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10 Best Folding Bikes for Comfortable Rides in 2021

As human beings, it is always our tendency to rely on and catch onto things that we have seen growing up. The same goes for bikes too. If you have grown up watching the standard or traditionally designed bikes, you are likely going to be more inclined towards buying those, even if there are some superior and high-tech products in the same price range.

This applies well to folding bikes. They are new in the market, not to mention that they are hands down one of the best that you will likely come across, especially if you have limited space in your home. We understand that not every person has the ability to own a home and a separate garage for their vehicles. In such cases, folding bikes are a boon, especially if you are trying to make do with what you have. 

Foldable bikes are extremely fun to ride and even easier to store. From your standard apartments to even keeping them stacked against the side of the stairs, there are a lot of ways you can invest your money in foldable bikes, not just for your comfort but to accustom to your needs too.

While not many people favor buying folding bikes, it is also true that brands have come out with some amazing designs and structures to ensure ease of riding and a comfortable user experience like no other. The more the options, the harder it becomes for you to handle the choices. Don’t worry though because we have sorted out the options for you to look into.

10 Best Folding Bikes in 2021 – Reviews

With so many different types of folding bikes in the market, choosing the right one can be a little challenging. Our research team has scrounged through the internet to bring you some of the best options. 

1. EuroMini Folding-Bicycles

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  • Size – 20 inches
  • Color – Matte Black
  • Frame material – Aluminum

If there’s one brand that has been consistent with their products, it is EuroMini. The brand has been around for years and has managed to cater to the needs of hundreds and thousands of bike riders, thanks to their durable and high-quality products.

The EuroMini Folding-Bicycles is one of their bestsellers, offering a sleek design with taller handles and a lowered seat to offer a more ergonomic riding experience for the user. The bike is constructed with good-quality aluminum construction for a superior finish.

Every part of this bike is constructed with genuine Shimano components with seven adjustable speed settings for handling your bike comfortably while riding. The grip style shifter is easier to manage and allows you to have a comfortable riding experience.

The entire bike features a foldable design, from the pedals to the stem, making it a lot easier for you to stack it away when you aren’t using it. Also, the V-style brakes with the multi-terrain tires make this an option worth looking into.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Integrated with Shimano components
  • Adjustable gear settings


No products found.

2. Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike

  • Color – White
  • Frame material – Aluminum
  • Wheel size – 20 inches

Another popular folding bike that you can consider investing in is the Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike. Schwinn is a bestselling brand, especially when we are discussing high-quality bikes and accessories.

This one in particular is an amazing product, especially because it comes with high-quality aluminum construction with frame folds that makes it easier for you to stack away in the back of your apartment.

Like most of the other adult bikes, even this one features 7-speed shifter gear that allows you to ride comfortably and smoothly without any complications. Both the front and the rear parts of the bike come with pull brakes, which are extremely safe for a beginner rider too.

The rear carrier in the bike comes with a detachable nylon carrier that you can easily attach to your bike for a comfortable storage experience. Also, the bike is integrated with a 20-inch alloy wheel that allows you to have a comfortable riding experience.


  • Adjustable speed shift gears
  • Safe pull brakes
  • Comes with a rear carriage attachment
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Tensile and durable construction


  • Very tough to fold

3. Eurobike 26 Inch Mountain Bike Folding Bicycle

  • Color – Blue
  • Frame material – Steel
  • Wheel size – 26 inches

The reason why we had to include the Eurobike 26 Inch Mountain Bike Folding Bicycle in the top three picks is all thanks to the quality and the unique features. Although this is a heavy-duty mountain bike, the quality makes up for the price you pay.

Unlike most of the other standard adult bikes, this one comes with 21-speed shifting gears and adjustable speed, which is crazy, when you come to think of it. The foldable design allows you to keep it stacked away in smaller spaces, which is always a good thing.

Since this is a heavy-duty bike, it is integrated with a double-disc brake system that allows you to have a comfortable riding experience like no other. So, if you are a beginner who doesn’t have a lot of experience riding bikes, you wouldn’t have any issues with this.

The bike does come 85% assembled, which means that you have to take care of the rest. The rest of the items are sent in the package. All you have to do is read through the instructions and follow them accurately.

As for the versatility, the bike supports riders up to 5.9”, which is a decent and fair height. However, the weight capacity is a little worrisome in this one, so you need to take care of that for good. Also, the brand backs up its products with the best after-sales service.


  • 21-shift gear system
  • Wider saddle for comfortable riding
  • Supports taller riders
  • Comes with a double-disc brake system
  • Comes 85% assembled


  • Load capacity is not the best

4. ECOTRIC Electric Fat Tire Bicycle

  • Color – Black and Blue
  • Frame material – Aluminum
  • Wheel size – 20 inches

Coming round to another option in the market, we have the ECOTRIC Electric Fat Tire Bicycle. This one is hands down one of the bestselling products and it is an electric folding bike instead of the standard manual ones that we have talked about till now.

Despite how amazing the functions are and how durable the construction is, the bike weighs under 25 lbs, which is pretty impressive. The charging time for the bike is around 6-8 hours, which is slightly disappointing.

The variable speed control throttle in the bike allows you to adjust the speed according to your comfort and needs, ensuring that you don’t get the controls out of hand, like in most cases. The outage braking system further comes in handy for a safe and comfortable riding experience.

The tires are extremely durable and wider, allowing you to have a comfortable riding experience, even though rough terrains and snowy roads. As for the foldable design, it is pretty simple to handle, allowing you to have a comfortable riding experience.


  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with variable speed control throttle
  • Adjustable speed
  • Easy to fold


  • The saddle is not that comfortable

5. TOUNTLETS 26-inch Folding Mountain Bike

  • Color – Black
  • Frame material – Carbon steel
  • Wheel size – 26 inches

The TOUNTLETS 26 inch Folding Mountain Bike is a perfect foldable bike for users who are looking for a stylish looking bike under $200. If you aren’t willing to spend an uncertain amount on a simple bike, we’d recommend you stick to this one.

The bike is integrated with the efficient shift precision shifting mechanism for a comfortable and safe riding experience, even if this is your first time riding a mountain bike. The visualized gears offer a one-hand easy shifting experience for a comfortable ride.

Tountlets also ensures to integrate their bikes with heavy-duty and anti-skid tires that ensure a comfortable riding experience like no other. The strong grip paired with the heavy-duty construction reduces the risks of wear and tear while riding through rougher terrains.

This is a full-suspension mountain bike that comes with a reinforced carbon steel construction for heavy-duty and long-lasting usage without any inflicted damage. The updated frame of this mountain bike offers a better load capacity, making it inclusive too.

The easy-to-control and sensitive brakes in this bike come in handy when you are riding through rocky roads or a highway full of traffic. The disc brake comes with a perforated external structure for a comfortable riding experience like no other.

The foldable design of this bike comes with a quick-release clip that allows you to fold the bike and have a comfortable user experience without any complaints. As for the rest of the assembling, it shouldn’t take you anything more than 30 minutes.


  • Integrated with shift mechanism system
  • Full-suspension disc brakes
  • Heightened load capacity
  • Easy to control
  • Quick-release clip for easy folding


  • After-sales service is a little disappointing

6. Wakepa 20in Folding Bikes

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  • Color – Black
  • Frame material – Steel
  • Wheel size – 20 inches

Next on the list of the best folding bikes is the Wakepa 20in Folding Bikes. The 20” high tensile and durable folding frame of this bike is like nothing else you’d get in this price range. The frame is not just durable but rust-resistant as well.

This multipurpose adult bike is perfect for anyone that needs a comfortable and eco-friendly route of transportation, be it a student or an office worker. The front V and rear brakes in this bike provide the commuters with double comfortable and safety, especially when they travelling for longer distances

The rubber handle of this bike is placed a little higher than the seat, offering the users a comfortable riding experience, keeping their ergonomics in mind. Also, the handles are adjustable, which means that you can adjust them according to your comfort at the moment.

The alloy wheels in this folding bike are made of alloy steel for extra grip and better durability without inflicting any kinds of damage to the bike or the frame. This bike also features a very unique folding design with a pedal for easier storage.


  • Made with rust-resistant steel
  • Integrated with safer brake system
  • Adjustable rubber handle
  • Durable alloy wheels
  • Unique foldable design


  • Doesn’t accommodate plus-size riders
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7. Wavsuf Adult Folding Bike

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  • Color – Blue
  • Frame material – Steel
  • Wheel size – 20 inches

For the users looking for a foldable design under $100, the Wavsuf Adult Folding Bike is their best choice. We were astonished to find such an amazing foldable bike is such a bargain, so we knew we had to include this in the list without any questions.

Not only does it offer you an amazing riding experience with added comfort, but this foldable bike is also perfect for users who want convenience when it comes to riding a bike. The comfortable cushioning in the saddle supports your lower back, ensuring a fruitful riding experience.

As for the handlebars, they are designed with a high-quality rubber that offers superior grip and more comfort. The simple folding design of this bike seamlessly folds in 15 seconds, allowing you to store it away without any hassle.

The bike comes 85% assembled and ships within 10 days, which is one of the fastest that you can get. The instructions for the remaining installation are ascertained in the package itself which you can follow according to your needs.


  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Supports lower back
  • High-quality and adjustable rubber construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Folds in 15 seconds


  • Not the best for very tall users
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8. Bradem Folding Mountain Bike

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  • Color – Black and red
  • Frame material – Carbon steel
  • Wheel size – 26 inches

Another popular and high-quality foldable bike that you can consider investing in is the Bradem Folding Mountain Bike. This one is not necessarily the cheapest but one of the bestselling bikes that is approved by the users.

The design with the red spokes gives this a very premium and high-quality look, despite being priced under $200. The foldable design of this bike ensures to save extra space, ensuring that you wouldn’t have to worry about where to put it in.

The full-suspension system with the 26-inch wheels and the magnesium construction make this one of the absolute best options that you can get your hands on. Also, the 21-speed gears allow you to switch through multiple speeds and gears depending on your riding experience.

Both the front and the rear disc brakes come with quick-release functions that keep the cyclist safe at all times. The bike does require assembling, but you wouldn’t have to worry about the same because 85% of it comes preassembled and the rest is mentioned in the instructions.


  • Quick folding design
  • Premium design
  • Full-suspension system
  • Durable and rust-resistant construction
  • Quick-release brakes


  • A little overpriced for the features
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9. Dwkkalle Folding Mountain Bike

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  • Color – Black
  • Frame material – Aluminum
  • Wheel size – 20 inches

The Dwkkalle Folding Mountain Bike is an ideal mountain bike for thin and smaller adults, especially if the wheel size is anything to go by. So, if you are a plus-size biker, we’d recommend looking into the above options instead.

The ergonomic design of this bike with the elevated height of the armrest makes it one of the best options that you can invest in. Especially for the riders with back problems, you can draw maximum comfort riding this bike while keeping your back straight.

The neat and simple design of this bike can be folded in under 15 seconds and stacked away in the back of your room or house without occupying a lot of space. Since the bike features an aluminum frame, you wouldn’t have to worry about rust or abrasion.

Aside from the benefits of portability, this bike is perfect for users who don’t want to settle on the cheaper and low-quality variants just to own a bike. The 7-speed gear function allows you to adjust between the shifts in gear depending on the environment you are riding the bike in.

The streamlined design of this foldable bike is easy to handle, especially for the students or office workers in a dorm or a smaller apartment. Even the price point is pretty affordable, which always tops the icing on the cake.


  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Easy to fold design in 15 seconds
  • Multiple gear adjustments
  • Rust-resistant construction
  • Affordable price range


  • Not ideal for overweight riders
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10. Huntaway Folding Bike

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  • Color – Blue and yellow
  • Frame material – Steel
  • Wheel size – 20 inches

Last but not least is the Huntaway Folding Bike. This one is a pretty sporty and modern-looking foldable bike that you can make the most use out of. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy riding the standard adult bikes, this one is a good alternative.

The high tensile steel frame is not just durable but long-lasting too. The foldable design of this bike allows you to make the most use out of it, especially in terms of usage and portability. If you are worried about storage, the easy-to-fold design takes that worry away.

Much like any other standard bike, even this one comes with 7-shift gears for comfortable riding and adjustable speed settings. Also, pair that with the double-disc brakes and you wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about the quality gear system anymore.

Not just for regular biking, but the high-quality construction of this bike is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities as well. The double-wall rims support the easier movement, especially across the rougher terrains.

The adjustable stem of the bike adjusts to the needs of every rider, based on their height and their load capacity. Also, the maximum load capacity of this bike is 230 pounds, which is pretty great too.


  • High tensile construction
  • Ideal for outdoor activities
  • Adjustable stem design
  • Multiple adjustable gears
  • Ideal for taller riders


  • Quite heavy and bulky
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Buying Guide

Some of the most important factors to consider before buying foldable bikes are:

1. Construction

Before anything else, you need to look into the size, weight, and overall folding mechanism of the bike. This comes in handy for the users who are buying it for the first time. Since we are talking about folding bikes, look for lightweight options that are easy to fold and stack away in the back of your apartment. As for the material, aluminum and steel are the two superior options, compared to the rest, especially because they are rust-resistant and long-lasting.

2. Type

Even with folding bikes, you have options to choose from. There are the standard manual bikes and then there are the electric bikes. If you want a more hi-tech option and have the budget to splurge, we’d recommend picking the electric bikes. However, if you are a little short on budget and want a more traditional option, the manual ones get the job done just fine.

3. Brakes

Another factor to consider is the brakes. The disc brakes or the double-disc brakes are considered the best on the list, especially because of how durable they are. However, we’d highly recommend that you ask a professional before spending your money on a particular purchase.

4. Budget

The folding bikes are a little more expensive than the traditional ones. So, you will have to chip out a little more than usual. However, we have ensured to keep our article versatile and offer you the options to look out for.


1. Are folding bikes any good?

Yes, folding bikes are pretty amazing, especially if you don’t have a lot of space available around the house or have a separate garage to store your bikes.

2. Are folding bikes durable?

Yes, most of the folding bikes are made of high-quality aluminum or steel material, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about durability at all.

3. Can folding bikes go uphill?

There is a range of mountain bikes that are foldable, meaning that you wouldn’t have to compromise on the terrains you can ride it on.


If you are tired of the commuting experience and want to have a comfortable riding experience, folding bikes is a pretty good option for you to look into. Just ensure that you keep a check on the features, look through the price range, and then decide the best one that accommodates your budget and your needs. We hope this article gives you all the basic information that you need before buying a folding bike.

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