Best BMX Games For PlayStation For You

Nothing feels great like sitting back comfortably and executing different BMX bike stunts, flips and spins on a big screen with your game pad!

Things become even more fun when you’re competing with your friends.

BUT…what bike games are good for you? If you have no idea what to play, I’ll give you a list of the three most popular BMX games for PlayStation.


Let’s take a closer look at this list:

#1. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX

mat hoffman pro bmx

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is arguably one of the most popular BMX game for all game enthusiasts the world over. Proudly developed by Activision, this game provides you with realistic physics models, intuitive controls, detailed graphics and smooth gameplay for the ultimate fun.

The game gives you a chance to ride with the unbeatable King of BMX bikes- the Mat Hoffman! It provides you with a thrilling performance full of insane tricks while you fly high above the air with seven other pros- including Joe Kowalski, Kevin Robinson, Rick Thorne, Cory Nastazio, Simon Tabron, Dennis McCoy, and Mike Escamilla.

Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is indeed designed for the ultimate experience!


If you’re looking for a super-hilarious (but slightly dirty) BMX game, BMX XXX is the way to go! It gives you a course of more than 100 missions, where you’ll have to talk to homeless guys, pimps, strippers, and other crazy characters! And as you race and do the different tricks, you’ll be collect coins that you can use to pay at strip clubs.

And the best part? The game heavily exploits the ghost riding technique- highly popular among BMX fans!

#3. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

Finally, we have the Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX from, a BMX game from Acclaim studios that enjoys an enormous like the other games we’ve just described above. In this particular game, you’ll be riding your BMB bike as Dave Mirra…you know what that is?

A 10-time world BMX champion and a winner of Gold Medal in the 2000 X Games Street Competition. Not only that, you can choose to play with other pros that come with this game.

One particular aspect games love about the Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX is its open tricks system that allows you to begin with the basic trick and stunts and modify them with time to create new ones. It offers you 1300plus tricks to pick from, resulting in infinite combinations and mind-blowing fun and experience!

Ready to Play BMX PlayStation Games?

Now you know the most popular BMB games for PS out there. By looking at the above descriptions, you can easily tell which game will give you thrilling experience and memories while letting you perform different types of crazy stunts and techniques.

Happy gaming!

Bestseller No. 1
BMX boy: Free game
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BMX boy: Free game
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Bestseller No. 2
Mega Ramp Crash Stunts BMX Bike Racing Challenge
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Mega Ramp Crash Stunts BMX Bike Racing Challenge
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Bestseller No. 3
Impossible BMX Crazy Rider Cycle Stunt Games: Dirt Bike Racing Fever...
154 Reviews
Impossible BMX Crazy Rider Cycle Stunt Games: Dirt Bike Racing Fever...
  • - Real like bicycle riding physics
  • - Smooth gameplay and simulation controls with nice grip and handling

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