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12 Best BMX Bikes Reviews and Buying Guide For The Money in 2021

Cool guys ride the best BMX bikes for street riding!

Despite their overall simplicity, the power of BMX bikes is uncaged. They offer you unique off-road riding experience; they let you perform awesomely crazy stunts. And they’ve led to the growth of culture of BMX sport- which enjoys a huge fan base the world over.


Buying a BMX bike has never been an easy task-especially for the beginners. Sorting through hundreds of thousands and information will make your head blow up!

Don’t get scared though;

I spent the last few weeks putting up a complete buying guide for BMX bikes to help you quickly find your perfect bike and start enjoying the best riding moments.

What’s more: I also gathered the 12 most popular BMX bikes on the market today and have thoroughly reviewed them for you.

Let’s cycle through this guide/reviews (and much more info about these fantastic bikes) below…

What's a BMX Bike?

The BMX stands for bicycle motocross.

It refers to a bike special type of bike designed for off-road riding. That is, it lets your ride it on flatland, dirt, streets, park, etc., while allowing you to perform a number of stunts which aren’t possible with the traditional bikes.

The BMX bikes trace their origin to Southern California back in the 1970s.

Since then, they’ve experienced a huge growth (and continue to grow even today). Half of the riders you’ll get out there today ride their bike for fun/hobby while the other half do it for sports.

And if you think that these bikes are only meant for kids, you might leaving in a cave. Things have really changed and different BMX manufacturers are coming up with different bike designs and styles to accommodate everyone who’s interested in cruising these magical bikes.

Don’t get surprised when you come across a 40-year old excellently cruising his BMX along the street!!


It’s important to note that these bikes exist in different types. And each type comes with its own set of features and characteristics to suits the needs of different riders.

Next, we’ll take a walk through the 12 best of the best BMX bikes for adults and kids that I promised you earlier…

Best BMX Bike Reviews - Our Recommendations:

1. Mongoose Legion L20 20" Wheel Freestyle Bike Review:

If you want to dive into action (and high up in the air) with a bike that actually delivers, say hello to the Mongoose bikes. As one of the most respected brands in this industry, Mongoose has the best-quality products to help satisfy your bike riding needs- more so the bikes that fall in their Legion series.

Talking of the Mongoose Legion L20 20" Wheel Freestyle Bike, it comes with a lightweight, durable design and park-ready to meet all your expectations.

Freedom is what this Legion bike is meant for. It allows you to do all the wildest customizations to your bike to give you that overwhelming experience you have been dreaming of.

 It can perform excellently well on just any terrain you ride it in- from the streets, parks, etc. And thanks to the brake detangler and 4 freestyle pegs included in this package, you’ll enjoy unlimited trick potential with this bike.

This bike weighs around 27 lbs., so transporting it from place to place is pretty easy. Users love its durable and comfortable seat which you can easily adjust to match your comfort needs. Truly, the Mongoose Legion L20 is the only bike you need to pass a message to your friends- that you’re the best rider in town!

Highlighted features:

  • Hi-ten steel frame and fork
  • Allow U brake
  • Brake detangler included
  • Up to 4 freestyle pegs
  • Mongoose slim railed saddle

2. Mongoose Legion L60 20" Wheel Freestyle Bike:

Second in the line, we’ve another bike from the Mongoose Legion series- the L60. Although reasonably priced, this bike comes designed to offer an expert level performance to all the bike enthusiasts out there, making it one of the most popular models on the market right now.

Just like the previous Legion model, the L60 comes with a durable construction of hi-tensile fork and frame to give it the strength and resilience it requires to perform on the streets, parks, verts, and so on.

Not only that, it also features a 3-pc tubular chromoly crank system which easily attaches to the sturdy plastic pedals. Even with such a durable construction, the bike manages to remain light- at only 30 lbs. - for easy stability and control.

With its micro 25/9 cassette setup, this bmx bike reviews is sure to give you an acceptable gear ratio for freestyle riding as well as sufficient ground clearance that comes handy when riding on the streets or flatland. The seat- seat post combo gives the bike a nice, comfortable finishing touch.

Highlighted features:

  • Hi-ten steel frame and fork
  • 3-pc tubular chromoly cranks
  • Alloy U-brake system
  • Comfortable seat/seat post combo

3. New 2017 Diamondback Nitrus Complete Youth Bike:

Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike, Gloss Black
428 Reviews
Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike, Gloss Black
  • High tensile steel frame built to last. Bottom Bracket - Loose ball
  • High tensile steel fork is strong to provide safe handling

If you’re looking for the best BMX bike for kids, the New 2017 Diamondback Nitrus Complete Youth Bike is the real deal for you. It comes with an exclusive design comparison of lower inclined body frame made from heavy-duty steel.

It also features a high-tension steel fork that promotes its performance while ensuring you remain safe- even when riding midway.

Unlike other bikes, the Diamondback Nitrus comes with a fully padded seat to ensure your junior feels completely comfortable as they execute different tricks and stunts.

The lower level frame design helps lower the bike center- promoting the overall bike’s stability and level of comfort. The brake system too is of high standard as the other parts to ensure you enjoy the very best performance.

The incredibly lightweight bike comes with a great visual appeal and would match the expectation of youth riders looking for a model with stylish and unique looks. Don’t forget that it has high-quality wheels that require very little maintenance.

The New 2017 Diamondback Nitrus Complete Youth Bike can make the perfect gift idea for your young one!

Highlighted features:

  • Hi-tensile steel frame
  • Hi-tensile steel fork for a longer lifespan
  • For safe handling
  • Simple and highly reliable single speed drivetrain
  • Liner pull rear brake for better stopping power

4. Redline MX24 24 Inch Wheel BMX Bicycle:

Redline MX24 24 Inch Wheel BMX Bicycle, Black
27 Reviews
Redline MX24 24 Inch Wheel BMX Bicycle, Black
  • Designed for bigger kids and adults 5’6” and taller
  • Made for newer BMX racers who are looking for an entry-level race bike, or those who want to return to the sport after some time off

The Redline MX24 BMX Bicycle comes ready to hit the road right out of the box. It’s an ideal model for the beginners looking for something simple, easy to use and affordable to help them easily learn the tricks of BMX sport.

The first thing you’ll note about this bike is its sturdy look and feel. And that stems from the fact that its frame is designed from the 6061 aluminum. That said, this bike can easily work on a variety of terrains- including the tough off-road surfaces.

As you know, this metal has lightweight properties, so it makes the bike feel sufficiently light for a beginner to keep it in control and maintain its balance.

Mind you, its wheels are slightly larger- at 24 inches- to allow taller riders to cycle the bike with ease. The fact that the wheels are made from the Tioga power block tires further promote the quality score of this bike.

The anti-flex seat allows a more comfortable ride while the soft grip handlebars lets you maintain hold of your bike when high up in the air.

Whether you’re making an entry into the BMX sport or you’re simply making a comeback, this Redline MX24 bike will do all the tricks for you!

Highlighted features:

  • Ideal for bigger kids, adults 5’6” and above
  • Made with beginner BMX racers in mind
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Ovalized Anti-Flex Stays
  • Top-quality alloy 3-pc cranks
  • Great quality Tioga power block wheels

5. Mongoose Legion L60 20" Wheel Freestyle Bike:

No products found.

It’s Mongoose again! The quality craftsmanship associated with Mongoose bikes shows up perfectly well on this bike. It features a high tensile steel frame and fork for a durable feel and ability to withstand the toughest rides you cycle it through.

The key premium features you’ll love in this Mongoose include the cassette rear hub which increases responsivity when riding, Chromoly cranks for enhanced handling, and the four-bolt threadless stem takes the bike’s strength to a whole new level.

Above all, it comes with extra wide/thick tires which allows you to easily do all the possible tricks with this bike as well as easily ride it on all the terrains. Don’t forget its lightweight unified seat which is sure to meet your comfort needs for the hours you’ll be sitting on and riding your bike.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable hi-ten steel frame and fork
  • 25 x 9t gearing w/cassette driver hub
  • Four-bolt threadless stem
  • Lightweight unified saddle
  • Extra-wide 2.3-inch tires
  • 3-piece tubular Chromoly cranks

6. Razor 62042 High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike:

No products found.

The main reason why I reserved the 6th spot for the Razor 62042 High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike is the fact that it’s a solidly constructed bike, with a handful of premium features only associated with the high-end models- all at a welcome price!

The solid look/feel in this bike is attributed to its durably steel frame and fork design. Needless to explain, such a strong design will make your bike handle all the terrains like nobody’s business.

The 4-bolt stem takes the durability score of this bike a step higher. As it’s expected of all the Razor bikes, this bike comes with both the front and rear brakes which grants you easily control of your bike.

And the best part? Well, the bike’s seat comes with a quick release post clamp that allows you to quickly adjust the seat to a height that will make you comfortable when riding your bike.

As the previous users have confessed, assembling this bike is fairly easy (with the only challenging part being the adjustment of the brakes for the beginners).

Highlighted features:

  • Durable steel frame
  • Front wheel pegs
  • 4-bolt stem
  • Rear and front handbrake
  • Quick release seat post clamp

7. Redline Asset 20 Inch Freestyle BMX Bike Review:

No products found.

Here’s another top-rated bike from Redline. The Redline Asset freestyle bike makes a great choice for riders aged 14 years old and above (or measuring 4’8”- 5’8” tall). Not to forget that it’s also the perfect bike for riders who want to hit the skate parks, trails, and even their neighborhoods.

Constructed with steel and chromoly frame and folk, this bikes is sufficiently sturdy to take in rough usages you’ll subject it. It’ll roll out well in all botched landings you cruise it through. The 3-piece chromoly cranks easily push the Redline’s rims that come wrapped in Kenda rubber to stick to almost everything!

The tall wide steel bars grant you more than enough pop and leverage- allowing you to execute simple to complex stunts or tricks with ease. The monster paddles make your feet stick perfectly well for total bike control.

Highlighted features:

  • Great for 14yrs and over riders (or 4’8”- 5’8” tall)
  • Perfect for skate parks, trails, and neighborhoods
  • 9” big box bars for increased maneuverability
  • Monster pedals; sealed bearing; fully sealed aluminum axle
  • 100% chromoly 3-piece cranks
  • Kenda Ticket 20 x 2.25” Tires
  • Monster integrated headset

8. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike:

Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch
462 Reviews
Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch
  • Tig Welded Steel Frame and Fork
  • 20" Wheels with Pegs

There’s no better way to help you learn how to pull different moves and tricks in the BMX field than buying the best of the best freestyle bikes- the Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike.

The bike, like all the other popular models, boats of a quality, durable design of tig welded steel frame and fork. This makes it a strong bike for riding on any terrains.

One particular feature that caught my attention on this bike was its larger wheels. These will give the bike an advantage when it comes to navigating through various terrains.

In other words, don’t expect this bike to get stuck in the tough places. Thanks to the two brake sets (both the front and rear), you’ll have control of this bike when riding it.

Just like the other Razor bike we reviewed earlier, the Razor Nebula offers you a special seat design- where the seat comes with an integrated to help you adjust the size to your preferred height for your comfort needs. Also, the assembly process is quite easy and fast.

Highlighted features:

  • Tig welded steel frame, fork
  • 20-inch wheels with pegs
  • Rear and front handbrakes
  • Alloy seat clamp
  • Freestyle rotor included

9. Hoffman Cirrus Boy's BMX Bike Silver:

No products found.

The Hoffman Cirrus Boy's BMX Bike is a great-looking model, with premium features, mind-blowing performance, and an attractive price tag. Like the other models we’ve previously reviewed, this Hoffman features a 3-pc tubular Chromoly 175mm crank plus poly platform pedals for increased riding safety (especially for kids).

The quality identity of this bike is defined by a high tensile steel frame that will allow your bicycle to serve you for longer, regardless of the hardships. What’s more, this best-quality BMX bike comes with the36-hole single wall alloy rims which further promotes its durability while maintaining its lightweight feel.

Since it comes with 25/9 alloy cassette gearing, you’ll enjoy fast and smooth riding/pedaling. The ultra-light unified head seat advocates for the ultimate rider comfort. Keep in mind it also comes with a threadless headset that combines with Hoffman Razz grips to ensure a smooth, safe riding.

Highlighted features:

  • High tensile steel frame
  • 3-pc tubular Chromoly 175mm crank
  • 25/9 alloy cassette gearing
  • Alloy rear U brake only
  • 36-hole alloy single wall rims with 9T cassette and 3/8 axle

10. Redline Romp Freestyle BMX Bicycle:

No products found.

One more Redline BMX bike...this one is designed for riders who fall in the height range of 4’6” to 5’6”. Unlike our previous Redline MX24 which is made for beginner and mid-level riders, the Redline Romp Freestyle BMX Bicycle is meant for riders who wish to take on the rougher terrains- like gravel, dirt, road, etc.

To fully prepare it for the tough job ahead, the bike comes with a high-tensile steel frame construction that allows it to take on any terrain like no other bike! Its Kenda small block tires speak the language of unmatched durability and enable the bike to perform perfectly well on virtually all terrains.

The integrated liner pull brakes will grant you a greater stopping power so that you can easily manage your moves on the terrains.

Unlike most of the bikes out there, this model offers you a 25/9 Micro gearing unit that helps you easily and quickly clear jumps and ramps. The monster padded saddle plus post combo makes you experience the ultimate comfort as you cruise your bike. Again, this bike will work for all riders who are 4’6” - 5’6 tall.

Highlighted features:

  • Durable hi-ten steel frame
  • SRAM SRX 7 twist shifter
  • Dual pull brake system
  • Alex VP-15 wheelset
  • Soft grip handlebars
  • Perfect for road, gravel and dirt surfaces
  • Kenda small block tires

11. Framed Attack LTD BMX Bike Reviews:

No products found.

Framed Attack LTD BMX Bike is a true BMX bike that comes ready to give you the thrill of BMX riding at an affordable cost. And as one of the top-quality bikes on the market today,

 it features a strong but lightweight Chromoly construction which enables its take in all the future punishments you might throw at it. With the ability to excellently cruise on both the streets and off-road terrains, this is a great BMX every enthusiast will love.

In terms of features, this bikes doesn’t disappoint! One particular feature I loved about this bike is its 25t sprocket. This is the recommended size for sprocket as it makes it lighter and easier to perform a lot of tricks. It also comes with U-Brake system which further enhances its performance (and your ability to perform different tricks).

And with a top tube that measures around 20.5-inch, this is the best bike for riders with a height range of 5'3 and 5'10 (probably over 16 year old enthusiasts).

Its overall lightweight feel (it weighs 25lbs light!) means you can easily take it from pace to place while being able to perform all the stunts (from simple to complex). Assembling the bike for use is fairly easy for experienced riders. For first-time riders, you’d want to look for an experienced person to do it for you.

Highlighted features:

  • Strong, lightweight Chromoly frame
  • Comfortably padded saddle
  • Outstanding and versatile bike
  • Ideal for both off-road and street terrains
  • Brake: APSE Alloy U-Brake
  • Pedals: 9/16″ PC Resin

12. Fatboy Pro Mini BMX Bicycle Review:

No products found.

Finally, we’ve got the Fatboy Pro Mini BMX Bicycle- another model that come with some of the best features not present in many bikes out there. One of its strongest point lies in its top-of-the-line durability, given that it comes with a tag welded steel frame.

This refers to the use of inert gases to streamline and strengthen the steel metal frame to enable it to endure all the stunts, tricks, and usages you’ll do with your bike.

This bike comes with a handful of user-friendly and highly reliable features. Among these features, we’ve the 26"w by 11"h handlebars which come with rubber grip to give you the much-needed surefire hold when doing your stunts high up in the air.

We also can’t fail to acknowledge the 3-piece BMX trick pedals that promotes smooth pedaling while allowing you to perform a handful of movements and tricks. Moreover, it come with strong 6 ply tires which further facilitates easy execution of various tricks.

Above all, the bike comes with a killer design that will make all your friends roll their eyeballs. It comes in a number of color combinations. And a number of designs- namely Viper, Tomahawk, Fighter Jet, Hawker, and black/gold.

Highlighted features:

  • Hi-ten steel tag weld frame
  • Handlebars: 26"w x 11"h
  • Front pegs included
  • 3-piece BMX trick pedals
  • Weighs 26 pounds
  • Kevlar saddle

Best BMX Bike For Beginners - Buying Guide​

The best BMX bike for beginners is defined by certain features, aspects, characteristics, etc…and I guess you want that top bike, right?

Well, let me share with you the KEY features and characteristics that will help you get that great BMX bike:

What Type of BMX Bike Do You Need?

Before you can walk into the bikes store to make a purchase, you need to decide which type of BMX bike you need.

Or, what kind of riding you plan to involve yourself in.

Various BMX bikes come with different sets of features and design styles to suit different riding situations.

bmx bike types

Here’s the list of the various types of BMX bikes you’ll find on the market today:

  • Dirt BMX: they feature thicker treads for increased fluency and grip on dirt surfaces.
  • Park/vert BMX: they usually feature thinner treads and feel lighter than other bikes. They’re intended for riding on skate parks or ramps.
  • Flatland BMX: built with balance and control in mind, these types of bikes are meant to perform slow speed stunts and tricks on the smooth terrains.
  • Street BMX: they feel a bit heavier than the standard freestyle models to enable them to endure hits associated with the urban environments.
  • Racing BMX: wanna race? If yes, grab a BMX bike that comes with breaks, bigger sprockets and even a higher gear ratio that helps you create more power/speed.

Look At The Construction Materials

As I am writing this sentence, I’m thinking of the number of breakages all my regular bikes sustained. I attribute these damages to the regular crashing, failing, sometimes moving at high speeds, etc.

Things aren’t different when it comes to BMX bikes. For instance, you might want to try out stunt you learned from the web or from your friends and fail terribly or crash.

With that said, you’ll need to look for a bike that comes constructed with stronger, sturdier materials that will help it withstand all the feature punishments.

Look for bikes made from Chromoly alloy, steel, and aluminum as they tend to endure various terrains for longer.

Pick The Right Size

Buying the wrong size of BMX bike can mean hell for you. It’ll limit you from enjoying the real fun and experience that comes with these special bikes.

As the expert BMX riders will tell you, the wrong bmx frame size (even if it’s a fraction of an inch) can stop you from performing certain stunts perfectly well.

Measuring of bikes is usually done with respect to the top tube. For riders under 5 ft. 7” tall, look for a tube length around 20.25”.

For riders over 6 ft. height, go for bikes with a top tube measuring about 21” or more.

To be completely sure of your correct bmx frame size, you’d want to ask the shop attendants to measure you up.

Weight Matters Too

Other than size, you should also look at the weight of the bike you’re planning to buy.

You’ll need to look for a lightweight bike that makes it real easy for you to maintain control, maintain your energy levels, and provide you with sufficient amount of maneuverability.

Besides, lighter bikes tend to feature better parts as they’re made with all the above aspects in mind.

Unluckily, a super-lightweight bike will cost you more. But the fact that you don’t necessarily need a super-lightweight model shouldn’t make you worry.

Buy From Top Brands

The number of companies producing BMX bikes is high right now. And this means that the market is filled with bikes from all walks of like.

Luckily, setting your mind to buy from the top, reputable brands only will make things easier for you.

Later in this post, I’ll give you a list of the 10 top brands whose bikes enjoy popularity for their high-quality design, premium features, and great performances.

What About Your Budget?

At this point, you’ve already figured out what type of bike you need- depending on your riding intentions. You’ve also looked at the additional aspects I’ve discussed with you above.

But wait! Have you put your budget needs into considerations?

Deciding the amount of cash that you want to spend on your investment can help you further narrow down your choices to a few models.

Then, you can compare the few models that meet your budget needs and settle on one that has better features and capabilities.

As a side bar, all the 12 bikes I reviewed for you earlier come with reasonable costs and are great for buyers on a tight budget.

Don’t Forget A Test Ride!

Before you can finally agree to buy that bike, do this one last thing:

Give it a try! It’s a great way to solve your curiosity on how you’ll feel when riding your new bike for the rest of your life. It’ll help you check whether the handlebars feel right for you, whether the breaks, pedals, gears, etc. work perfectly ok.

Most importantly, ensure you feel completely comfortable when on your bike. If it doesn’t offer you the comfort your need/expect, no need wasting your money on it.

How To Determine The Right Type Of BMX Bike For You?

As aforementioned, different BMXs come with different styles and designs. In other words, different models are suited for riding on different surfaces.

And where you intend to ride your new bike should help you make an informed decision on what type of bike to buy.

Again, the different types of bikes for different riding needs include:

  • dirt riding BMX for dirt terrains
  • Park/Vert riding BMX for riding in skate parks or romps
  • Flatland BMX for riding on smooth surfaces
  • Street riding BMX for street riders
  • Racing BMX for racers

WAIT…there’s something else:

You should also base your choice of bike on your BMX skill level. We can further categorize these bikes into the following groups based on skill and age:

Youth: they’re smaller sized than the regular bikes and are great for younger kids getting their feet into BMX sport for the first time.

Entry level: if you’re a teen/adult looking for your first BMX bike, you’d want to look for an entry-level model that comes with a standard wheel size of 20”.

Mid-level: they’re usually lighter and stronger than the entry-level models and will work for riders who have an average experience in BMX sport.

Pro bikes: do I need to explain this? If you feel that you’re the Mat Hoffman of our time, pick a pro bike model.

Top BMX Bike Brands Available on The Market

We’ve already stated that part of your successful process of buying a BMX should focus on the top brands that manufacture durable bikes.

So, in this section I’ll give you a list of the 10 most popular names in this industry:

1. WeThePeople

we the people bmx

First on our list, we have Wethepeople, a German-based producer of top-quality BMX bikes for you.

Their bikes have earned popularity mainly due to the advanced technology they employ in the manufacturing process.

Not only that, their bikes rank high up in the categories of the best skate bikes ever known. Best part, their products are super-lightweight!

If you don’t which brand to buy your bike from, I highly advise you to try Wethepeople and you won’t regret!

2. Sunday

sunday 2020 bmx

Sunday isn’t a weekday in this context. Rather, it’s another top-rated brand that gives you the best BMX bikes for beginners that match your cycling needs and requirements.

Founded in 2005, this company has experienced huge growth (coupled with popularity) due to their high quality, products made from durable, premium materials.

Surprisingly, Sunday bikes are quite affordable!

Because they feature a shorter back end, these bikes will make a great option for folks looking for increased spinning, maneuverability.

3. Haro Bikes

haro bmx

After working as an artist for the BMX Action magazine, Bob Haro- the renowned racer- decided to start a line of BMX bikes in 1978.

And today, the company features on all the best BMX bike brand lists for its great quality products…with the 2010 F3 and x1 backtrail as their signature models.

Durability and longevity get a whole new meaning with Haro bike.

Haro bmx bikes are common among freestylers and are popular for their accurate parts- like the first generation frame and fork.

4. United

Let’s all agree on one thing- that ALL products from Germany and England are highly durable and long-lasting.

That said, you don’t expect less from BMX bikes made by United- a bike brand based in England.

The brand has been making BMX world real fun for all fans and hobbyists by providing them with the cheapest, most affordable bikes since 2006. So, if you have been looking for cheap bmx bikes, than this is the right company to go with.

United owes its success to these names: Jeff Kocsis, Jack Birtles, Corey Martinez, and Kye Forte.

5. Fitbikeco

Who doesn’t love the Fitbikeco bikes?

They’re doubtlessly the perfect products for all bike enthusiasts out there.

And if you didn’t know, all their products undergo rigorous field tests for their frames, tires, and components before being launched onto the market. This ensures you’ll never get disappointed in their products.

I personally have a feel for this BMX from Fitbikeco- the Dugan Sig. I love how it comes with a full chromoly frame, Fit Savage forks and grips, and even removable brake mounts!

The best part about these bikes is that they’re among the most affordable models on the market today.

6. Kink

If you want to feel the real experience that comes with riding a quality BMX bike, try the Kink products!

Based in the USA, the brand has been on the frontline to help all BMX fans all over the world have the ultimate fun in the fields with their uniquely designed, top-rated bikes.

They provide you with lightweight, sturdy bikes that match the needs of any freestyler out there. With just a thousand dollars or so, you can get your hands on these bikes for life.

And oh! Here are the brilliant minds behind Kink awesome bicycles- Sean Sexton, Dan Coller, Chris Doyle, and Darryl Tocco.

7. Subrosa

Searching for a bike with small wheels and high personality design?

If yes, make a date with the Subrosa bikes!

This amazing feature unique to the Subrosas is that it allows you to easily customize to make it look exactly how you want it to.

Even more interesting, nearly all the Subrosa bikes come with a strong Chromoly frame and rant alloy, U-brakes for extended service life.

Whether you’re a pro or beginner cycler, I advise you to consider buying your bike from Subrosa today.

8. Eastern

Eastern is one of the oldest bikes brands known to mankind.

And the reason why they still excel in this industry up to now is that they manufacture excellent products that are rivaled by select brands.

Their secret to quality products production lies in the fact that they combine the racecar and motorcycle frame techniques to come up with more secure welds that penetrate the whole of the tubes’ thickness.

9. Mongoose

Of all the bikes out there today, none makes the task of doing different stunts or freestyling look and feel easier than the Mongoose bikes.

Yes, users who have previously used these bikes have openly confessed this fact time and again. 

And just like all the other top-best brands, Eastern bikes are characterized by unmatched strength and durability and lightweight design. They produce some top class best bmx freestyle bikes for the money.

They also run smoothly and faster.

10. Odyssey

Odyssey boasts a design award from the ID magazine. They’re the top manufacturers of quality BMX bike parts and accessories- like pedal spindles, axles, chain kits, etc.

Their bikes have a reputation for staging a mind-blowing performance on the different types of terrains you can think of. So, here are the top bmx brands available on the market. There are worst bmx brands also, beware of them. 

10 BMX Bike Riding Tips:

If you want to become a pro rider in the BMX world, you’ll have to learn the ropes of the game. I can’t promise you the path would be easy but with determination and patience, things will get better.

Let me give you some basic BMX bide riding tips and to get you started:

#1. Bunnyhop

how to bunny hop bmx

This is one of the basic tricks every BMX rider needs to know. It involves jumping both your bike wheels off the ground simultaneously as shown in the video below.

#2. J-hop

To j-hop, start by pulling up and leaning back. When your tire achieves your desired height, push forward so that you can pull up your back tire. Now both your bike wheels are in the air and you can pull the entire bike toward you to achieve your full height.

#3. Two-tire stall

This is for the park riders…

Start by riding up the transition face (i.e., the lip). J-hop and turn your bike 90 degrees in your preferred direction. When the tires hit the top of the transition, hold the bike in place and hop another 90 degrees back in.

#4. Fakie out

bmx fakie out

Roll backward and at the same time pedal backward; then turn around, straighten up, and ride forward.

#5. 180

bmx 180

To do 180, it means moving your bike like as if you intend to ride forward and then lifting the front end tore tire and looking over your shoulder. At this position, lift and kick out the back wheel such that it turns you around. And once backward, fakie out!

​#6. 360

If you’ve already mastered 180, 360 becomes easier.

In 360, you’ll do it the same way you do 180- only that 360 requires involves a full spin, without doing a fakie.

#7. Disaster

Another park trick…

Ride straight up the lip front. And when you’re at a j-hop height, spin 180 degrees. On hitting the ground, ensure the back wheel is off the pipe and the front wheel is in. and then hop back in.

#8. Bubuca

Another one for park riders!

Straight up transition followed by a j-hop at the top of transition. Land on the back tire, lean back, and balance. Hold, hop in, and finally fakie out.

#9. Wheelie

This is quite simple- life your bikes front wheel off the surface and then balance on the back wheel as you continue pealing.

#10. You can do ALL the above!

Practice, practice, and practice will make it easier for you to do all the above tricks!

Final Verdict

The BMX sport is among the most fun loaded activities today. Kids and adults alike enjoy doing simple to complex stunts on different terrains, thanks to these specially designed bikes.

Buying the best BMX bike for adults is the secret to getting the most out of this sport. My buying guide above will simplify your purchase process and help you easily find your dream bicycle in a market crowded with bikes from all walks of life.

Even better, the list of the 12 most popular bikes I’ve shared with you makes thing even easier for you. All the 12 models come with affordable prices and will meet the needs of most riders.

You can buy from my list with my full assurance that the bike you order right now will help you cycle your way to a pro-Rider!

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