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Full Suspension Bike: What Are The Pros and Cons of It?

Bike enthusiasts around often question about full suspension bikes. Yeah, it is obvious. After all, there are so many rumors spread in this regard. Therefore, the queries necessitate shredding some light on it. So, today I will help you get the legit perspective on its benefits and drawbacks altogether. Hopefully, this tiny teenie article will help.Pros:Cross-country riding […]

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Diamondback Haanjo Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

Imagine owning a road bike that you can ride virtually anywhere? The Diamond Haanjo versatile line of bikes will let you do just that. The reputable manufacturer, Diamondback, has perfected the art of building bikes that deliver the speed of a road bike while possessing off-road potential. In other words, these road bikes will meet the needs […]

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Diamondback Mason 2 Review: How Good is It?

When the original Diamond Mason 1 was introduced into the market, it became a massive success! It was a 29er hard tail that could hit all kinds of trails with the level of aggressiveness only comparable to that of a full-suspension model. And now, in 2018, Diamondback has re-engineered the bike to make it even better […]

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