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How to Perform Basic Trailside Bicycle Repairs?

Modern mountain bikes are robust and with proper servicing will give years of trouble-free riding. Out on the trail, however, things can still go wrong and it is impossible to carry all the necessary tools to solve every potential problem. Some issues will render the bike unrideable, others less useable or less safe to ride, whilst […]

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Types of BMX Bikes and Their Usage

There are different types of BMX riding. And each type requires a specialized bike if you want to perform optimally. BMX riding developed in the sixties and seventies. Originally, racing was the only thing BMX riders did, and the classical BMX bike was the only type available. But as new forms of BMX riding came […]

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Skateboarding vs BMX: An Unbiased Comparison

BMX and skateboarding have a lot in common – especially the danger factor. Something about risk seems to connect deeply with human beings at an intuitive level. The more danger we expose ourselves to, the more we enjoy what we are doing – if we are good at it. As a result, many people have […]

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