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Every bicycle categories and what they mean.

There are a variety of bicycles, and different people require different cycling needs. Some people prefer to race, have fun while others like to control speed on their bikes. Therefore, you need to figure out how to categorize the type of bicycle you prefer. They can be categorized by function, gearing, number of riders, by sport, […]

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Difference Between Road bikes and Touring bikes which one to choose and why.

It can be challenging to differentiate between the two types of bikes primarily because they appear similar. However, there might be a slight difference between them in that they perform different tasks and were designed for specific purpose. The difference between road bikes and touring bikes is their weight. However, road bikes were designed for day […]

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Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike Review

As I once was a kid, I know very well that there’s no gift for a kid better than a bicycle? Why? Because it’s more than a two-wheeled vehicle to them. To them, the bike means freedom. So, you gotta be careful while choosing a vehicle for them. You need something reliable and quality. But that doesn’t mean it needs to […]

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