrated MIPS for enhanced safety

·        Rugged In-mold construction

·        Universal one-size-fits-all

·        Well-ventilated

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3.      POC Tectal Race Spin Helmet- Best for Superior Protection

POC, Tectal Race SPIN, Helmet for Mountain Biking
4 Reviews
POC, Tectal Race SPIN, Helmet for Mountain Biking
  • A trail-dedicated helmet for everything from freeride to enduro; Features more coverage at the temples and back of head, adjustable visor and goggle clip
  • Integrated RECCO reflector uses radar so you can be quickly located and helped if you get injured; Used and trusted by rescue services around the world

The POC Tectal Race Spin Helmet is an impressive helmet with an adjustable visor to offer you maximum protection from the sun rays. The design features a solid unibody In-molded polycarbonate construction for top of the class head protection in the event of a crash or collision. Another excellent feature on the Tectal Race helmet is the unique “Aramid” grid, which functions to absorb and disintegrate forces channeled to your skull during an impact, in turn preventing fatal head injury.

The POC Tectal Race Spin helmet Has superior ventilation thanks to 14 large vents designed in a wind tunnel format. Cooling is further enhanced with an internal liner that is comfortable with wicking properties to keep your head dry and cool. In addition to the adjustable visor, the helmet has a google on the back, and you can seamlessly wear them if you choose to. For a perfect fit, the Tectal Race Spin helmet integrates the4-point harness system to keep it firmly rooted in your head without compromising on comfortability. Plus, it’s fully adjustable to attain just the right fit.

POC Tectal Race Spin helmet offers excellent protection without breaking the bank.



Weight:13.3 Oz.

Vents: 14 large vents

 Top Features

·        Unibody In-molded polycarbonate for low weight yet sturdy construction.

·        360°size and strap adjustment system for a precise, comfortable fit

·        Recco reflector

·        CPSC certification

·        Aramid fiber for enhanced protection

·      Has a  Visor which can be adjusted for a perfect fit

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4.      Troy Lee Designs XC Mountain Bike A2Jet Helmet- Best for trail riding

Troy Lee Designs Adult|All Mountain|Mountain Bike Half Shell A2 Helmet...
630 Reviews
Troy Lee Designs Adult|All Mountain|Mountain Bike Half Shell A2 Helmet...
  • CUTTING EDGE COVERAGE technology with MIPS, industry first duel density EPP, EPS for high speed, low speed coverage
  • 25% MORE AIRFLOW over the A1 for maximum cooling power using huge intake and exhaust ports

Following the success of Troy Lee Designs A1 helmet, the company resorted to making an improvement to better satisfy and protect users. The Troy Lee Designs A2 still maintains the comfortability of A1 but with some marked improvements. To start with, the ventilation has been improved with ample vents placed on both the front and back of the helmet. Safety features have also been enhanced. The mountain biking helmet employs an innovative design featuring two types of foam: the standard EPS foam for conferring protection against high force impacts and a second tough EPP for less force impacts. The helmet also has a MIPS liner with a breakaway hardware on the visor for enhanced protection.

Troy Lee Designs has the perfect fit with a flexible yet sturdy interior for enhanced safety and comfortability. Comfort is further enhanced with the attachment of a thick padding around the forehead. However, the absence of padding along the top lining of the helmet may be a concern since sweat collects along the MIPS liner running down the head. Nonetheless, the interior materials lined with X-Static pure Silver are quick-drying and have excellent wicking properties.


Make: Troy Lee Designs

Weight: 16 Oz.

Vents: 6 large vents

Top Features

·        Extremely lightweight

·        Multiple Safety certifications

·        Excellent odor protection capabilities

·        A choice of up to 20 colors

·        Has visor

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5.      POC Octal X Spin- Best for Cross-Country (XC) Riding

POC, Octal X Spin, Helmet for Mountain Biking
2 Reviews
POC, Octal X Spin, Helmet for Mountain Biking
  • Activity: cross-country, trail
  • Certifications: Complies with U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmets for Persons Age 5 and Older

For across-country rider, a lightweight and well-ventilated helmet is essential. Then POC Octal X Spin is just about this-made for the cross-country rider. The helmet is feathery light (only 9.4-ounces or 0.59 pounds) and well ventilated with standard sized 21 vents. In regards to safety, the Octal X SPIN features POC’s own SPIN technology, which is quite similar to MIPS and functions oust rotational forces transmitted to the head in the event of a crash. For enhanced safety, the helmet integrates Aramid reinforcements on the EPS liners.

While the helmet doesn’t have a visor, there is really no need for a visor when it comes to cross-country bike riding. A cool feature in the helmet is the eye garage,which comes in handy to keep your sunglasses in place. The helmet is also embedded with RECCO reflectors and detectors to help trace and locate injured riders.


Make: POC

Weight: 10 oz.

Vents: 18

Top Features

·        Eye Garage to keep your sunglasses in place

·        Proprietary Impact Protection System for enhanced safety

·        Embedded Recco Reflector with Recco detectors for seamless tracing in search and rescue operations.

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6.      Giro Chronicle MIPS- Best for Enduro Riders

Giro Chronicle MIPS Helmet
  • Provide a comfortable and safe riding environment
  • Substance over fashion

Giro Chronicle MIPS is an outstanding mountain biking helmet that offers impressive protection with the best value. It is safe, comfortable, and lightweight, with excellent features found in high-end models. The Giro Chronicle MIPS helmet features a broad visor to confer protection from the sun rays and to accommodate goggles as well. It also has decent ventilation, ensuring you are not all sweaty when tackling the hardest of mountain terrains.

Giro Chronicle MIPS helmet also comes with MIPS rotational protection system for enhanced safety. For the perfect fit, the helmet integrates the Roc-Loc 5 system with an adjustable dial at the back for ease of adjustment.


Make: Giro

Weight: 13.10z

Vents: 14

Top Features

·        In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS liner construction

·        Roc-Loc5 system for a perfect fit

·        Extra plush Coolmax padding with MIPS

·        Well-ventilated

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7.      Demon Podium Full Face Mountain Bike Helmet- Best Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet
2,096 Reviews
Demon Podium Full Face Bike Helmet
  • Graphics and design are inspired by our Demon Team.
  • Fully adjustable visor with aluminum side visor screws.

For all-mountain and enduro riding riders, enhanced protection is crucial. Stepped up protection would mean improved cover around the sides, temples, chin, and the back of the head but with plenty of openings for ventilation purposes. The Demon Podium is the best full-face mountain bike for technical and extreme MTB riding. The helmet features a reinforced EPS foam liner, which clasps your entire face and head to provide maximum protection in case of a crush. In addition to the EPS foam liner, the helmet features though polycarbonate shell,which improves protection making the helmet ultra-safe to meet CPSC safety standards.

The Demon United Podium is lightweight and has excellent ventilation thanks to generously sized vents that deliver excellent air circulation when riding. Vents are also warm enough in case you go cycling in cold weather synonymous with high altitudes. Helmet fits perfectly with a decent comfort attributed to the EPS foam liner that conforms to the shape of your head. Its inner liner is removable and washable, thus ease of maintaining hygiene.

The helmet comes in 9 different matte color options for a wide selection. It’s perfect in conferring sufficient protection against jaw-related injuries, which are tantamount to mountain biking. The only concern with this helmet is that the chain strap is attached to a plastic clip hence may be less durable.


Brand: Demon United

Weight: 32 Oz.

Vents: 13 convenient Air Flow Vents

Top Features

·        Integrated with MIPS Brain Protection System

·        Comes with helmet bag

·        Covers entire head and face

·        Light weight and comfortable design

·        Superior protection against jaw-related injuries

·        CPSC certified

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8.      Giro Switchblade MIPS- Best for downhill hardcore descents

Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet
363 Reviews
Giro Switchblade MIPS Adult Mountain Cycling Helmet
  • MARKET-LEADING PROTECTION: Engineered in Giro’s category-leading helmet test lab.
  • FULLY ADAPTABLE: Easily removable chinbar.

If you’re looking for enhanced protection during extreme descents, the Giro Switchblade MIPS should be your perfect helmet. The helmet features a unique 2 in 1 design where the front piece can be removed to stay comfortable during a climb or a flat section of a trail and put back own before stemming into a dreadful descent. The helmet comes with superior all-round protection encompassing modern security features such as the MIPS liner.

Additionally, the chin bar can be removed, allowing you to enjoy cheek pad ventilation when doing an uphill climb. Giro Switchblade also comes with a Roc Loc Air DH system coupled with in-mold construction for a perfect comfortable fit. The 20 vents with internal channeling plus wind tunnel cheek pad ventilation provide unmatched aeration to prevent excessive sweating. The helmet is excellent when it comes to multi- functional mountain bikes helmets thanks to its 2-1 design. However, it’s a bit heavier and may not augur well with some mountain bikers. It’s also not best for use in hot weather


Brand: Giro

Weight: 38 oz.

Vents: 20

Top Features

·        Removable chinbar

·        In-mold construction with Roc Loc Air DH system for a perfect fit

·        20 ventilation ports

·        Static antimicrobial padding for enhanced hygiene.

·        CPSC certified for guaranteed safety.

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9.      Smith Venture MIPS-Best for value

Smith Optics Venture MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet - Matte Black Small
  • Lightweight Aerocore In-Mold Construction with Zonal Ventilated Protection Featuring Patented Koroyd Material, MIPS system available in all colors
  • VaporFit Adjustable Fit System WITH 20 Optimized Vents

The Smith Venture MIPS is a pretty cool mountain biking helmet created using the in-mold construction, making it lightweight and durable perfect for mountain biking. The Venture features a proprietary adjustable fit system for the ideal fit,ensuring it securely remains over the head regardless of the terrain. For safety standards, the helmet leverages the MIPS technology to reduce the impact of rotational motion to the brain in case of a crash, in-turn reducing the severity of a crash. For enhanced ventilation, Smith Ventures features twenty vents designed not only to cool but also to create an aerodynamic effect for better protection against the wind. The integrated visor comes in handy to confer protection from the sweltering sun rays.


Make: Smith Ventures

Weight:12 oz.


Top Features

·        Multi-Directional Impact Protection System

·        Easy adjustability

·        Lightweight

·        Proprietary Venting System to prevent fogging on sunglasses

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10.  Fox Racing Speed frame Pro Helmet-Best for the average user

No products found.

Fox isn’t a renowned helmet manufacture, but the Fox Racing Speed frame Pro Helmet stands out in the hugely competitive mountain biking helmets market. This helmet features a polycarbonate shell construction with a unique ratchet adjustment system known as the”Fidlock SNAP,” which replaces the dial wheel. The Fidlock SNAP adjustment system is superior to the ratchet adjustment system by offering wide range of adjustments, i.e., 360 degrees. Inner liner can be removed and washed for hygienic purposes. It has also an efficient sweat retention system.

The helmet has an extra layer of polystyrene foam for enhanced protection. While the extra layer makes the helmet a bit heavier, it’s quite safe. Impressive ventilation is achieved via 20 large vents that provide excellent airflow. This helmet also features a visor which can be adjusted to three positions or entirely removed by simply unsnapping it. The helmet is also goggle compatible

It is quite durable and can withstand some severe impacts. Speed frame is a good helmet with providing full coverage and protection at a reasonable price.


Make: Fox Racing

Weight: 25.6 Oz.

Vents: 20

Top Features

·        Optimized ventilation with 20 vents

·        360Fit System Fidlock SNAP

·        Visor can be adjusted to 3 positions

·        Dual-density impact foam for enhanced protection

No products found.


Closing Words

Whether you’re a pro or an amateur mountain biker, wearing a perfectly sized helmet is crucial for making your ride seamless and keeping you safe in case of an accident. Before buying the best helmet for mtb, you would want to buy one that fits properly. First, measure the circumference around your using a flexible measuring tape and record the results in both inches and centimeters. Alternatively, if you’re not shopping from an online shop, you can put on a multitude of helmets to find a precise and comfortable fit.

Remember, a helmet can only be effective when it fits perfectly. When seeking to buy a helmet, it’s essential to consider several factors, including the type of riding you want to do i.e., extreme or recreational, the possibility of a crash replacement, safety standards, ventilation, weight, and most importantly, safety features.  The above discussed mountain bike helmets are best in their class and therefore can be considered if you shopping around for anything helmets mountain biking.

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