6 Best Female’s Cycling Winter Shoes In 2021: Buyer’s Review

For some people, winter and cycling just does not mix. The elements tend to work against us in the winter, after all. Depending on your climate, you may have to deal with snowy or icy roads, wind, rain, snowstorms, and various other types of weather that simply do not permit regular cycling.

However, winters are often mild enough to allow for riding your bike all-year-round, and this is something that many riders choose to do. It’s important to stay active all throughout the year, and riding a bike helps greatly with that — not to mention that for some people, a bicycle is their main form of transport.

If you live in an area where cycling in the winter is possible, you may be asking yourself: what to wear for bike rides in the cold? A wind-proof jacket, a pair of gloves, and maybe even goggles — these are all obvious answers. But what about the shoes?

Women’s winter shoes that are adapted to cycling are not that easy to come by. Women tend to look for comfort, warmth, wind-isolation, and a dash of waterproofing in a pair of cycling winter shoes. Finding all of that in a single pair that also happens to be easy on the eyes can be somewhat tedious and time-consuming.

There’s no reason to skip out on your favorite sport. If the weather allows, a bike ride should be enjoyed every month of the year. Before you head out, make sure you check our handy guide on the 6 best female’s cycling winter shoes currently on the market.

6 Best Female’s Cycling Winter Shoes In 2021

1. Terra ARTICA X2 Cycling Shoes

ARTICA makes it onto the top of our list of winter cycling shoes, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Let’s get down to the details.

These shoes may resemble a typical sports shoe in their design, but they have the advantage of the added zippered ankle cuff. This is fantastic, as often our ankles get cold when cycling, but this pair of shoes effectively prevents that.

They offer excellent insulation while remaining breathable, which is very important in the winter when moisture could mean losing body heat. They’re also waterproof, so stepping or riding through the occasional puddle will be a breeze now.

Their solid build is impressive and seen at a first glance. Aside from their water-resistant qualities, these shoes are simply made out of a good, solid, rip-stop fabric. This is the kind of pair of shoes that you invest in once and then use for years on end.

They’re fastened with the use of the Boa L6 dial and the ankle cuff zip. Dual-fastening makes for a safer, more pleasant ride with shoes that fit just right.

Closing the list of their good qualities is the double outsole that has a fantastic grip for traction. As ARTICA was specifically designed with cyclists in mind, you can expect the best out of these shoes.

2. Terra Clima X2 Cycling Shoes

Manufactured by Fizik, just like the previous pair on our list, these shoes benefit from the years of experience that come with nothing but practice. You’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of shoes that would be better suited to all types of weather.

These also come with an ankle guard, which is a true lifesaver in the winter. They have a pleasing, modern design that’s centered around various shades of olive, caramel and more. They’re comfortable at first glance and most of all, durable and well-made. 

This pair also features a breathable, water-resistant fabric that is highly resistant to all types of tearing and ripping. We all know that many different things may happen on the road, but these shoes should endure even harsher winter days.

They’re fastened with a single BOA L6 dial, but for added security and a firmer grip, there’s also a Velcro strap. If you’re looking for something ultra-reliable and resistant to the elements, we think you’d be happy with this pair.

3. Vittoria Polar Winter Cycling Shoes

What if you could buy a pair of shoes that is as comfortable as it is warm? Look no further — check out what this pair brings to the table.

In terms of thermal control, these shoes are amongst the best. Made out of a mixture of microfibre and Primaloft with a nylon-reinforced sole, these shoes are 100% waterproof and simply sturdy.

Putting “Polar” in the name of these shoes makes perfect sense, as they were designed specifically for winter cycling and offer amazing insulation. The rainproof membrane is strong enough to handle even the most adverse of weather conditions, ensuring that no water leaks through to the inside of your shoes.

Despite their impressive durability, they’re super-lightweight and weigh in at just 349 grams (this applies to the size EU 41 pair). With no added weight, you’ll be able to ride your way through many winter days and stay in shape all throughout the year.

The nylon-reinforced sole is loaded with carbon fiber, giving the shoe a high rigidity index. This is not something you may want in all kinds of shoes, but for cycling, it’s exactly what is required.

Are winters harsh where you live? Don’t stash your bike away. Try out Vittoria first.

4. HIKO23 Women’s Warm Ankle Boots

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There’s nothing wrong with giving a little weight to the design when it comes to all types of shopping. Why should women’s cycling winter shoes be exempt from that rule? HIKO23 proves that it’s possible to design a good-looking pair while maintaining all the qualities we look for in winter cycling shoes.

This model of shoes has a vastly different look in comparison to their other counterparts. Instead of looking like a sport’s shoe, these booties are good enough for a shopping trip, popping out for coffee with a friend, and more. They’re easy to pair with the latest clothing. ranging from short jackets to full-blown winter biking gear.

The high-quality PU material ensures that these shoes will keep you warm and dry while on long bike trips. Despite their insulation, they’re also very breathable. 

If you live in an area where the winters tend to be harsh, we think that HIKO23 will help you stay fit by allowing you to ride your bike whenever you fancy.

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5. HIKO23 Women’s Snow Cycling Boots

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For the harshest of winters, you don’t need to give up cycling completely. As long as the roads allow it and you dress warmly, you will do just fine out in the crisp winter air. 

To make it easier to dress the part in the colder months, HIKO23 once again delivered with a brand new pair of winter shoes. While not specifically made to suit cycling, they have all the features you might ask for in the case of extreme winters on the bike.

These thick, warm shoes are made out of high-quality materials. The outer fabric is entirely waterproof, which is more important than ever in the case of getting caught in the snow. They also have a heightened ankle guard, once again contributing to the great insulation.

This is a slip-on pair of shoes that doesn’t provide extra fastening mechanisms. However, it’s simply not necessary — they stay on the foot without any issues.  

If you want something versatile and warm, we firmly believe that this pair will endure just about anything.

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6. Choppe Waterproof Shoe Cover

As an alternative to buying a separate pair of shoes, consider purchasing a pair of shoe covers from a reputable brand, such as this model by Choppe

A shoe cover will go a long way in keeping your actual shoes dry and warm in the winter. You put it on over the shoe and it sticks well, not damaging your mobility in any shape or form. 

These shoe covers are non-slip, allowing for great security when you’re out riding your bike. They also maintain fantastic levels of water resistance without compromising in any other aspect.

One of the benefits of going with shoe covers instead of actual winter shoes is the unpredictability of the weather. When heading out in the morning, you may have a difficult time when you try to predict what type of weather you’ll be facing that day.

The solution to the above is simple — shoe covers, by default, can be carried around and will go with you wherever you need them, remaining available for use throughout the day. As such, they make for a good alternative to those of us that want constant flexibility.


Winters can be harsh, but they aren’t always. No matter where you’re from, it’s usually possible to ride your bike, at least for a while. Don’t give up on your favorite sport as long as you don’t have to. 

We hope that we were able to help you pick a brand new pair of women’s winter cycling shoes. Enjoy yourself out on the road, and remember to dress according to the weather!

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