10 Best Bike Racks For Your Car in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

While the concept of bike racks might not have been that popular back in the days, things have started picking up now. Bike racks are available in abundance, not to mention that they are available in different varieties too. Some bike racks attach themselves to the semi-permanent extensions of your car while some fit over the bunk of your car for easy transportation. 

There are primarily three types of bike racks available in the market – the roof racks, the hitch racks, and the trunk racks. Depending on your convenience and ease of travelling, you can pick the bike rack that best suits your interests. Also, with the correct type of bike racks, it makes the overall moving process a lot streamlined and hassle-free.

With so many different types of bike racks in the market, choosing the best one can be a struggle. You want to get the universal options that will fit your bike and ensure a comfortable ride in. However, that process can be a little strenuous at times. There are a few options that aren’t accommodating for every bike and their size, so you must choose one accordingly.

Here, we have scrounged through the internet to find the best bike racks that you can invest in without any issues at all.

10 Best Bike Racks in 2021 [Review]

From the design of the bike rack to the build and durability, there are a lot of factors that you need to pay close attention to. Also, you want to invest in bike racks that can easily load and unload the bike without making the process a lot more difficult.

Following are all the best bike racks that you can consider investing money on:

1. Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike Rack

Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike Rack
3,252 Reviews
  • Color – Black
  • Material – Composite
  • Weight – 4 kg
  • Load capacity – 35 pounds

When talking about the best bike rack in the market, the Saris Bones Car Trunk Bike Rack is one of the bestselling products on Amazon. The rack comes with an arc-shaped design that fits right on the majority of the spoilers and helps carry the bikes with ease.

The arms and length of the bike rack are made with injection mold and composite material, both of which contribute to the durability and strength of the product. The ratcheting hold downs are also a lot easier to adjust, making the process of transportation easier for the users.

The bottom of the feet features a rubber coating that protects the car against scratches and other damages that can be sustained during the transportation process otherwise. The coated straps, on the other hand, protect the bikes against damage or slipping.

Since the bike rack has a maximum loading capacity of 35 pounds, you can easily carry two bikes at once using this. However, we’d suggest that you don’t overload the rack, especially if you are going to travel through rougher roads and a longer journey.


  • Durable composite construction
  • Injection mold arms and length
  • Decent loading capacity
  • Features rubberized feet
  • Comes with coated straps to secure the bike


  • Overpriced

2. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Steel
  • Weight – 22 pounds

Another popular brand that stands out with its bike racks is Allen Sports. However, their Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks is one of the most reasonably priced and highly functional options that you wouldn’t regret splurging out on. 

It is available in six different types, ranging from the cheapest Deluxe option to the most expensive, Premium+Locking option. This QR hitch rack from Allen is the best way to transport your bike when you are either moving or have camping excursions that you want to be a part of.

The install locking hitch insert ensures quick loading and unloading, which is crucial for any bike rack that you buy in the market. The locking knob ensures a tight grip around the bike, securing it against the hitch of the car to ensure wobble-free transportation.

The carry arms in this rack are foldable, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about going that extra mile to take out the rack and install it whenever needed. When you aren’t using it, all you have to do is fold it in half and you are all set.

The tie-down system of the bike rack is also pretty good and secures the bike against the rack without any issues. However, the tie-down system is rotatable, enabling you to adjust the position of the racks according to your needs. 


  • Durable and rust-proof steel construction
  • Wobble-free transportation
  • Foldable carry arms
  • Tie-down system that is rotatable
  • Locking knob for a tighter grip


  • Straps are a pain to work with

3. Allen Sports Store Ultra Compact Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

  • Color – Black and red
  • Material – Steel
  • Weight – 2.7 kgs

Another bike rack from Allen Sports that is worth considering is their ultra-compact trunk-mounted bike rack. This one is an affordable and budget-friendly option, especially for individuals who don’t want to splurge out extra money on the bike racks.

This specific option is a lot more compact and highly functional, especially meant for the individuals who own one bike and need an easy way to transport it with safety. The highlight of this bike rack is the patented ultra-compact folding design.

The patented design of this bike rack more or less fits every kind of SUVs and Sedans that you likely have lying around. And, the best part is that the rack folds down to the size of a shoebox, meaning that you can stack it away in the back of the car when it isn’t in use.

Another patented design this bike rack comes with is their patented tie-down system that secures and protects your bike when you are travelling with it. The tie-downs are fixed in place, ensuring that they wouldn’t boggle out from the back of your car in the middle of the road.

The padded spine design protects your bike and the back of your car against bumps or scratches while you are driving through rougher terrains. Also, the padding on the back prevents risks of breakage or cracks. You also get a nylon carry bag with the product to carry it around with ease.


  • Durable and rust-resistant steel frame
  • Patented versatile fit
  • Tie-down system for a secure hold
  • Padded spine for scratch resistance
  • Comes with a nylon carry bag


  • Can hold only one bike at a time

4. Ibera Bike Rack

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Load capacity – 55 pounds

Next on the list of high-quality bike racks worth purchasing is the Ibera Bike Rack. This is another affordable option that comes with a sleek and lightweight design that is extremely easy to load and unload from the back of your car.

The frame-mounted design of this bike rack makes it a lot more stable and enhances its strength to carry multiple bikes with ease. This enables the user to put more load on the top and the sides. The maximum capacity that this bike rack can hold is 55 pounds.

The bike rack is designed with the quick-release bag mounting system that comes a lot in handy for the users around. Also, the adjustable-height of this rack can be changed from 26 to 29”, depending on your requirement and the size of the bike you are carrying.

The top fender board protects the bike from wet conditions and keeps it in the best condition when transporting it. The overall rack is designed with lightweight aluminum material, making the rack weigh under 2 pounds.


  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Comes with a frame-mounted design
  • Has a quick release bag system
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Made with durable aluminum material


  • Installation is a little hassle

5. Thule ProRide XT

  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 0.01 ounces
  • Load capacity – 60 pounds

Touted as the best available bike racks in the market, the Thule ProRide XT is one of the best available options that you can consider buying. This is ideal for the users who want to carry their bicycles on the roof without blocking out the storage in the back.

The design of this device is so sturdy and durable that it can sustain rougher roads like gravel, mountain, and the rougher terrains around. The fat bike adapter in the rack enables you to work with bikes that come with wider tires.

The rack comes with a separate clamp mechanism that holds down the tube and tightens the dial, providing the bike a secure grip without slipping through the sides. The load capacity of this bike rack is 60 pounds, which is a lot more than a few standard options that you’d come across.

However, since this is a roof-bound bike rack, we’d always suggest that you keep an eye out for the weight it adds to your car. Ensure that you only take as much as you can bear through the ride. Also, if you are travelling through rougher and mountain terrains, avoid stacking multiple bikes just because it has a high loading capacity.

If you are putting the bike against the top, ensure that you put a rag against the side of the car frame to avoid scratches and dents on the bike.


  • Higher loading capacity
  • Secure design for easier transportation
  • Separate clamp mechanism
  • Suitable for bikes with wider tires
  • Durable construction


  • Expensive

6. RockyMounts BackStage Swing Away Platform

  • Color – Black
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Weight – 1 pound
  • Load capacity – 75 pounds

If you are a person who is always consistently travelling and need a way to carry your bike around with you on trips too, the RockyMounts BackStage Swing Away Platform is hands down one of the products you wouldn’t regret splurging out on.

This is ideal for the biking adventures and the rocky mountain trips that you probably struggle with. The well-designed hitch rack is designed to meet the needs of the users and enable them to move around without any restriction.

The one good thing about this bike rack that stands out is the tilt mechanism with the slow stopping feature for the arm that can be accessed via the rear doors. The rack itself has a high loading capacity and supports up to 75 pounds.

The tray clearance is a little cramped, so if you have a bike with 800 mm bars, you might have a hard time clearing out the tray and have to keep things on the side. However, despite all the downsides that this product brings in, the product is worth considering.


  • Durable and strengthened design
  • Designed with shock-proof construction
  • Supports up to 75 pounds load capacity
  • Easy to carry multiple bikes
  • Comfortable design with scratch-resistance design


  • Tray clearance is a little cramped

7. Yakima HighRoad

  • Color – Black
  • Weight – 8.61 kgs

The Yakima HighRoad is ideal for users who tend to have a habit of removing and reinstalling the bike racks from their vehicle frequently. This means that you wouldn’t have any issues with the design of this rack at all. 

This one is a roof-mounted bike rack, which you can carry around with ease without any hassle at all. The rack is extremely easy to install and remove and doesn’t require any kinds of tools for the same. All you have to do is flip a lever and then tighten the thumb roller. That is how easy everything is.

The rack also comes pre-assembled, which means that you wouldn’t have to wrack your brains for assembling the same. The user-friendly design of this bike has a solid grip and holds onto your bike without any issues.

One thing about this bike rack that is a big downside is the fact that it’s rough for the shorter rides. The loading process does require two hands, which means that you will have to put in the extra effort while tightening the knob.


  • Easy to install the bike 
  • Roof-mounted space-saving design
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • User-friendly design
  • Has a high load capacity


  • Not the best for shorter rides

8. Softride 26461 Tailgate Bike Rack for Bikes

  • Size – Available in 3 different sizes
  • Material – Durable nylon straps
  • Color – Black

If you aren’t into the standard steel and rod-like options, the Softride 26461 Tailgate Bike Rack for Bikes is one of the best available options that you wouldn’t regret splurging out on. It is available in three different sizes for you to choose from. 

This one has a tailgate design, which means that you can carry multiple bikes at once. The rack enables you to carry up to 6 bikes at once and without any issues at all. Also, the rugged nylon straps with the heavy-duty foam padding provide extra safety and security while you transport your bikes from one place to another.

The bike rack consists of four individual soft wraps that you can use to secure the bike around the tailgate pad without making it slip out of the back. The nylon daisy chain further supports the bike’s structure for easy movement around.

The padded exterior protection around the bike allows you to take on a lot of load and limber without any issues at all. Also, the installation process is simple, which means that you wouldn’t have to wrack your brains for the same.


  • Easy to install
  • Simple user interface
  • Comes with heavy-duty foam padding
  • Ensures optimal safety and security
  • Padded protection prevents the risks of scratches


  • Not the best for big tire bikes

9. KUTON Bike Rack

  • Color – Black
  • Load capacity – 800lbs
  • Number of hooks – 8

Another popular and budget-friendly bike storage rack that you can consider purchasing is the KUTON Bike Rack. Unlike the other bike racks, this is better for stationary usage and comes with eight hooks for a stable hold.

The material is made with high-quality industrial-grade steel material, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about the quality and the overall durability of the product. It is completely safe and adjustable and fits in your garage space with ease. 

Each hook in the rack can support up to 77lbs, allowing you to store your bikes with ease and according to your needs. The bike rack is removable, which means that you can stack it on your truck and remove it whenever needed.

The wall-mounted and compact design of this product further suffices all your needs without any hassle at all. This bike rack is perfect for individuals who want to organize the space around your garage with ease.

The assembling process is pretty simple, which means that you wouldn’t have to spend hours in the end for the assembling process. Also, the product is backed with a 1-year warranty, which means that you can contact their customer care for all the help you need.


  • Budget-friendly design
  • Perfect for organization
  • Heightened load capacity
  • Backed with a 1-year warranty
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not the best to travel with

10. EasyGo Floor Stationary Triple Bike Wheel Rack

  • Color – Metal
  • Material – Steel
  • Weight – 9 pounds

While we have focused more on the bike racks for transportation, the EasyGo Floor Stationary Triple Bike Wheel Rack is a good option if you are looking for a stationary bike wheel rack. The product can accommodate up to 3 bikes at once, enabling you to have everything organized.

The package comes with all the necessary installation instructions that you need to follow through. The mounting system takes you a few minutes to master, which makes it one of the best investments. The strong bolts and washer clink together for easier access.

The design of this bike rack is durable and made with heavy-duty steel tubing that makes the bike stand tall without inflicting any kinds of damage. The powder-coated steel design makes the product rust-resistant too. 

The compact design of this product fits right into space around, helping keep everything clean and organized. Despite how functional the design of this, the product is extremely affordable, which justifies the quality too.

Since the brand believes in providing optimal user experience, it isn’t surprising that the brand has round-the-clock tech support with 30 days money-back guarantee for the users to avail the best use out of their product.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable steel tubing
  • Compact design
  • Affordable option
  • Backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not the best for bigger bikes

Buying Guide

With so many different types of available bike racks in the market, choosing the best one for your needs can be a little confusing. Don’t worry though because this buying guide should help you out with the specifics.

1. Material 

The first and one of the most important factors to consider is the material. Stick to durable steel and metal constructions as a priority since they last a lot longer than you’d expect them to. 

2. Design

Another factor worth considering is the design. You need to choose between the stationary options and then the ones that you can travel with. So, depending on the objective, you can pick and choose the product that you deem the best for your needs.

3. Price range

Bike racks aren’t cheap, well, at least some of them aren’t. So, when you are looking for a good-quality option, make sure that you check the price range and pick the ones that you deem the best for your budget.


1. Are all bike racks meant for travelling?

No, there are a few different bike racks that are stationary and are meant for organizing the space around your garage. So, you can choose one accordingly.

2. Do the bike racks damage your car?

Not necessarily. The installation process plays a crucial role, so when you are loading the bike, make sure that you pay extra attention to the car’s surroundings and insert padding to prevent dents and scratches.

3. Is a bike rack worth it?

Yes, they are worth it, especially since they come with a range of benefits. From easier transportation to the organization, their uses are versatile.


If this is your first time buying a bike rack, we hope this article gives you all the details that you need to know about the products and why they are considered the best in the market. Always check the individual features and reviews before investing in any of the bike racks available.

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