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Defined by Monster Tires, the fat tire bikes can ride everywhere—from the snow to wet, muddy areas, trails to bike paths—everywhere!

This paints a clear picture as to why the popularity of these bikes is on the rise.

Everybody just wants a piece of the cake!

Unfortunately, these bikes can be a bit pricey.

But that shouldn’t kill your hopes of owning and riding a fat tire bike if you have a limited budget.

In this post, we’ll give you a roundup of the best fat bikes for the money (under 1000 bucks) which dictate quality and performance.

Can a Fat Bike Be Your Only Bike?

The short answer is yes; a fat bike can be your only type of bike.

This unique bike ticks all the boxes for an ideal bike that you’d want to use all year round and will take you to place you have never been before.

First of all, this bike can ride anywhere. Though it was initially designed for riding in snow, it has undergone parts and frame design advancement—making it an all season bike. You can ride it in the snow, mud, sand, dirt, gravel, rocks, and even pavements.

Since many fat bikes are one speed, you’ll need plenty of muscle to power them to ride them forward. This is an opportunity to exercise your lower and upper body, keeping your body health and fitness in check.

The bikes are also highly comfortable. Their large volume, low-pressure tires act as excellent shock absorbers. These help significantly reduce the stress on your lower back and hands for comfortable all day ride.

Fat bikes are also extremely easy to ride. Their large tires provide you with more balance and control, making them perfect for beginner bikers.

Above all, these bikes require very little maintenance.

Combine all the above traits, and you’ve got the perfect bike for exploring new adventures or meeting your basic transport needs all year round.

10 Best Fat Bikes Under 1000:

1. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

For the last 4 decades, Mongoose has been on the dirt, trails, and off the camps. From its humble beginnings in a California garage in 1974, this top brand manufactures products which push the limits for you.

This popular fat bike from the brand comes at an affordable cost (under $400!). It’s a steel-framed mountain bike with super-sized knobby 4-inch tires which allow you to conquer just any off-road with ease.

It boasts of a Shimano rear derailleur with up to 7 speeds, which makes climbing hills easier than ever before. What’s more, changing gears while riding becomes an easy and smooth affair with the bike’s twist shifters.

Keep in mind that this bike comes with a fully adjustable threadless headset to help accommodate riders of different heights. It’s sturdy, lightweight alloy rims keep the weight down for added speed and performance.

The beach cruiser pedals assure you of comfortable rides while the front and rear disc brakes ensure maximum rider safety.

Highlighted Features:

  • Knobby 4-inch fat tires
  • Steel-framed mountain bike
  • 7 speeds w/Shimano rear derailleur
  • Adjustable threadless headset
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Beach cruiser pedals
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2. NAKTO Electric Bicycle Sporting Shimano 6 Speed Gear

NAKTO 26" 300W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle Shimano 6-Speed-Gear Mountain Ebike with Removable 36V10A Lithuim Battery and Charger
  • {HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL & AFFORDABLE PRICE} :The electric bikes adopts High-strength Carbon Steel Frame, the Front and Rear Disc-brake is made of High-strength Carbon Steel and packed with premium...
  • {HIGH-QUALITY BRAKE & GEAR SHIFT SYSTEM}:This electric bike with Front and Rear Disc-brake and rear Expansion brake and 6-Speed Transmission System, you can choose any speed according to your needs....

Also appearing in our affordable fat bike reviews is this NAKTO fat tire Electric Bicycle. A proud product of Nakto, another dependable brand, this strong and powerful bike also comes ready to take you through years of adventure and fun.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of owning this bike is its selectable pedal assist feature. Most riders go for the motor power only which lets you ride for up to 20 miles without pedal assist. And it can get faster, say 27-30 miles, if you use level 1 pedal assist.

Another thing we like about this bike is its hi-quality 6-speed Shimano gear set which makes uphill climbing feel soo easy.

And yes, this bike comes fitted with 360 degrees LED spotlight at the front. This ensures maximum visibility while night cycling for maximum rider safety. The mechanical front and rear disc brakes further enhance your safety as you ride through those unknown terrains.

Unlike in some ebikes out there, the motor of this model doesn’t produce a lot of noise when riding…only some humming sound.

The bike comes partially assembled, so you’ll need to attach the front tire, seat, and handlebars. The bike comes with, removable Lithium battery and a smart battery charger.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6-speed Shimano gears
  • Removable 36V 10A lithium battery
  • 300W Brushless Motor
  • 360-degree LED spot front light
  • Maximum speed: 30MPH
  • Mechanical front & rear disc

3. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Electric tire bike can be quite expensive. And the fact that you can get a quality electric bike like ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike without compromised features and performance shouldn’t be taken for granted.

As expected, this bike also comes with super-sized tires (26*4.0) with an excellent anti-skid job. These are sure to help you conquer snow, sand, dirt, and other troublesome terrains. There’s nowhere this bike couldn’t take you.

This ebike has a top speed of 23MPH and draws its strong driving force from the 500W motor it comes equipped with. It comes with a 36V lithium battery which is fully removable for easy charging—whether you’re at home or office.

Since this fat bike also features an exclusive Shimano 7 gears shifting system, translating to more versatile and dialed rides.

Just like the previous bikes, this ebike also presents you with a strong mechanical braking system which works hand in hand with the outage braking system to ensure security for your trip.

Remember the bikes come 90% pre-assembled, so you’ll just need to put a few parts into place and it's ready for a ride. The ergonomic handlebar, anti-slip, wear resistant tires, and adjustable seat are some of the top reasons many folks swear by this bike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Maximum speed: 23MPH
  • Shimano 7 gear shifting system
  • 500W rear hub motor
  • Removable 36V lithium battery
  • Bike weight- 20lbs; capacity-260lbs
  • Comes 90% pre-assembled

4. Dynacraft 8107-57TJD Boys 20-Inch Sixteen20 Krusher Bike

If you’ve got a little adrenaline seeker in your family, this Dynacraft 8107-57TJD fat bike is the best fat bike for the money you can gift them. The incredibly affordable bike is suitable for ages 6-10.

This bike comes with fat, knobby tires to allow your kiddo to easily cruise through different terrains—whether it’s around the neighborhood, in the park, or the terrains. In other words, this is the bike to help your budding biker explore the outdoors.

It boasts of sturdy BMX frame which enables it to withstand the tough conditions it’s about to face out there. Note that this frame comes decorated with black, red, green, and yellow graphics to ensure your young one rides in STYLE!

A responsible parent always prioritizes safety for their kids. The manufacturer of this bike understand this pretty well and equips the bike with rear coaster brakes. This will give your young rider a truly solid control of the bike, no matter the situation.

Other notable features include padded saddle, adjustable seat post, comfort grips, and center type kick stander for easy storage.

Highlighted Features:

  • BMX style steel frame
  • MTB style handlebars
  • Deluxe 20" tires w/stomper 2x2 graphics
  • Comes w/Alloy rims
  • Padded saddle, adjustable seat post
  • Steel coaster brake

5. Gravity BullseyeMonster Mens Fat Tire Bicycle

Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Mens Fat Tire Bicycle 26' x 4' (Stealth Super Dark, 14in)
45 Reviews
Aluminum Fat Bikes with Powerful Disc Brakes Gravity Monster Mens Fat Tire Bicycle 26" x 4" (Stealth Super Dark, 14in)
  • Fantastic Quality Strong Aluminum Fat Bike
  • Powerful Tektro Disc brakes front and rear!

Gravity BullseyeMonster also shows up on our list of the top fat bike reviews. If your budget falls under $600, then we suggest that you consider this bike as a potential option for you.

The bold black bike comes with a strong quality aluminum frame which gives it the resilience to handle the roughest terrains for years and years. It also comes with high traction 27-inch tires which are as fat as 4 inches. These are the ideal tires to help you to cruise this bike everywhere—including on the most troublesome terrains you can imagine.

Another thing that outs this bike on the map is the powerful TEKRO disc braking system (both front and rear). These will give you total control of the bike, and let you make abrupt stops when riding on uneven/unknown terrains.

The superior 16-inch speed Sram drivetrain set gives you lots of options when you’re riding on different terrains.

If you’re looking for a good quality adult fat bike for adventure without breaking the bank, this bike will make a great choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality aluminum fat bike
  • Powerful Tektro disc brakes
  • Superior 16 speed Sram drivetrain

6. Mongoose Men's Malus Fat Tire Bicycle

Mongoose Men's Malus Fat Tire Bike, Silver
  • Mongoose Supersized beach cruiser 26 inches X 4 inches knobby tires
  • Cruiser design frame with plenty of clearance to conquer any terrain

Another one from Mongoose appears on our top fat bike reviews. This is a powerful but affordable bike (priced under $400) made for male cyclists, though anyone can ride it. It comes with cruiser style design to enable you to conquer any terrain.

One of the key features of this bike revolves around humongous tires—measuring 26 inches by 4 inches. This qualifies the bike to appear on our list of fat tire bikes while giving it the resilience to overcome the toughest routes. The tires can roll on any terrain and have excellent shock absorption for maximum comfort.

Another crucial feature to have in a bike is powerful brakes. This Mongoose presents you with powerful double disc brakes (located at both front and rear parts. You can ride this bike with confidence knowing that these brakes won't fail.

Just like all the other Mongoose bikes, this model is designed to last and last. It features a solid steel frame which enables it to withstand the most challenging terrains, even with daily use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Supersized knobby tires
  • Steel cruiser design frame
  • 4” wide alloy wheelset
  • 7 speed gearing set
  • 3-piece cranks & beach cruiser pedals

7. Diamondback El Oso Nino Fat Bike

Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Nino Complete Youth Fat Bike, Satin Blue, One Size
18 Reviews
Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Nino Complete Youth Fat Bike, Satin Blue, One Size
  • Hi-ten steel frame and fork for durability
  • Diamondback Jr Fat 20" wheels with 4.0" wide tires

If you’re on the hunt for the best fat tire bike for kids, then you just found Diamondback El Oso Nino Fat Bike! This is the smallest bike from Diamonback, made with young riders in mind. It satisfies your kid’s urge to monster-truck everything on their path.

Despite the incredibly low price (falls below 300 US dollars), this fat bike is made of quality. It boasts of a high tensile steel frame, which grants it the roughness it requires to prowl through neighborhoods and woods.

Something else that makes this bike a top choice for many parents is its wide and fat tires (20-in by 4-in). These not only allow for a unique style of riding but also promote low tire pressure. They even act as good shock absorbers for comfier rides. Their knobby surface is the secret behind their great performance on different terrains—including snow, sand, and mud.

With a 7 speed Shimano grip shifter, this bike will make climbing hills feel easier than ever before. The powerful disc brakes offer grant your budding rider total bike control.

Highlighted Features:

  • Hi-ten steel frame
  • Fat 20-inch wheels w/4-in wide tires
  • Shimano 7-speed drivetrain
  • Disc brakes w/160mm rotors

8. Krusher Men's Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike

Krusher Men's Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike, Blue/Black/Red, 26'
130 Reviews
Krusher Men's Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike, Blue/Black/Red, 26"
  • Deluxe steel frame
  • Super fat stomper tires

Want to surprise him on his special day? Great! This Krusher Men's Dynacraft Fat Tire Bike will be an excellent gift for him. It’s specially made for male riders and comes in two sizes (24-inch and 26-inch) and 3 colors (Blue/Black/Red) to meet your unique preferences.

This is a truly strong and powerful bike made to easily take you through the toughest of the terrains. It features a sturdy steel frame which makes it strong enough to withstand all the hardships of different terrains. In simple words, this bike will last long enough to let you enjoy value for money.

Unlike other fat bikes which require you to change gears as you ride, this is a single gear model. This makes it even easier to ride and control, especially for beginner riders.

Another thing that makes this bike famous is its rear coaster braking system. This is one of the most functional braking systems you can get for your bike. And it makes the bike easy to control for safer riding experience.

The super tires add to the easy control and safety of this bike. The positioning of the seat post, crank system, and handlebars make this Krusher Men's fat bike one of the easiest to ride fat bikes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable steel frame
  • Single speed gear
  • Rear coaster braking system

9. Takara Nobu Fat Bike

For riders 5'6" to 6', this is the perfect fat tire bike you can get without breaking the bank. Like all the other bikes featured on this list, this model features fat tires which are ready to get you through any terrain you might come across.

This Takara Nobu fat bike is designed with a handcrafted, lightweight frame. But don’t confuse the lightweight for cheap quality. The bike’s frame is made from the finest steel metal for maximum durability and longevity.

We also like the fact that this bike features Shimano 7 speed shifter which works closely with rear derailleur and Shimano cassette to give you a mountain of options to conquer the steepest trails you come across.

The white frame and blue accentuated rims make this fat bike super-stylish for those who prioritize looks. Other features include quick release seat post clamp and 3-piece crank.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy steel frame
  • 26 x 4-inch fat tires
  • Shimano derailleurs
  • Shimano shifters
  • Front and rear handbrakes
  • Fits riders 5'6" to 6'

10. SAIGULA Fat Tire Bicycle Fat Mountain Bike

SAIGULA Fat Tire Bicycle Fat Mountain Bike 26 Inch 4.0" Tire BTM 7 Speed for Adult (FB1 Black)
  • 🚲 Ships from CA , United States. Usually takes 2-7 workdays to deliver.
  • 🚲 Adjustment:Because of long-distance transport,most bikes need to adjust after assembly,like Brake and Shifter,if you have any problem after assembly,please contact us on Amazon or our customer...

Finally, on our list of affordable fat bike reviews, we have this SAIGULA Fat Tire mountain bike. This is an awesome bike which comes packed with a list of awesome features at a pocket-friendly cost.

The bike comes with a solid look and feel, thanks to the 100% steel metal used to construct its frame. What’s more, it features a dual suspension frame design which means exceptionally smooth and more comfortable rides on rugged terrains. This type of frame usually comes handy when cycling downhill or going off jumps.

Another impressive feature we like about this bike is the front and rear disc brakes. These form a quite powerful braking system which lets you make crisp all-condition stopping out along the trail. Remember the more control you have over your bike, the safer your ride becomes.

Similar to all the bikes listed above, this model comes with quality fat tires which can handle all types of terrains—including on-road, mountain, trail, city, beach, snow, mud, dirt, etc.

The bike comes armed with rear derailleur with up to 7 speeds. This makes hills easier to climb for you, while the shifters give you a smoother and easier gear changing experience while riding.

Highlighted Features:

  • Steel frame dual suspension
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Fat tires for all terrain riding
  • 7 speeds rear derailleur

Things To Look For Before Getting One

The fat tire bikes are the latest craze to hit the bike market. And this means they’re all over the market in large numbers, which can give you a difficult time trying to choose the perfect one for you.

We have outlined a list of helpful tips below to help you easily and quickly navigate to the best fat tire bike for you.


When it comes to fat bike tires, you’ll have two main options—4 and 5-inch tires.

While both sizes are great for off-road, getting the widest tires available can give you a good floatation boost over the standard MTBs.

If you intend to ride your fattie in well-groomed tracks, then the extra floatation might not be important.

If you want to ride through tricky terrains, say the sand washes of Arizona, then you might to look for a bike with an extra tire inch.

NOTE: It’s crucial to observe the correct sizing combination for tire to rim to prevent the risk of flats and affecting the tire shape (which leads to decreased performance). The 4-inch tires go with the 65-180mm rims while the 4-in tires go with 80–105mm rims.


Different bikes come with different frame materials.

Since you’re looking for an affordable fat bike, you don’t expect it to come with the same frame material found in high-end bikes such as the carbon fiber or titanium.

You should expect a fat bike under $1000 to come with an aluminum or steel frame.

Aluminum is a good choice if you want a lightweight bike.

But keep in mind that aluminum frames might not be as strong as steel. Steel frames are usually heavier.


The suspension is also a great feature to look for in a fat tire bike. The suspension is responsible for smoother riding experience.

You might argue that a fat tire will absorb all the vibrations on the road…but it doesn’t hurt to get a bike with good suspension for more comfort, right?

Keep in mind, however, that you might not find a full suspension system in a budget bike.

Your best choice here should be the front suspension system. This will make you ride smooth and comfortable when riding on those rocky, uneven terrains.

Brake system


Since the fat bikes are designed for riding on different terrains, it’s important to consider the effect of different temperatures on the type of braking system you choose.

We suggest that you go with mechanical disc brakes, or any brakes that don’t require any fluid or mineral oil to work.

This will ensure the brakes remain functional in any region/weather—allowing you to enjoy total bike control (and safety).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should you expect for the best fat bike under 1000?

As we mentioned earlier on, fat bikes can be quite expensive. But still, you can get affordable models if you’re on a tight budget.

Based on our research, this is what we found about fat bikes under $100:

  • You don’t expect them to come with high-end components. They usually feature basic gear, unlike in the high-end models. But you can have a way around this by upgrading the components down the road.
  • The cheap fat bikes also come with a bit heavier frame compared to those on the high end of the price ladder. This is simply because these models are made from heavier materials like steel, unlike the pricey models featuring carbon fiber or aluminum frames.
  • 5 inch bikes are hard to find at this price range. But we don’t think this is an issue since the 4-inch tires popular around this price also do well on various terrains.
  • Lastly, you don’t expect bikes within this range to come with a full suspension. Instead, you’ll get a front suspension design which will still ensure you have smooth and comfy rides along various terrains.

2. Should I get a fat tire bike?

If you’re still not convenience on whether to get a fat tire bike, here are the key benefits of this bike to help with your decision making:

  • Fat tire bikes are extremely easy to ride. Their wider tires provide a larger contact surface area which means better balance for all riders, including the beginners.
  • They provide you with high comfort rides with their low-pressure tires. Mark you, these tires can go as low as 10psi or even lower. They excellently absorb shocks along the trails for smoother and comfier riding experience.
  • These bikes are generally rigid, which means not much work into the bike frame. This reduces the number of parts that can easily get damaged.
  • You can ride a fat tire bike in any kind of weather. Yes! they easily adjust to different weather conditions…whether it gets wet, muddy, or snowy, their super-sized tires will still allow you to ride.
  • As we’ve repeated many times before, these bikes can take you everywhere. They’re all terrain bikes. A great way to discover more adventures!
  • Above all, the unique features and overall look of these fat tire bikes will make riding fun!

3. Do fat tire bikes burn more calories?

Yes, fat biking can be a good way to burn more calories. The activity involved in tackling the trials with this kind of bike can help you shed as much as 1000 calories per hour or more.

However, keep in mind that the amount of calories you burn depends on the terrains and conditions you’re riding in.

Take for instance, when fat biking in winter. Although you’ll be floating over the snow, you’ll need to pump in a great deal of effort to cruise your fattie forward.

The more challenging the terrain, the more effort you’ll put in, and the more calories you’re likely to burn.

4. Can you ride a fat tire bike on the pavement?

Yes, fat tire bikes are all-terrain bikes that you can ride just anywhere, and the pavements aren’t an exception.

The highly versatile bike’s wide tires and lower pressure support ensure you enjoy a more comfortable and softer ride on the road. And just like this bike handles the rocks and holes on trails, it’ll not disappoint when you take on a road with potholes, frost heaves, etc.

This explains why most people prefer riding a fat bike over a road bike for cycling on the roads and pavements.

Final Verdict

So, these are the 10 top fat tire bikes that come with wallet-friendly prices (all priced below $100). Though we have seen some riders say that the cheap fat bikes aren’t a worthy investment, we don’t believe so.

All the bikes we featured above come with great quality and riders who have firsthand experience with them rate their performance pretty high. They come with all the convenient features you’d want in a good bike.

Above all, these bikes are made to take in the punishment associated with tough terrain riding. They can easily roll through snow, trails, mud, dirt, mountain, on the road …they can take you everywhere—even to the moon (just kidding!).

Have you grabbed your fat bike already?

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