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Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500: Top 5 Picks For A Buyer

Are you concerned about rising fuel prices? Or maybe you want to get a little more exercise as you take in the scenes. Well, getting a bike is one sure way to do both these things. You’ll need an option that can be reliable for long-distance trips, daily commutes, and some off-road action.

“Can I get all that in one bike?” you ask. Such you can in the form of a hybrid bike.

Best of all, you won’t have to look too far. The market has no shortage of hybrid bikes. All you need to know is what to look for in a product and the right place to find it.

Fortunately, you don’t need to search the web for hours on end. We’ve selected the best hybrid bikes under 500 for 2020. Our list captures the best in quality and price. We’ve also included a few tips that will add to make your decision much easier.

What Defines a Hybrid Bike?

A bicycle is a pedal-powered vehicle that has a set of two wheels. To the untrained eye, all bicycles are the same. There are many classifications, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclocross bikes, and the list goes on.

So, what makes us define a bicycle as a hybrid bicycle? Well, it’s a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. The manufacture takes the best features of both types of bicycles and merges them into one complete package.

The result? You get a general-purpose bicycle that you can ride on a wider variety of terrain. This makes hybrid bikes suitable for daily commutes. With that said, there are many brands and models of hybrid bicycles in the market.

So, to make sure you settle on the best choice, here are the best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars or less.

Types of Hybrid Bikes

Bike manufacturers mix a variety of features to create hybrid bikes. This means that there’s an endless selection of hybrid bikes. But, for the sake of time, let’s stick to the main categories for hybrid bikes. This will help to guide to an educated and worth purchase.

Here are the major classifications of hybrid bikes;

Comfort hybrid bikes

Would you like to cruise the beach or strip yet still have a bike for other commutes? Well, comfort hybrid bikes will allow you to do that and more. Such bikes feature a raised or adjustable handlebar and a flatland pedaling system.

Such features ensure you can have a lazy ride in the upright position while on such bikes. So, you can ride through a street, boardwalk, grassy meadow, dirt path, or anywhere without missing any action.

Sport hybrid bikes

These bikes have rugged riding and performance hybrid features hard-wired into their DNA. Such a bike comes with the sturdiest frame and fork. The front and rear suspension are ideal for road and mountain trails. Some can also be adjusted to fit any riding position.

Performance hybrid bikes

You should consider getting a performance-hybrid bike to ride fast in the upright position. It’s not only built for speed but gives you the stability and traction you need for calm commutes even on uneven terrain.

They make the best choice hybrid fore bike due to their excellent front suspension forks, enhancing your visibility and minimizing the effort you put into pedaling.

Dual Sport hybrid bikes

Do you want to roar through mountain trails or speed through the streets? Well, a dual-sport hybrid bike can allow you to do both. It’s a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes with subtle hints of racing bikes. Many hybrid bikes fall under this category so, you can find something that matches all your bike needs.

What’s The Best Hybrid Bike For Under 500?

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

We kick off the list with one of the most trusted and enduring names in the biking game. They say a well-maintained Schwinn bike will serve you for decades. And this model will do more than most related products.

The Schwinn Discover hybrid bike has a city-style aluminum frame with 28″ rims mounted on 700c tires. Sure, such wheels may appear to be too large. But, they give you additional stability and traction, especially on rough terrain.

The front of the frame features Schwinn’s trusted fork-suspension for extra stability. You can grip the 21-speed Sram shifters with a Shimano rear derailleur to get the bike to a raving start. That may sound unsafe, but you can bring it to a convenient stop with its durable alloy pull brakes. This bike’s wheels and rims may make it a little challenging for short people to ride. Fortunately, It’s also come with women s and men s hybrid bike options.

The Schwinn Discover hybrid bike Features a padded saddle and classic swept-back handlebars. This means you can ride it upright like a mountain bike or leaning forward while racing. It’s balanced for performance and comfort. It’s a small wonder how you can get such hybrid bikes under 500 dollars.


Stable frame and sturdy built

Comes with fenders to shield riders from dirt

Features an adjustable seat stem

Pull brakes for optimal stopping power.


Comes in 2 colors ( black for men, white for women)

Raleigh Cadent 2

No products found.

Are you looking for a high-performance option? Well, the Raleigh Cadent 2 has that classic look and comes with features that match your desire for balanced performance. The frame is designed to allow for a comfortable ride and optimal handling. You can even ride the bike in the upright position thanks to its trademark comfort grips.

The model’s lightweight aluminum frame wide, tires, and suspension fork allow for additional maneuverability and handling. This means you can be comfortable even on an off-road trail. And, you don’t have to pedal as hard thanks to the 24 Shimano EZ Fire shifters and gears.

It features Tektro M280 mechanical disc linear pull brakes that allow for a smooth and safe stop. The rear rack also comes attachment for attaching fenders and other components. Such features allow for an excellent experience on flat, bumpy, and any terrain.


Excellent handling

Powerful braking system

Tires built for rough and slippery terrains

Available in stylish colors and design trims


Some parts require installation.

Diamondback Bicycles Trace

Taking a glance at Diamondback Bicycles Trace tells you that this model comes from one of the most reputable brands. It looks as if it’s on the move even when on a packing rack. The company markets the Trace as a dual sport bike option. However, it comes with all the bells and gears of a performance hybrid bike.

Its design profile makes it appear a little on the stiff side. But, it’s features make for excellent handling on any terrain you want to challenge. The Diamondback Bicycles Trace has 45mm Kenda bitumen 700 tires mounted on a 6061 aluminum butted alloy frame and folk.

This bike has a 21-speed gearing system kitted with Shimano ef-51 easyfire 7spd shifters and a Sr Suntour XCT crankset. For stopping power, the Trace features Tektro Aries Mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors.

Speaking of “comfort,” this bike has an adjustable handlebar with adequate padding. It’s also available in various sizes, so you can find a bike that matches your height. Thanks to such features, you can ride the Diamondback Bicycles Trace in the city and roll into an off-road trail without making any adjustments.


Available in a variety of sizes

Effortless gear shifting

Lightweight hence easy to storage and transport

All-terrain hybrid bike option


Wet conditions may affect braking.

Vilano Diverse 2 0

Why does the Vilano Diverse 2 0 on a list of best hybrid bikes under 500? As the name suggests, it a diverse option. That’s right. It’s a pro-rider performance hybrid bike suitable for any terrain. It comes fitted with high-quality Shimano parts, much to the joy of riders across the world.

The 6061 aluminum alloy frame and suspension fork are built to last. You won’t have to pedal to exhaustion thanks to the Vilano diverse Shimano Tourney tx rear derailleur. It also has one on the front. This bike also features Shimano EF shifters that you can use to switch to 3/8 speed at the pull of a lever. The disc brakes engage at the pull of the alloy leavers to some smoothness to your stopping power.

The Vilano Diverse 2 0 features a straight handlebar and Kenda 700c tires for excellent control and handling on any road surfaces. The bike also features an ergonomic saddle for a comfortable ride, even in bumpy conditions.

And as for stopping power, it comes with V linear pull brakes made from sturdy metal alloys. Unlike most hybrid-mountain bikes, this one weighs a mere 41 pounds. This means you can maneuver through any trail or carry it across an obstacle with ease.

The breaks do take some getting used to so, make sure you adjust it to your comfort. It gives a real dual sport and road bike performance. All these features make the Vilano Diverse 2 0 is a perfect place to start when you need a hybrid bike under 500 dollars.


Sturdy design and built concept

High-end components at a reasonable price point

Adjustable handlebar and seat post

Suitable for all weather and road conditions


Non-intuitive gear shifting

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is a bike built to ride on any occasion and terrain. The flat bar design and vivid color options make it particularly attractive to women bikers. They also have a men s hybrid option with subtle color options such as matte-grey and steel blue that are a reasonable trade-off for the flat bar design. This bike has high gloss chrome parts, a frame, and colored tire walls bound to turn head wherever you ride.

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney has a frame and paddle alignment built to accommodate upright riding. But, you can adjust the seat and handle for comfort on slopes and uneven ground. Additionally, this bike features 26” wheels that sit on 2″ of rubber for a smooth ride even on unpaved roads.

You can also decide which speed matches your need. This model comes in 1, 3, 7, and 21-speed versions you for your preference. For instance, you can go for the 1 or 3 speed if you ride on mostly flat roads. Or, the 21 speed for long commutes.

The 7 speed will give you the best of both worlds. The rear derailleur has Shimano Tourney TY300D. While the front has Shimano Tourney FD-TZ31 for optimal acceleration and traction. And you won’t have any trouble shifting gears thanks to its Shimano Revo Shifters. The 9/12″ pedals adequately hold onto your feet as you pedaling through the day.

You’re guaranteed a smooth ride and shifting whichever speed you prefer. The bike features a standard fork drop out for quick release. The bicycle’s back carrier rack has built for endurance and stability. So, you can attach a baby seat, your laptop, and nearly anything you may need to haul.


Lightweight profile of 38.1 Lbs.

A wide selection of gear systems and shifters

Stylish design and finish

Unisex design concept

Carrier rack can be attached to the rear of the seat post.


One size fits most

Choosing the Best Hybrid Bike Under 500 Dollars

The best hybrid bikes are a feat of engineering that combines the best aspects of touring, road, and mountain bike designs. The market is full of suitable options, making it hard to settle on a particular bike model. So, one of the best places to start making such a decision is how you plan to use your hybrid bike. You can begin by reviewing the following factors;

Bike Components such as wheels, gears, handlebars, brakes, and suspension systems significantly impact the hybrid bike’s performance. The best hybrid bikes are fitted with components from the best manufacturers.

Bike accessories allow you to add more functionality to hybrid bikes. You can look at how compatible a hybrid bike is with such components to narrow down the search.

The general fit of the bike is another important factor. Picking the right fit will ensure the hybrid bike fits your riding style, height, build, and other personal aspects.

Components and features of a Hybrid Bike

Start by asking, “how do I plan on using my new bike?” and you’ll settle on one of the best hybrid bikes. You can look at the trail or route you plan to ride through. Is it paved, a rough unbeaten path, or a cruise through a boardwalk?

Once you have the answers to such questions, you can consider the features and components that make a bike ideal for your use.

700c wheels are the standard size for some of the best hybrid bikes. Therefore, the wheel size is not much of a deal-breaker when picking a bike. It helps to focus on a bike that matches your riding style.

26-inch wheels also come as a typical size for hybrid bikes under 500 dollars. 700c tires are bigger than 26-inches, so they are a good fit for shorter riders.

Hybrid Bike Suspension Systems

Front Suspension: The best hybrid bikes have a front suspension fork that makes your ride less bumpy. Such a component absorbs most of the shock sustained by the front wheel while on a rough trail. This gives you more stability and control over your bike.

Zero suspension: many hybrid bikes under 500 dollars don’t feature a suspension system. Such components add weight to your bike, resulting in the need to use more energy on pedaling. You can opt for a bike with no suspension if you ride on smooth road surfaces.

Hybrid Bike Braking Systems

Rim Brakes are standard among hybrid bikes under 500 dollars. Such brakes feature rubber pads that latch onto rims to stop your bike. They are cheaper than other options, are easy to maintain and replace once they wear out.

The major drawback is they have less stopping power, eventually degrade your rims, and are less effective in wet conditions. You also need to use more energy when operating the braking lever.

Disc Brakes are high quality and more effective compared to rim brakes. They consist of pads around the brake rotors that tighten around the wheel hub to bring the bike to an effective stop. They come in 2 variations;

Mechanical disc brakes need to be manually adjusted over time as they wear out.

Hydraulic disc brakes automatically adjust, resulting in more stopping power and less effort on the braking levers.

Hybrid Bike Frame

A frame is an essential consideration because it holds your weight and all these beautiful bike components. So, it helps to look at the materials used to construct the bike frames. This will give you an idea of the hybrid bike’s life service and the level of maintenance needed.

Here are common bike frame materials;


Aluminum is a widely available, lightweight, and sturdy material. Most hybrid bikes on this list consist of 6061 aluminum, which is incredibly strong, yet it produces stable frames. Such materials can build hybrid bikes that are unstable on rough roads. But fortunately, manufacturers compensate for this by adding stabilizers.


Steel frames come in the middle of the price range. Steel gives bike manufacturers more freedom in their frame design and adds more weight to the bike. Hybrid bikes with steel frames perform better on rough terrain. But, such hybrid bikes are beefier, so carrying them may present a challenge.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber frames cost more than steel and aluminum. They are also lighter and stronger than the previous options. They are also used to build a suspension seat post, rear and front suspension forks, and other components.

This brings the price of hybrid bikes, especially those that lean toward high-quality mountain bike specifications. Carbon fiber frames are standard among high-end bikes. So, finding a hybrid bike under 500 dollars with a carbon fiber frame is considered a “steal” of a deal.

Hybrid Bike Handlebars

Handlebars have a direct effect on your comfort and ability to control your hybrid bicycle. The general rule is that the more the handlebar is raised above your seat, the more comfortable the riding experience. You also use less energy when pedaling.

Here are the main handlebar designs;

Drop bars are commonly found on hybrid bikes that have a road bike feel to them. Such bars align your feet in a manner that makes it easier to pedal, resulting in higher speed. The only drawback is you have to hunch your back, causing added strain.

Riser bars raise back and up towards you. They are ideal for riders that prefer the upright riding position. This increases your line of sight and situational awareness on a road or trail.

Flat bars feature in most of the best hybrid bikes on our list. They give a rider a neutral riding posture so you can sit straight with every potential hazard in your sights. The only drawback is the likely shoulder and hand stain.

Mustache handlebars are like flat bars that curve towards the frame. They feature in most track/performance hybrid bicycles.

Hybrid Bike Accessories

The best hybrid bikes come fully loaded with all the things you need for a safe and comfortable ride. However, you may need to add a few custom accessories for additional functionality.

Hybrid bike cargo racks

Hybrid bikes designed for daily commutes and pleasure cruises come cargo racks. The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is an excellent example of such a hybrid bicycle. It comes with one under the suspension seat post. You can detach such components if you don’t need them, but most riders keep racks to help them haul their things around.

Hybrid Bike Fenders

Do you intend to use your hybrid bike for daily commutes or errands? Then you’ll need a bike that has equipped with fenders. Such accessories keep the dirt and water splash away from your clothes. So, they are essential for riders that live in wet areas.

However, they add a little weight to your bike, so you can uninstall them if you don’t mind the grime or ride in mostly fair-weather conditions.

General Fit of the Hybrid Bike

It’s crucial that whatever hybrid bike you settle on is the right fit for you. An excellent place to start is considering the hybrid bicycle frame and wheel size. and how it compliments your riding position. Most retailers have sizing charts that adequately list height and weight ranges for every bike they stock.

How Much Should You Spend on a Hybrid Bike?

This list has some of the best hybrid bikes for under 500 dollars carried by most stores and online retailers. The price point of a bicycle is not often the best way to settle on a purchase. As you can see, this list has reasonably priced hybrid bikes that rival high-end brands.

All you need to do is look at the features and your needs. It’s only then that you decide to splurge some more cash on additional features. This is especially vital if you are an amateur rider or a casual commuter.

To Sum It Up

Hybrid bikes come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. And we’ll see even more models and brands in the future thanks to technological advances. The best thing about hybrid bikes is they pack all the road and other bikes’ best aspects into one tidy product. This results in more functionality and maneuverability. Sure, this means picking a hybrid bike isn’t a walk through a park.

So, we hope this list of the best hybrid bicycles under 500 dollars will make your life a little easier.

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