6 Best Waterproof Cycling Overshoe in 2020: Expert Buyer’s Guide

Cycling in winter or during a rainy day is no walk in the park, low traction coupled with frozen foot makes riding under such conditions difficult. It even gets more challenging when you lack the necessary gear, including cycling suits, cycling gloves, and overshoes. Despite being largely ignored by cyclers in colder months, overshoes are quite essential under such conditions. The ordinary cycling shoe features lots of openings for ventilation purposes plus lightweight uppers for enhanced comfortability. They are, therefore, ineffective in cold weather as they can barely keep your feet dry and warm. While waterproof cycling overshoes may not be a glam purchase, they make cycling in cold weather convenient by adding some waterproofing and insulation to the ordinary cycling shoe to cope with cold and wet conditions. This guide will explore the eight best waterproof cycling overshoe to acquire in 2020. 

What are Waterproof Cycling Overshoes?    

As the name implies, overshoes are worn over regular shoes to provide extra protection-in this case against water or wetness. Waterproof overshoes are made from a weatherproof fabric designed to prevent your feet from getting wet and cold by keeping rain, snow, and wind out. Most overshoes are usually constructed using neoprene-a synthetic material that is waterproof and also doesn’t get damp when water gets inside. Alternative materials can either be polyurethane and nylon. 

To provide sufficient water protection capability, most overshoes have taped seams, a Velcro strap around the ankle, extended ankle plus waterproof zips. 

What to Look For When Buying a Cycling Overshoe

The first thing you ought to consider when buying a pair of overshoes is its waterproof capability. While most manufacturers claim their overshoes are 100% waterproof, this is not usually the case as persistent rain or snow will eventually get into the shoes. The waterproof capability lies in the mechanism used by the overshoe to prevent water penetration. For instance, waterproof zip offers a bit of protection against water penetration. 

It’s also crucial to consider sizing. A waterproof cycling overshoe must be the right size to function effectively since they rely on a snug fit to offer an effective seal around your feet. If they’re too loose, water will quickly find its way inside the shoe sooner than you think. 

Other factors to consider include durability, ease of wearing and removing, breathability, visibility (reflective detailing), and, most importantly, your budget. If these factors are considered, you’re well set to finding an ideal waterproof cycling overshoe to protect you from the cold weather and make your winter ride seamless. 

Best Waterproof Cycling Overshoe: Our Top 6 Picks


GORE WEAR Unisex Windproof Overshoes

GORE WEAR Unisex Windproof Overshoes, C5 WINSTOPPER Thermo Overshoes,...
  • Practical overshoes for advanced level athletic activities in cold weather conditions, Ideal for the ambitious cyclist
  • Suitable all year round, Windproof, water resistant and extremely breathable thanks to GORE WINDSTOPPER technology

Top of our class is the Unisex Windproof Overshoes by GORE WEAR. These overshoes are constructed from neoprene fabric for maximum waterproof capability. These overshoes confer maximum protection against cold and wet weather thanks to their anti-soaking capability. Water beads on the surface, ensuring your feet remain toasty. 

GORE WEAR shoe covers are quite comfortable thanks to the super-stretchy neoprene material. With no zips, they are quite hard to put on and also to remove. Durability is enhanced with the attachment of a tough, reinforced fabric at the bottom. 


GORE WEAR unisex windproof overshoes are perfect for all-round winter protection. They do not only offer maximum waterproof capability but are also comfortable and durable. However, the reflective detailing is quite a letdown and needs improvement.  


  • Waterproof protection from the elements for toasty feet even in the coldest of weather.
  • Quite flexible with a snug fit 
  • Durable with a reinforced sole 


  • Quite pricey 
  • Limited reflectivity


Castelli Insulated Stretchy Shoe Covers for Biking

Castelli Men's Diluvio C Shoecover 16 Winter Cycling Shoe Covers -...
  • 3mm neoprene fabric will stand up to the wettest and coldest winter riding conditions
  • Glued seams, Easy-on pull tab

Castelli is a renowned Italian cycling clothing and accessories company, even sponsoring several cycling teams, notably Team Sky. The company, therefore, has extensive experience in creating cycling accessories and couldn’t go wrong with the Insulted Stretchy overshoes. Apart from offering excellent waterproofing and wind resistance, these overshoes provide sufficient insulation to keep your feet warm even on the coldest day of the winter. To ward off water, these shoes employ the stretchy top cuff with lots of overlap, a silicone band, and a wide Velcro closure. Additionally, the shoe holes prevent water penetration as they are small and also hemmed with elastic material to be as close to each other as possible.  

Castelli Insulated Stretchy Cycling Overshoe is aesthetically appealing and also comfortable, this is due to its smooth, stretchy and tight fit. The low bulk makes it ideal for cyclers who prefer light gear. They are also quite durable thanks to strong stitching coupled with a sturdy construction. 


The insulated stretchy overshoes are perfect for cyclers looking for comfortable low bulk overshoes without compromising on functionality. The low profile design still offers effective wind and waterproofing, as well as insulation. However, they provide less warmth than other overshoes.   


  • Low bulk yet very functional 
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Looks good for an overshoe
  • Durable 
  • Smooth stretchy design improves comfortability


  • May not be insulated as other models 
  • Visibility due to lack of reflective material  may be an issue


Endura Urban Luminite Waterproof Cycling Overshoe

Endura Urban Luminite Waterproof Men's Cycling Overshoe Black, Large
  • Stretch waterproof PU fabric with taped centre front seam
  • Extensive 360 degree reflective trims on front side and rear

Endura Urban Luminite Waterproof overshoes provide unmatched warmth even in the worst winter conditions thanks to the fleecy lining on its neoprene material for maximum insulation. These overshoes are constructed from neoprene rubber, thus are very effective in keeping your feet toasty on damp roads with extremely low temperatures.

In addition to unmatched insulation, Endura Urban Luminite Waterproof overshoes are rain resistant. No amount of water can get in, as all seams are tape-sealed. While the exterior zip is not waterproof, there is a wide storm flap held in place by a Velcro tab to ensure no water penetrates inside. 

Sizing matters. Endura ensures that the cycling overshoe fits tightly by placing a second Velcro tab on the outside at the leg cuff for a tight fit against the leg and consequently, a stout closure.  

Durability has been considered by the use of abrasion-resistant material. The base is also constructed with a sturdy synthetic fabric with an even more wear-resistant material placed at the toe to increase durability and comfortability further. Plenty of reflective lettering ensures visibility-vital for safety purposes, especially at night. 


Endura Urban Luminite Waterproof overshoes offer a great deal of insulation to keep your feet warm in the worst winter conditions. The fleece lining superimposed on neoprene makes these overshoes stand out. It’s quite durable, thanks to a sturdy construction with strong stitching. The plenty of reflective material makes this overshoe functional even at night to remain visible. 


  • Durable 
  • Fleece lining for extra insulation
  • Usable at night 


  • Quite bulky 


Castelli ROS Overshoes 

Although Castelli’s ROS cycling overshoes are designed to be used in dry weather, they also provide waterproof protection in case you get caught in the rain. This rain or shine overshoe has a windproof, breathable fabric that is also water-resistant. It also has a fleece liner that offers extra comfort.

Castelli ROS contoured seams provide the area around the ankle with an optimal fit. Considering rainy conditions, the design and feature of this overshoe have moved critical seams to the outside. Water is sealed out by including an internal gripper. The design caters for visibility by having a molded heel cup that is reflective in low light conditions. Lastly, a textured grip pull to the heel allows for easy and gentle on and off pulling of the overshoes. 


Castelli ROS shoes are expensive and have a high rate of wearing out. The overshoes barely stretch enough making it hard for sportspeople to use them. It is not hard getting them on, but it gets holes quickly when you walk with them. We do not recommend this overshoe as its pricing does not give value for its features. 


  • Has a lightweight
  • Attractive


  • Expensive compared to other overshoe brands
  • Poor fit
  • It wears out easily


GORE WEAR C3 Unisex Cycling Shoe Cover

GORE WEAR C3 Unisex Cycling Shoe Covers GORE-TEX, Size: 11.0-13.0,...
  • Waterproof unisex overshoe for cool weather conditions
  • GORE-TEX Active Technology: Waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable

On ice breeze days with low temperatures, Gore C3 Unisex Cycling Shoe Cover will work brilliantly for you because of the highly regarded fabric used. The quality of this shoe justifies its expensive retailing price. The entire overshoe is made from Windstopper material, a breathable and windproof membrane. Around the foot, we have the presence of different depth panels with a thick lower section from toe to the top of the overshoe as it’s the one in contact with the harsh weather condition. Its back is elastic to create maximum fit and comfort. Other design features include having a zipper closure and fully taped for better protection. 


The Gore C3 Unisex Cycling Shoe Cover has an amusing custom of fabric that makes them a lightweight pair of windproof, cool weather cycling overshoes. The design is well crafted to bring out a safe and comfortable shoe that is easily worn with the aid of the side zipper. Having an abrasion-resistant material under the toe reduces the rate of boots wearing out. Generally, this is an excellent boot that can be recommended for purchase. 


  • Excellent quality from Windstopper material
  • Wind proofing
  • Warm and easy to get on.


    • Not fully waterproof
    • High pricing 
    • The appearance is ugly from the seams that bubble out when put on.


Sportful SpeedSkin Silicone Booties 

Sportful Men's SpeedSkin Silicone Cycling Bootie - S1101413
  • Cut high for maximum aerodynamics
  • Very close-fitting and with reduced seams

Sportful SpeedSkin Silicone Booties are well-designed sporting shoes that are recommended for use in wet and nasty weather with a reasonable temperature, not too low as they lack insulation to keep the inside warm. The cleat hole and heel tab hole have reinforcement to stop damage. SpeedSkin reflective piping at the rear where the zipper is located, and this keeps alert on following motorists, another reflective is located either side of the logo on the front. The booties have a comfortable close-fitting backed up by a silicone gripper around your leg with reduced seams. The fabric used in making Sportful SpeedSkin Silicone Booties’ Matte-finished silicone-coated Lycra fabric, doesn’t allow soaking, making it waterproof during wet rides. Lastly, the booties are cut high to optimize aerodynamics and blocking entry of water. 


Sportful SpeedSkin Silicone Booties are excellent in keeping out rain and wind because of its design features of waterproof and windproof. However, insulation is lacking, which is a vital feature for overshoes when cycling. 


  • The close fit is excellent with an easy way of getting on.
  • Fully waterproof, Sportful SpeedSkin Silicone Booties have taped seams that guarantee no water entry. 
  • Brilliant at keeping road spray out


  • Expensive 
  • Lack of thermal protection for cold winter rides due to lack of insulation. This makes them not warm enough. 

Final Thoughts 

For any cycling enthusiast, waterproof cycling overshoes are a must-have when: riding in the rain, riding in cold and chilly conditions, or even racing in time trials. Overshoes are designed to protect your feet in chilly and severe weather conditions, ensuring that you ride to your full potential. An ideal overshoe should fend off wind and rain to keep your feet dry and also offer maximum insulation. Additionally, it should be flexible, lightweight with an aerodynamic design. It’s also crucial for overshoes to provide additional visibility via reflective detail for safety purposes in winter or rainy days. With the market flooded with all kinds of waterproof cycling overshoes, you may want to consider the ones discussed in this guide for the best results. 

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