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Best BMX Shoes – Reviews Of Comfy Ones (2019)

ALL the serious BMX riders will absolutely need this one thing: The best BMX shoes. You don’t want to ride your bike with any other shoe you come across, or with your flip-flops/sandals. You need a shoe that strictly adheres to your bike pedals for a smoother, faster ride! You need a shoe that your feet can feel […]

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How Do I Bunny Hop BMX?

Even when bunny hopping looks so simple and straightforward when watching it, it might remain a mystery and nearly impossible task for you, no matter how many trials you make. Why? Because you have never taken your time to learn its basics. Just like any other task, you just don’t dream bunny hopping with your trick BMX […]

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BMX Bike Maintenance: Things You Need To Know About

It doesn’t matter what you use your BMX bike for…whether it’s just for hobby or competition reasons, I highly advise you to subject it to regular maintenance. This will keep it performing at its best at all times. And if you like competing with your friends or checking whose bike does the best stunts, the only […]

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