10 Proven Benefits Of Daily Cycling

When it comes to keeping fit and healthy, physical activity is imperative. Regular physical activity has been scientifically proven to protect you from serious terminal diseases such as heart disease, cancer, mental illness, obesity, and diabetes among other. Daily cycling is one of the best ways to engage in regular physical activity and you can easily integrate in in your busy schedule by maybe cycling to work or cycling early mornings before your head out to work. Cycling is a healthy, low-impact exercise regime that can be enjoyed by people of all ages including young children. Furthermore, its fun, cheap and environmentally friendly.

Why Cycling is Best for Health and Fitness?

The best thing about riding a bike is that it can easily be combined with your everyday routine.  Similarly, two to four hours of cycling in a week is enough to achieve a general improvement of your health. Daily cycling is best for health and fitness because it’s:

  • Low impact- Cycling doesn’t strain or injure your muscles. Just a simple routine and you are healthy and fit to take on life’s challenges. In fact, cycling a better form of exercise compared to running which is quite intense.
  • Comprehensively works out your muscle- Very few forms of exercise can entirely workout your muscles. Cycling uses all the major muscles in the body thus allowing you to comprehensively workout your muscles.
  • Time-efficient-Even if you’re having a busy schedule, you surely will find time to cycle even if it’s four hours per week. For instance, you can ride to work on couple of days instead of driving to work or using trams, buses or trains.
  • Enhances strength and stamina- Cycling improves your stamina, strength as well as aerobic fitness. Through cycling, you will be better placed to tackle that hike you’ve always longed for.
  • Can be intense- While it’s a low-impact exercise, cycling can be made intense to be more of a physical workout rather than a recreational exercising activity.
  • An enjoyable and fun way to get fit- Cycling down hills or out in the wilderness makes it an enjoyable form of exercise. Cycling unlike most forms of exercise is done outdoors therefore you are less likely to get bored.

What are the Health Benefits of Regular Cycling?

Cycling has enormous health benefits particularly because it’s an aerobic activity that works out your heart, blood vessels and lungs. The health benefits of regular cycling include:

  • Strengthened bones
  • Decreased body fat levels
  • Daily cycling helps to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Cycling improves posture and body coordination
  • Cycling improves joint mobility
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increases muscle strength and flexibility
  • Decreases stress levels

10 Proven Benefits of Daily Cycling

Enhances your Mental Well-Being

Cycling improves your mental health. Daily cycling lowers cortisol level in the brain thus reduces anxiety and depression. Cortisol is a hormone in the brain associated with depression and anxiety. Enjoying a bike ride on a daily basis pushes you out of the risk of depression and anxiety by enabling you develop concentration and awareness at the present moment. Daily cycling may take you off from the mental babble you are experiencing in a particular day and free your mind.

Better Weight Management

One of the biggest benefits of regular cycling is that it promotes healthy weight management. Cycling has been established to burn between 400 and 1000 calories an hour depending on the intensity of the rise as well as the rider’s weight. How much you’re able to cut on your weight is largely dependents on the amount of time you spend burning calories as well as how much you enjoy a particular physical activity. Therefore, since cycling is enjoyable, you’re better placed to burn more calories and cut weight without much hassle. More burnt calories means reduced belly fat.

Cycling help lower stress levels

It’s no doubt that life is full of stress. It gets more stressful to spend hours inrush hour traffic on the way to and from work. Daily cycling is among the top stress-bursting activities that will surely lower your stress levels and increase your days. Taking time off your busy stressful schedule to ride a bike will free your mind enabling you to better manage stress.

Builds and Strengthens Muscle

The intense resistant nature of cycling makes it a muscle building physical activity. In addition to burning calories, cycling builds and strengthens your muscles particularly muscles around the hamstrings, glutes, calves and quads. With more muscle, you will burn more calories even when not exercising.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Cycling lowers your chances of developing heart disease. Scientific studies have shown that cyclist who ride to work on a regular basis have lower risks of suffering from heart attacks as compared to non-cyclists. Therefore, with only a 20-minutebike ride to work each day, you are at a lower risk of suffering from heart conditions.

Reduces Cancer Risk and Helps People with Cancer

Regular cycling helps lowers the risk of certain types of cancer by keeping you lean and fit. A study has shown that cycling to work lowers the risk of cancer by up to 45% as well as the overall mortality rate from the disease. For cancer patients, regular cycling is well advised. A research conducted last year cycling among breast cancer patients reduces side effects of cancer treatment including fatigue and enhances the overall quality of life.

Better Sex Life- Boost Libido

Sex being essential for your overall health, regular cycling improves your sex life. It was earlier believed that cycling cause sexual dysfunction but this belief has been rules out with numerous scientific researches. Regular physical activity including cycling has been found to increase sexual behavior in men thus better sex life. Regular cycling help build essential muscle groups which are used during intercourse. When these muscles are developed, the intercourse will last longer and more agile.

Boosts Your Immune System

Daily cycling is essential is building your immune system by burning excess calories which put you at risk of heart-related complications including stroke and hypertension. Regular cycling has also been found to enhance the development of immune system cells which are vital in promoting health and immunity against disease. In the long run, your body will better fight off bacteria and viruses which cause common cold as well as other conditions. Cycling regularly maybe to work is one of the best and most efficient ways of boosting your immune system and keeping healthy.

Improves Brain Function, Coordination Balance

Regular outdoor cycling enhances brain function as it requires you to maintain focus and pay attention to anything that come your way. While cycling can be quite demanding especially in busy cities where you’ve to stay fully attentive, it’s actually very effective in developing your brain. Daily cycling has been found to play a role in promoting the growth of new cells in the hippocampus region of the brain. These cells will lead to better brain function and also confer protection from neurogenerative diseases.

Similarly, regular cycling improves coordination and balance as it requires you to maintain balance. With improved coordination, your body becomes much stable and better suited to undertake several tasks including mountain climbing, swimming and driving. A study has shown that individuals cycling to work are more stable compared to their counterparts who drive.

Cycling Increases your Lifespan

Cycling has been found to increase longevity by improving our overall health and making us happier. One study involving Tour de France riders established cycling actually increase racers’ life span. On an average, former racers lived to 81.5 years compared to the life span of the general population which was 73.5 years. This represented a 17% increase in life span.

Long life is not exclusive to pro riders, even casual regular bike riders enjoy longevity. Regular cycling enhances the health of lungs and heart thus improves the flow of blood to and from all body parts. In essence, cycling promotes better health thus increased longevity.

Other benefits of riding a bike worth mentioning:

·        Boosts happiness

·        Builds your social circle

·        Improves overall productivity

·        Environment friendly means of commute

·        Helps improve sleep

Safety When Cycling

The major drawback when it comes to cycling is that it involves risk of serious accidents in both rural and urban setting. Therefore, when cycling, make sure you put on protective gear (helmet and reflector) and follow traffic laws. If possible,ride only on lanes reserved for cyclists or the neighboring streets.  When riding in busy streets or going through intersections, make sure you exercise caution. Also, avoid cycling during inclement weather lest you have proper cold weather gear.

Final Thoughts  

Cycling is non-intensive and enjoyable way to keep fit and stay healthy. It’s quite cheap and offers full satisfaction especially when exploring your local area. Most importantly, daily cycling offers numerous health benefits improving the quality of life and increasing longevity. If you really can’t cycle to work or find time to ride on a regular basis, you surely should set aside at least 4 hours per week to ride your bike and stay healthy.

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